Dog advertising a burger bar in China

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Dan Wolfe : What's the longest train journey you've ever taken? For us it was 26 hours from Guilin to Xi'an. Never again!

Alex Gutierrez : "hello yes do you frends like burgers"

Ian Rose : Who's a good salesman who's a good salesman

Serena Williams : I hope that dog is being treated well

Bernard J Fortin : Please look up the dog eating festival in China... It's called the " YULIN FESTIVAL ". Look it up and see for yourself. Some people will lie and tell you otherwise, but see for yourself. Educate yourself to the suffering that dogs go through in China. Pet dogs are stolen and eaten.. this is not an isolated incident. There are hundreds of these videos.

TheeeMusicalHooligan : Hes not advertising, he's actually boycotting the place

Robert Torok : Lmao! that's the cutest way to advertise your business in public.

xavier almanza : They better be paying him with the best quality dog treats! 😡

Arnie : In coming Asians eating dogs joke

doop35 : Im more confused about the kid at @0:28 who has the assault rifle

Rose Gold : Somebody PLEASE get that dog outta there

Agustin Rutiaga : Quick save the dog before it gets eaten

Dennis Shih : Whenever "China" and "dog" are on the same video title, you can guarantee that there will be PETA and other SJWs crying rivers over a little festival that 0.01% of the entire Chinese population actually attend.

sendoh916 : Plot twist: Swiss people also eat dogs and cats

St Li : Americans keep making offensive and disrespectful remarks and then saying 'it's a joke'. What a joke.

Neenee C : that is brilliant!! reminds me of a restaurant owner in America. he has his dog run off about a mile away to a local grocery store with a backpack on, money and note attached of his vegetable orders. then the dog runs back with the groceries to his owner at the restaurant!!

pribate : So many triggered Western snowflakes here. Eating dogs is no different from eating chicken or beef or pig. And for those of you who want to cry "but muh dawgs more intelligent and have emotion!" It's been proven that pigs have more intelligence than dogs.

pribate : So many triggered Western snowflakes here. Eating dogs is no different from eating chicken or beef or pig. And for those of you who want to cry "but muh dawgs more intelligent and have emotion!" It's been proven that pigs have more intelligence than dogs.

Wolfy Wu : Is there anything else can be talked other than dogmeat and animal abusing? First of all, the dog’s hair looks smooth and thick, which indicates that it is domesticated and well fed. Just because it serves people doesn’t mean that it is being abused. If we follow the logic of these comments, then we can also leave comments to the Eskimos (with no offense), like, ‘ohhhhhhh~ How cruel you are to make dogs pull you around the fields in such cold weather’, which is absolutely ridiculous. Secondly, since some news tells that people in China eat dog meat, we shall say that every Chinese consume dog meat. If so, then a few people in the US are racist indicates every American is a racist. Does this sound sensible? As a saying goes in China, 不要整天想着搞个大新闻,然后再来把我批判一顿。 And finally, 没想到外国圣母婊的数量不比国内少😂😂😂。 No responsibility to provide translation.

Super_ Nova : EDIT:the grammar pigs are pissed They're evolving

Freeping : Dogs, children, everybody works in China! Or else!

Laundry Sauce : *dog goes on omeagle* Girl: I'm only into bad boys Dog: *hangs up*

invisible pilgrim : What you don't see is that the sign is glued to its mouth...

Adrean Anderson : after the dog finished his shift they ate him.

Shplingo : Little does it know its cousin is the burger

Noah Zimmermann : Little did they know the last dog with this job was the burger

GrinFlash : Americans eat cows, pigs & what not. But when they see a dog holding an advertisement, ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE !!

Elmo Knows : Dog be workin harder than me! oof

spencer vongsombath : He's advertising himself with a side of fries...

Noah Unknown : At least they didn't eat the dog

peta peta : All the dog eating jokes are further down the comment section

NoodleLu : Translation in Chinese: please don't eat me

GoProConner : I feel bad for the humans who didn't have a dog to hold their phones and record this for them

Fortnite CloudCat : the dog is smarter and work harder than me . Feelmewww

Kimtovabish : That's soo cute❤️😍

??? : That's because the dog is the everyday fresh ingredient.


Evgenios Megas : Thats amazing

Beti Martines : That dog is probably the employee of the month!

Spooky cheeto : Me: *Takes dog*

John Enders : So... did they eat it?

HuskeGamer456 : employee:boss i have an idea the boss:what is it? employee:we should make a dog hold a sign saying to come to our restaurant! the boss:THAT WILL NEVER WORK 1 week later the restaurant is packed with over 20 people the boss:son, do u want to be promoted as manager employee: :) i thought u never asked

Jacqueline Juarez : You know do not judge people opinion i mean you have a different opinion dont you because i do

Godlike Jay : I bet you no one went to that bar. 😴

Matisse Hagler : When you have your food advertising your food.

M3DA Clan : *plot twist* after the video the dog was cooked

BeautifulPink PrettyTree : Dog-Who wants to eat the new burger of Mcdonald? come see *EVERYONE SEES* me-*EVERYONE IGNORES ME*

Just Me : Doggo does a job

Killbot 227 : Yes hello this is dog from buger place how may I take your order.

Lochlan Taylor : Is anyone else surprised that he isn't advertising a Dog Woking restaurant?