Deliverance - Banjo Duel

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Sarcastic Sugar : My friend told me this was a fun film about camping and friendship. I watched it. We are not friends anymore.

Edward Underhill : When you hear The Banjo Music while in the woods, you either Run like hell or you paddle faster.

Melissa Smith : this is one of the best scenes in cinematic history, in my opinion.

thejobloshow : Imagine seeing this for the first time. "Wow, these hillbillies are so cool! What could possibly go wrong?"

Quest4vape : Look how happy they are here in this scene. Last smile in the movie. then the dark things happen!

swoosh50 : Looks like the kid from Malcom in the middle

T. L. Burney : If you are in the middle of the woods and you hear this song. RUN like hell!!!

Pinkie Pie : The extra fingers help too.

Luciano Barreira : They are not dueling. They are jamming.

レミ : this seem like a good movie I really want to watch it, I just hope I dosent have any sex scene or any pig squeals

THE DAVESTATION : RIP Burt Reynolds...….forever a legend.

88thetruth88 : I didnt know "slim jesus" played the banjo.

nasser samano : something just ain't right with that boys face....

Ash Ketchup : is the film Deliverance what they had in mind when politicians coined "MAGA"? lol

the32712 : Damn yuppies commenting on this video. No, we don't look like that. And yes our roads are paved now...mostly...and no we ain't gonna rape ya by a river.

Diego G : This scene represents quite a bit actually. Throughout the movie you hear the banjo and guitar dueling and it's been a while since I've seen the movie but the banjo always seems to win. In this scene of course the banjo wins. I believe the banjo represents the wilderness or nature. What they embarked on in the first place was to experience the outback before it was built upon. The guitar I guess represents modern civilization? Not quite sure but it's a duel between the two the whole movie and the wilderness always wins. Big Ned always seems to be disrespecting the wilderness as the leader(I forget his name) is the only veteran of the wild and knows it deserves its respects.

Cosmo Lupertazzi : "In Deliverance, a scene depicts Billy Redden playing it opposite Ronny Cox, who joins him on guitar. Redden plays "Lonnie"—a mentally challenged, inbred, but extremely gifted banjo player. Redden could not actually play the banjo and the director thought his hand movements looked unconvincing. A local musician, Mike Addis, was brought in to depict the movement of the boy's left hand. Addis hid behind Redden, with his left arm in Redden's shirt sleeve. Careful camera angles kept Addis out of frame and completed the illusion. The music itself was dubbed in from the recording made by Weissberg and Mandell and was not played by the actors themselves. Two young musicians, Ron Brentano and Mike Russo, had originally been signed to play their adaptation for the film, but instead it was performed by the others. " 'Dueling Banjos' was arranged and performed for the film by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell and was included on its soundtrack. When Arthur "Boogie" Smith was not acknowledged as the composer by the filmmakers, he sued and eventually won, receiving songwriting credit as well as royalties." —Wikipedia

Anthony Wayne : That old man was cuttin the rug wasn't he? lol That was fukin great

dandyky : 458 people have a real purty mouth!!

CanadianWolverine : 1:45 "Talk about genetic deficiencies" o.O Could he have said that any louder, well, good luck down on the river 'piggy'. *shudders*


A. Figueroa : this be the trump supporters anthem

mistofoles : Possibly some stereotyping here ( although the kid playing the banjo was indeed genuinely afflicted ). Novelist James Dickey (who also wrote the screenplay for this movie) referred to the Georgia wilderness areas as "The land of the nine-fingered people".

Michael Torres : I want to buy a banjo just to learn this!!!!

Zen Jon : If I heard the call to this song canoeing down a river coming from an unknown location, I would answer back with my harmonica and buck a .38 round in the air

Brent Sarazin : R.I.P. Burt Reynolds and thank you for the smiles, laughs, tears and shear JOY!

Jadey6 : that kid looks chinese

Shannon Claire : That kid playing the banjo reminds me of Solomon from Gummo.

todd krager : "Who's pickin' a banjo here?"

Polarcupcheck : I bet that land is nothing but gas stations, Taco Bells, and drug stores.

wellforth : l don't no who are the more scariest the inbred hillbillies in Wrong Turn or the ones from Deliverance.

It's ya boi : This is the warmhearted part of the movie where no one is tied to a tree and forced to squeal like a pig.

Deep Oil : "I'm lost". That was it. That's where it turned. Great scene, great movie.

Chaim de Wit : Wow, snacka om en Fullständig total häftig banjo duell emellan två banjospelare. As- coolt alltså. Helt Kanon.

BelligerentTruth : Freakin weird kid

Walt : man was life great before they built the dam and flooded the holler. used to hear the banjoes and the screàming all threw the woods. good times!

Sean O'Brien : went down a wrong turn on my bike once and as I cycled towards an empty house I hear dem banjos boy... shivers

Steve Logan : I am from rural kentucky, why is it city folks get all tore up over a back woods love story,lol, this is almost a chick flick, lmao

wwjudasdo : My DVD extras director's commentary says the kid was a local. He didn't play the banjo. Great editing! 

Grubio oneninesevenzero : At least now Jeremy Kyle will know who his guests father is..........

Bryan Thomas : So sad that such a beautiful, talented, and wonderfully played song was/is associated with this Movie. Great movie, but if it wasn't in this movie, it would have been a lot more popular in the "70s and probably today... I can listen to "dueling banjos" over and over again...

eliotno3 : Made the mistake of watching this film during the summer of '91 while working a college door-to-door sales gig (yea they still had door-to-door back then) in the Appalachian mountains of PA. Can still remember the day after how freaked out I was since ~1/4 of the people outside of town actually looked like the rednecks in this movie. Never gave a worrisome thought to these types before... and thankfully the one that pulled a shotgun the rest of that job only wanted me off his land & not my anal virginity :)

Johnny Urias : remind me to go camping in New York!

Chris McDade : R.I.P. Burt Reynolds!

Craig Best : The search for music at Trumps inauguration is over!

phantom collector : THE FILM IS A MASTERPIECE

Jakob Germain : Apparently the kid in this was actually horribly inbred

Josh Borduin : GREP

mmm chezburger : SQUEAL LIKE A PIG

Steve Logan : Sarcastic sugar, could it be you are more than good friends now ?