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Zaxer : Hey guys! Part 2 is finally out, check it out here! https://youtu.be/xf5qB7EkbIE And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL!

Stefan : "is he indian?" "i think so, yes" "IT'S A SCAM!!"

Michael Jae : 5:36 "IRS doesn't take Bitcoin!" I died, F

Celtics 234 : Imagine if you actually worked for the IRS and you were Indian

Ayse B : i want uber driver like him. nice guy.

G G : Some scammer called me up the other day, He told me he worked for my credit card company and asked me for the numbers on my card, I said I didn’t understand the process of reading my credit card. I then asked him if he could read his credit card to me so I can get an idea of what he was looking for. He then laughed and hung up

TOZTOZ : IRS never calls anyone. How hard is that to understand? I'm not even from US.

Bah Humbug : Indian here, sorry about the low life scums calling you folks. But seriously how can anyone fall for that crap.

AsianVideoGamer : lets be real... if an Indian accent call comes from IRS/CRA/Tax evasion... its a scam, no need to say its racist... if its from a Chinese women, its a scam... if its from a automated white sounding voice, its a scam. Any calls from those places are a scam.

TwoLeggedHorsie : That driver is a good guy. He didn't need to do that, most drivers just want to get their shift finished so that they can go home and sleep.

The Kit Tinsley : I almost feel bad for him but like bro it's 2018 and you didn't know about this scam? You didn't know the IRS would NEVER call and demand BIT COIN?! I want to feel bad for him but I'm struggling.

Wesley Groth : I got threatened to have the police come arrest me because of some virus on my computer. That will be sweet if the police come by and remove viruses.

GameAllDay : OMG i feel bad for him but the bitcoin should of been a huge red flag

Mike Wu : Unless the IRS is busting my door down I ain't paying them a cent rofl

Turtle : Fake video or not people get scammed a lot but uh IRS Does not go around making personal calls to get some money... they send letters by mail.

clorox bleach : Plot twist . This video got the guy busted with the actual irs and now he does owe taxes on his tips

BrownGirlLifts TV : “You’re paying through BIT COIN my dude?!” 😂😂 Omg i feel so bad for this guy but this part is hilarious like how dumb can you be

Mark Kramer : This guy should have played Runescape, I learned how not to get scammed by the time I was 13.

samuel martinez : This is why i hate t series

The voice Of reason : Indians are 100% the most common scammer and that not racist all all

c cc : This happened to me but they pretended to be Centerpoint energy and they had all my information... full name and account number. They even transferred me to a different caller and they had the same fucking music that Centerpoint energy has when placed on hold. They told me that they were going to discontinue my service in exactly one hour and told me I had to pay 300 dollars ASAP. They told me to go to the store to get some sort of gift card and to put money on it. I said ok ...I hung up the phone and I checked to see if it was actually Centerpoint energy’s number. It wasn’t. They called back and I started messing with them...I told them I couldn’t find the card...I told them I couldn’t find anyone on the counter to help me at the store...I basically frustrated the guy so badly he started yelling😂😂I said guess what ...I’m not at the store getting shit dummy. I told him he was a fucking liar and hung up😂😂

Neptux : *Speaks in Indian accent* Hello its John Smith from London. We havent recieved your payment. Give us your credit card number expery marks and 3 wacky numbers in the back.

Sam Oh : how can someone be so gullible? Not bashing I feel sorry for the guy, but man, some common sense :/

Chasom Rad : No need for the disclaimer at the end, we all knew it was scam them we heard the Indian accent.

DestruxandExploze : You should have told them, “give me back the money, or I’ll go to the police to give them this number, they’ll track you and arrest you.”

bdwitt66 : The IRS never calls you. They send you a letter.

OmniscientWarrior : The IRS only accepts legal US tender. Virtual money isn't tender.

Selam YungPeace : You ain’t gotta apologize for shit. You just did the right thing. You’re his savior that particular day. You came in clutch. Kudos to you he didn’t have to send much more bitcoins.

Leonardo Henrique Spies : "UBER DRIVER SAVES PASSENGER FROM IRS SCAM " 14:06 "you're never getting it back"

aaa aaa : The 2.5k dislikes are from the scammers from India

John Robertson : Dude, relax, nobody with any brains thinks you're racist against Indian people. Most Indian people (like most people in general) are honest and would never lie, defraud, or scam you. Keep up the good work!

Kira : I love how he tried to put on the shittest American accent to start with lmao what a piece of shit

MAKEOUT HILL666 : I like how the uber driver starts saying my money😂😂

EastwickMade jay : if it wasn’t for those 4 words. “how are you doing?”

Alex Blank : I think the ones getting scammed are the viewers of this video.. seems planned

Ariel : hahahahhhh when i heard he payed in bitcoin.... omg...

WittyBaguette : The irs does not call anybody ever

Doody Stainz : call the bank and say its a fraudulent transaction immediately

babylorvbeats : "From New Yauck", you can't even pronounce it right. lolz

KaideeDream : the irs doesn't call or send emails. that's like the number one sure sign that you're getting scammed if they call you or email you. it's like all over their official government site. they only send official mail. oh my gosh. i feel so bad for this guy.

Shizno : There are people out there who fall for things like this and they're voting.

Latter-DayGamer : Yeah, I've got most of my local police after me for tax evasion according to the phone calls I get from the "IRS." I'm still waiting to get arrested after about a year of hiding in plain sight. lol!

Brenda Keith : This happened to me Oh my Lord! He is not lying this is real. Just Friday they told me I was going to jail, freeze my accounts and not to talk to anyone about this call. They sound so legit and convincing. It’s a scam. I called the sheriff dept and they confirmed it to be a scam. When U call the number back they don’t answer. They tell U to go to nearest dollar store or cvs and purchase a federal voucher and stay on phone to give them a number on back of voucher so they can set u up to take the Monet from your acct. but they tell U they don’t want money.. everything in this video and what was said was truly said to me. The exact thing verbatim. So damn amazing. Their accent was the exact same and I could hardly understand them. My God I cannot believe this same thing happened to me. Plz be aware that all this is real😩

FunFails : Fake

Mister Alias : There are entire call centers in India that are dedicated to scamming because the Indian government doesn’t crack down on these activities. An Indian accent, in this case, is actually a tip off.

Nityanand Saswade : The Moment Indians Realised that Its Quite Easier to Scam Westerners then the way Westerners Scammed Indians for 250 Years. XD

Yusuf Onder : IRS - Bitcoin 🤣🤣🤣 i mean come on REDFLAG no?!

Bobby Engel : The IRS WILL NEVER CALL YOU. If you are on the phone with someone who claims to be the IRS, they are not the IRS.

RJ Spear : This scam happens in Canada too. Must be a money maker or they wouldn't do it. Zaxer thanks for helping him. I was pissed off for the guy too. Take care and best wishes.

RED_10R : My sister has dealt with irs and ill tell u that its impossible to get them on the phone. They will never call u.