Dog advertising a burger bar in China

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Dan Wolfe : What's the longest train journey you've ever taken? For us it was 26 hours from Guilin to Xi'an. Never again!

Ian Rose : Who's a good salesman who's a good salesman

Arnold Nguyen : In coming Asians eating dogs joke

xavier almanza : They better be paying him with the best quality dog treats! 😡

GoProConner : I feel bad for the humans who didn't have a dog to hold their phones and record this for them

Robert Torok : Lmao! that's the cutest way to advertise your business in public.

TheeeMusicalHooligan : Hes not advertising, he's actually boycotting the place

spencer vongsombath : He's advertising himself with a side of fries...

Freeping : Dogs, children, everybody works in China! Or else!

Serena Williams : I hope that dog is being treated well

Noah Z : Little did they know the last dog with this job was the burger

sendoh916 : Plot twist: Swiss people also eat dogs and cats

Noah Unknown : At least they didn't eat the dog

Pherbia : good boy

invisible pilgrim : What you don't see is that the sign is glued to its mouth...

Tobias Draws : *China.*

doop35 : Im more confused about the kid at @0:28 who has the assault rifle

Cheeto Dawson : Me: *Takes dog*

Meow Challenger : the dog is smarter and work harder than me . Feelmewww

St Li : Americans keep making offensive and disrespectful remarks and then saying 'it's a joke'. What a joke.

UltimateQmazing : He's doing it because if he doesn't he's next on the menu.

peta peta : All the dog eating jokes are further down the comment section

Shplingo : Little does it know its cousin is the burger

NKsupreme : The only reason they haven't eaten him is because the dog is actually showing some value in his life, by working....😂

janet ._. : Hmmm wonder if the hamburgers are actually made out of cow beef 🤔 or probably......

Godlike Jay : I bet you no one went to that bar. 😴

Beti Martines : That dog is probably the employee of the month!

Mr. Fappington : Surprised they didn't eat him XD

MeviLz : They probably ate him after this video

poketale wolfcoyotegirl : How adorable

Just Me : Doggo does a job

KING FRANCES : Dog burgers??

Agustin Rutiaga : Quick save the dog before it gets eaten

Adrean Anderson : after the dog finished his shift they ate him.

Alex Gutierrez : "hello yes do you frends like burgers"

??? : That's because the dog is the everyday fresh ingredient.

Kimchi is ruining my life : why cant there be a video involving china and dog without comments about how the dog is going to be eaten :-)

CARSON WEDEMEYER : I would by every burger at that place

OHY!, Doe butt look big? pr are you offended? : Dog-Who wants to eat the new burger of Mcdonald? come see *EVERYONE SEES* me-*EVERYONE IGNORES ME*

Magnificent Ferret : Dog be workin harder than me! oof

Eggz1134 : how to be good boy 101

Dennis Shih : Whenever "China" and "dog" are on the same video title, you can guarantee that there will be PETA and other SJWs crying rivers over a little festival that 0.01% of the entire Chinese population actually attend.

Jacqueline Juarez : You know do not judge people opinion i mean you have a different opinion dont you because i do

kEy NiGht : lol that dog is probably the meat in the burgers

Anthony v : Great marketing strategy! It proves to tourists that the burgers are beef and not dog.

Taekook enthusiast : Thats what you would call innovative marketing👌

kagandragon : is the dog compensated for this?

Bruno Zaldivar : It's like having a pig advertise a barbeque place in the U.S.

ThePoorSneakerhead 9 : Plot twist- china uses their food to advertise their food

Noel Ramos : I immediately knew what the comments would look like after reading the title and looking at the thumbnail