Alien: Isolation - Game Audio Analysis

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Amalthea23 : eyyyy mikey boy!

Voltz.Supreme : Great video. Man, this is such a good game. I would only ever play this with headphones on, a large glass of strong beer and had to psyche myself up to play it every time. The sound is so amazing and the way the music rises as the Alien gets near always got my heart going.

Joshua Mallard : Awesome video! Great work on your whole channel, really.

Glen Saldanha : Good video. You definitely should make a VR review 😂😂 and potential reaction video 😁

64revolt : you deserve more subscribers.

EXT0PD0LL : Holy cow- I randomly clicked on this video and found myself getting featured? Thank you so much! Your videos are super in depth and I'm glad I could help expand your reach in my own way! 💖