Deliverance - Banjo Duel

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Cool music, gets ur feet tappin'


Duck Mango : I watched this while drunk. Guess who will be getting a banjo in two days from Amazon?

THE DAVESTATION : RIP Burt Reynolds...….forever a legend.

γƒ¬γƒŸ : this seem like a good movie I really want to watch it, I just hope I dosent have any sex scene or any pig squeals

JACKnJESUS : A lesson for those with ADD. If you do one thing and do it will get really really good at it.

Edward Underhill : When you hear The Banjo Music while in the woods, you either Run like hell or you paddle faster.

Dario C. : The love of the banjo it started whit this movie. πŸ”πŸ”β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ

nasser samano : something just ain't right with that boys face....

Chris McDade : R.I.P. Burt Reynolds!

Pattie Coleman : Melinda I loved it! Brought back such fond memories!

Melissa Smith : this is one of the best scenes in cinematic history, in my opinion.

longrider : Looking back on it...this is a great bit of filmic foreshadowing...shedding light on the backwoods hillbilly inbred-ness of the situation in which they are descending without being too wordy. This scene speaks volumes about who they're dealing with...with an amazing economy of lines. Brilliant scene...disturbingly brilliant film in a Kubric kind of way.

phantom collector : THE FILM IS A MASTERPIECE


David Moore : hands down a classic scene that will never be topped

Bernie Brio'con : Monumental on so many levels

Steve Logan : I am from rural kentucky, why is it city folks get all tore up over a back woods love story,lol, this is almost a chick flick, lmao

A P Developments : RIP BURT. a film legend sadly missed.

Paul Mazurek : Listen to this by Christtle Betron played on 3 harmonicas

thejobloshow : Imagine seeing this for the first time. "Wow, these hillbillies are so cool! What could possibly go wrong?"

DollshouseGirl1 : DollshouseGirl11 minute agowhy has not comment be made, I think what a talent and he deserves respect xx

bkerchev : Ned Beaty said making that movie was a real pain in the ass, hence the old saying, "Paddle faster, I hear banjos".

Oscar Andrade : One of the most remembered scenes in my life as a film viewer. This is the true American culture! Cool!!!

Brent Sarazin : R.I.P. Burt Reynolds and thank you for the smiles, laughs, tears and shear JOY!

swoosh50 : Looks like the kid from Malcom in the middle

Dave Roberts : Brilliant music and brilliant Film one ☝️ of my Favorite Films legend Burt Reynolds RIP to me his best Film

Marshall McInnis : β€œThe Driver Brothers... they live over that way...” Can’t get directions like that anymore.

James F : Burt, you son of a gun.. RIP

Lumara : This is my favorite scene from the movie!

Quest4vape : Look how happy they are here in this scene. Last smile in the movie. then the dark things happen!

FD 2003 : THE most iconic passage in movie history until Luke learns Darth Vader is his father, No joke -- this is seminal.

Alfred Mol : And what a great movie Deliverance. Yes, that weekend starts with easygoing but becomes rather scary....; Something to remember if you ever get lost in an unfriendly neighbourhood

Douglas Reeves : Burt Reynolds You were an action star, a dramatic artist and a super funny guy. RIP, sir.

King Karm 75 : The Acoustic 🎸 being mullered by the Banjo.

Luciano Barreira : They are not dueling. They are jamming.

Jeffrey Richardson : Laurie's tips :)

Debra Balaz : Driver me babe! I want you too!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Rando Numba 9 : When you hear that sound, you best turn round

Richard Falcon : WHERE YOU GOIN, CITY BOY!!!

T. L. Burney : If you are in the middle of the woods and you hear this song. RUN like hell!!!

Kay Green : Do not hit a fender of a car in the mountains Lol

W Little : Whenever I hear this song it always reminds me of the General Lee barreling down a back road in Hazzard county

Gene Paulk : This is the theme song for playing corn hole !!!! They will play corn hole with anyone that is not kin !!! Don't drop the soap !!!

MrWaex : Great movie Rest In Peace B.R

don brassco : Drivers BroπŸ˜„#I Need DriversπŸ˜‚

Eric : Always a classic, and this will live on forever....Thank you for the memories!

ian humphries : And then they made love . Oink oink

Sal S : Hope i live to see the day trailers parked on inner city housing projects lots, in complete harmony with their neighbors.....😁

james cox : mighty fine picking

dowze : Wait, THAT'S JOE SCARBOROUGH from Morning Joe!!!!