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Zaxer : Hey guys! Part 2 is finally out, check it out here! https://youtu.be/xf5qB7EkbIE And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL!

Stefansky. : "is he indian?" "i think so, yes" "IT'S A SCAM!!"

Mark Kramer : This guy should have played Runescape, I learned how not to get scammed by the time I was 13.

Livestronger : DJ Khaled is a Uber Driver?

sarbbajit samadder : I'm an indian and this also happened with me too...... Me and my father went at a relatives house and while coming back some guy called me and told me that he's from bank and asked for my debit card number, but what I did was told my dad to drive to police station, then got off and told the scammers to talk to my dad but instead gave it to the officer in charge,while talking he asked them some basic questions and then sent the number to headquarters for tracing. you wouldn't believe that the tracing found out to be at a location at UAE😳..... Then he told us that this is all an underground network of collecting money where thousands of scammers are interconnected with each other Indians Africans Chinese Belarusian Russian and to some extent Canadians too..... They generally work for the mafia for illegal money earning purposes

Ravin new : IRS——-> (Indian Reside Scammers)

Wesley Groth : I got threatened to have the police come arrest me because of some virus on my computer. That will be sweet if the police come by and remove viruses.

The Kit Tinsley : I almost feel bad for him but like bro it's 2018 and you didn't know about this scam? You didn't know the IRS would NEVER call and demand BIT COIN?! I want to feel bad for him but I'm struggling.

Sam Oh : how can someone be so gullible? Not bashing I feel sorry for the guy, but man, some common sense :/

Tec Geek : It's t-series

MAKEOUT HILL666 : I like how the uber driver starts saying my money😂😂

BrownGirlLifts TV : “You’re paying through BIT COIN my dude?!” 😂😂 Omg i feel so bad for this guy but this part is hilarious like how dumb can you be

Leonardo Henrique Spies : "UBER DRIVER SAVES PASSENGER FROM IRS SCAM " 14:06 "you're never getting it back"

Richard F J.r. : The IRS Will NEVER call you Ever asking for money

chickenboiisaiah : Some Indian guy was trying to scam me for my curry

Ariel : hahahahhhh when i heard he payed in bitcoin.... omg...

Neptux : *Speaks in Indian accent* Hello its John Smith from London. We havent recieved your payment. Give us your credit card number expery marks and 3 wacky numbers in the back.

Ron Com : The IRS never calls, period.

babylorvbeats : "From New Yauck", you can't even pronounce it right. lolz

Turtle : Fake video or not people get scammed a lot but uh IRS Does not go around making personal calls to get some money... they send letters by mail.

Not Gottfried : The IRS should not hire Indians so that way you’d know you getting scammed

Latter-DayGamer : Yeah, I've got most of my local police after me for tax evasion according to the phone calls I get from the "IRS." I'm still waiting to get arrested after about a year of hiding in plain sight. lol!

Trend Zone : Imagine being that stupid lmao

bdwitt66 : The IRS never calls you. They send you a letter.

Daniel Axelrod : call the bank and say its a fraudulent transaction immediately

E J : The real IRS sends you a big fat certified letter. Ask me how I know.

OmniscientWarrior : The IRS only accepts legal US tender. Virtual money isn't tender.

Chasom Rad : No need for the disclaimer at the end, we all knew it was scam them we heard the Indian accent.

DestruxandExploze : You should have told them, “give me back the money, or I’ll go to the police to give them this number, they’ll track you and arrest you.”

Eric : I feel really bad for this guy, he gave them 3k already 💵💸

Brian Lindquist : Paid with Bitcoin? This a joke? lol

Yusuf Onder : IRS - Bitcoin 🤣🤣🤣 i mean come on REDFLAG no?!


Tmash 123 : Great example of a great person helping someone in need of it.

FunFails : Fake

Sean Minihane : I from new yack

WittyBaguette : The irs does not call anybody ever

Brenda Keith : This happened to me Oh my Lord! He is not lying this is real. Just Friday they told me I was going to jail, freeze my accounts and not to talk to anyone about this call. They sound so legit and convincing. It’s a scam. I called the sheriff dept and they confirmed it to be a scam. When U call the number back they don’t answer. They tell U to go to nearest dollar store or cvs and purchase a federal voucher and stay on phone to give them a number on back of voucher so they can set u up to take the Monet from your acct. but they tell U they don’t want money.. everything in this video and what was said was truly said to me. The exact thing verbatim. So damn amazing. Their accent was the exact same and I could hardly understand them. My God I cannot believe this same thing happened to me. Plz be aware that all this is real😩

Alex Blank : I think the ones getting scammed are the viewers of this video.. seems planned

يـوجيتــاا _# S : OMG I feel him cuz I went through the same situation but thank GOD my Dad caught them before they actually scam me .. that was terrible cuz I was only 15 years old and I was using my parents Credit card Lol

RyVer Lure : My boy at Chicago

RNG : Why are scammers always Indian

K D : Should be a different title for this vid FAKE!

Mister Alias : There are entire call centers in India that are dedicated to scamming because the Indian government doesn’t crack down on these activities. An Indian accent, in this case, is actually a tip off.

Pavan Obhan : I am an Indian and trust me I'm feeling soo bad for that guy 😟. I really wish that those scammers get arrested. It is really bad to take away people's hard earned money. I hope that our government takes action against these people. Everytime I see any video of people being scammed I feel bad moreover I feel ashamed coz Indians were always known for tech genius now most of the people think that Indians are scammers. Personally I hate scammers a lot. Only message to all the people is that never believe a person over a phone call, never make any transaction with a person over the phone. It is always good to check resources around you.

AFS Consultants : Good Job! You are this guys hero.. I spoke with a woman who had a thick Indian accent from a call back to the VA. After she asked me a few personal questions about the person I was helping.. I asked her.. Wait!! ..Is this a scam... Forgetting it was a call back and yet wondering, did they hack the VA call back system? She laughed and said I made her day, yet I still wondered.. Thats what the scammers from India do.. They make us think like that most ppl from India are scammers.. Its not you Zaxer.. One gets their guard up to protect themselves , its only natural.

Krise Dak : You should make a donation thing for this guy

Bryan Thuo : don't trust irs indians and this guy stupidly fell for it :c

Meta Pod : I love the ones that call me and say there was an issue with windows on my computer. I asked how that is possible when I use Apple. They said, "Apple now uses Windows 10" lol

nohulse : I love the dolphin noise lol it's like that SpongeBob episode!