Alien: Isolation - Game Audio Analysis
Alien Isolation Game Audio Analysis

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In today’s episode, we’re analyzing the award-winning survival/horror game – Alien: Isolation! The sound of this game is incredible, so definitely check it out even if you don’t like horror media. Also, thank you to my friend Corinne for making me play this game. I hate you for all of the anxiety it caused, but I’m grateful that I could experience everything it has to offer. ---------------- If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, leave a comment below. You can also reach out to me on my website and via Twitter! Email: Website: Twitter: ---------------- Thanks again to for covering my last video! Read the full article at: ---------------- I used footage from the following channels for this video. Please check them out and support them! -KVZ Gaming HD ( -Maximillian Dood ( -Marvel Entertainment ( -HassanAlHajry ( -BAFTA ( -calloftreyarch ( -Alien Anthology ( -Paramount Pictures ( -Brad Crypy ( -Cobanermani456 ( ---------------- Game Footage (In Order of Appearance) -Yooka-Laylee -Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite -Marvel vs. Capcom 2 -Alien: Isolation ---------------- Other Footage (In Order of Appearance) -Alien: Isolation wins the BAFTA for Audio Achievement -Alien | "In Space No One Can Hear You Scream" Trailer -Aliens | "It's War" Trailer -Creative Assembly Logo -Sega Logo -Ace Attorney Anime -Christian Henson (from Spitfire Audio - The MusicTech Interview) -Joe Henson (from The Flight) -Alexis Smith (from The Flight) -A Quiet Place Trailer -Grendel DC2e Eurorack “Drone Synthesizer” (from ADSR Sounds) -Singing Ghost (from Mat Lee Huf) -Percussion Instruments (from “List of Percussion Instruments” on Wikipedia) -Violins (from “Arranging For Strings: Part 2” on Sound On Sound) -Sigourney Weaver and Alien Thumbs Up (Found this on Pinterest. Not sure of the original source). ---------------- Music and Sounds (In Order of Appearance) -Opening – Alien vs. Predator (Arcade Game) -Mayhem – Alien: Isolation -Crowd Gasp – Super Smash Bros Brawl -Ripley’s Rescue – Aliens -Nightmare – Alien: Isolation


EXT0PD0LL : Holy cow- I randomly clicked on this video and found myself getting featured? Thank you so much! Your videos are super in depth and I'm glad I could help expand your reach in my own way! 💖

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Joshua Mallard : Awesome video! Great work on your whole channel, really.

Voltz.Supreme : Great video. Man, this is such a good game. I would only ever play this with headphones on, a large glass of strong beer and had to psyche myself up to play it every time. The sound is so amazing and the way the music rises as the Alien gets near always got my heart going.