Uber driver saves passenger from IRS scam

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Part #2: https://youtu.be/xf5qB7EkbIE Please help spread the awareness. I did not realize how much of an epidemic scamming was until I found myself in the middle of it. There are so many people out there who are falling for these scams that to many of us consider "obvious." These scammers are professional in what they are doing, having the appropriate resources and knowledge on the people they are contacting. Want cool dash cams like mine? Check out this shop for REALLY useful products for your vehicle: https://therideshareshop.com/zaxer Support the future videos by visiting my Patreon! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Zaxer ~Social Media~ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Z4X3R Tip me here: https://streamlabs.com/zax31 ~Discord~ https://discordapp.com/invite/9en99Me ~Stream~ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/zax3 #UBER #SCAM #IRS


sheriffb1 : This is how T series is funded

Ambur F : " Why are you scamming my friend?" Aaawww <3

James Phillips : This is like a GTA 5 side mission.

NiranjanM : I got a call from a Indian guy once and I just told him to piss off. Turns out it was my brother.

Zk Cat : *I feel bad 4 indians who ACTUALLY work for the IRS* 😂

SeanWick : Scammers be like “Hi my name is John Smith” *heavy Indian accent*

T dot : I didn't think anyone was dumb enough to fall for these IRS scams.

Antonio : I swear I had this guy as an Uber driver before! Super nice guy, glad he saved the rider from giving anymore money. But like, cmon... paying in bitcoin?? Lmaooo wut

Bryan Rodriguez : 3.5 k indian scammers disliked the video.

Danielle Pascal : "Is he indian?" "yes" "THEN IT'S A SCAM" HAHAHAHA

PureFlawws : I know it's not me losing the money but my heart dropped when he said he gave them 3000 dollars

Rose Duddy : scammer : “new yak” uber driver: “new yak?” “you cant even say it right!!’ BAHAHAH I GIGGLED

LEVOTJI : We should start up a go fund me for $3.000 for him

Zara Buzzing : “Go to the police department right now “ He is the driver. How?!

anson216 : Had you not stepped in, this man would’ve lost way more money than just $3000. Still a lot but you prevented a whole lot more. Good on you man

radiocaf : In my experience. Not all Indians are scammers, but all scammers are Indian.

Mohammed Sami : Good stand my Muslim Bro.

Sylvia Bellie : It’s nice that you call him your friend when you’re on the phone 😁

Shanise Jones : I FEEL SO BAD OMG he genuinely seemed so stressed ! And $3000 omg that’s a whole lot poor thing

Sparkle Cap : I was so upset for this man and wanted to cry for him and until 4:38 “HE NEEDS SOME MILK” and couldn’t help but laugh 😂

VanillaSnow : *~How to spot the IRS scam~* 1. IRS never calls you 2. The IRS only mails you 3. Emails don’t count 4. Sounds Indian = Scam 5. Broken English = Scam 6. These scammers can spoof numbers to any number including the actual IRS number and change it immediately so it’s basically impossible to report them to the police 7. If they ask for Bitcoins, apple gift cards, prepaid gift cards anything sketchy like that then it’s obviously a scam ands it’s basically a red flag. 8. Money grams is the most common payment they ask for and that also calls it out 9. If you really had to pay the IRS they would be at your front door 10. So many different ways to spot it, like so everyone can see!

Almighty Bryan : I be getting calls from scammers saying I have to pay student loans but I’m still in high school 🤦‍♂️😂

Boxcar Bubba : This guys three thousand dollars will not be returned . The news media and the IRS should provide warnings daily to all citizens concering scams

kimmidarko : I feel so horrible for the guy getting scammed :’(

Marshin : This man was so pissed, like he was deadass pissed at the scammer he's awesome (I meant the purple guy)

Kara-lyn Bolden : My heart goes out to that man, he puts so much trust in people and it's unfortunate that other people take advantage of that.

Hyper Monkey : You want my WiFi password your crazy 😂 😂

UgotXJams : I dont think you understand how much respect I have for you 🙏🏻

Taylor Blair : At what point does someone stick money into a bitcoin machine and think that its ACtuLLY the irs

SypherLEGEND : I blame T series

Mr mackerel Fishy : I now understand why he’s so mad bcause he just got scammed not 1 not 2 BUT 3000 DOLLARS!!!!!!

Med Ba : "Are u kidding to me" 😂 you a good Uber seriously god bless u

Gloria M : Aaaww :( I feel so bad for that guy. He seems so nice too

imHumble - : “Im not trying speak to a cop” Scammer: Wot

Uncr0wnedK!ng : "Is he Indian?" "Yea" "Then it's fake. It's a scam." Lol

Luke Honcoop : Man you’re such a good person for doing this I’m subscribing now

Ashish Prasad : I got a call from a scammer.....he tells me that my credit card was expired would you like to restart it now!?? I'm just 15.

ky miche : "IRS doesn't take bitcoin!" Also, that awful fake American accent though. Not gonna lie, I laughed. But seriously thank you for helping that man.

Wiccan Goth : This is why I don’t get or answer this calls why Because 90% of the time they are scammer who are calling you... This is why I don’t answer unfamiliar numbers for this issue....

MLPALV : “Are u Indian“ “No” “Where are you from “ “Nu yok “

Ginette Vachon : Well done!! At least he's only out 3,000 and not the full amount!

adrasdea : I'm homeless, I stay at Starbucks a lot and one day I met this old man. He was so excited because Oprah had messaged him. For months someone had been messaging this old man pretending to be Oprah, wanting to send him money but needing some from him first. He said his card kept being declined and it was upsetting him.

Lego Freaks : That was a good save you are a good person to help someone out with something

c3tr4 : Very kind hearted person you are to stick up for a stranger, need more people like you in the world brotha.

Quavu0ric : Title should be 'DJ KHALID SAVING FAN FROM IRS SCAM Yo Bois thanks for the likesss!!!

Broham : 11:50 Driver: your gonna shoot me what? Scammer: I am

Jessica Switcher : ALWAYS REMEMBER THE IRS WILL NEVER EVER EVER CALL YOU!!!! My grandmother ALMOST got scammed by these people!!! Luckily we were there to prevent it!

Adam A : Zax: which city r u in Scammer: New Yak

Ciaology 101 : Hell I do the same thing when I hear somebody with a Nigerian accent over phone 🤣 so Ur good bro 😊