Letterkenny - Spelling Bee

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Letterkenny. New Season. June 29. www.CraveTV.ca

Comments from Youtube

gotaminutereviews : In the words of Canadian Screen Award-winning television comedy Letterkenny, "figure it out."

casey hermansen : This show would be huge if available on Netflix or Hulu

Joe Woods : I swear Wayne deserves an Emmy for this one lol

OhLeahLRae : That silent "E" may follow her around for the rest of her life!

Deathtroll1499 : Keep her focused, keep her inspired..... Keep her hydrated

Stitchy : I fucking love every second of this.

paul babuik : In the words of the most underrated but beloved alt rock group barenaked ladies , its all been done

CJusticeHappen21 : In the the words of west-coast Canadian Rock group Theory of a Deadman, "I guess I'll sit around and medicate".

Indiana WxBuff : You wanna spell, ....bud!

Frans Andersson : In the words of Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, "Help me, I think I’m falling, In love" - with this show.

LooneyJuice : Please, please, please pass this on to other networks as well. I'm not even in the NA region, and it's still one of the best written shows I have ever watched. I beg you! Worst case scenario, I'm using this show as my "How to be Canadian" tutorial before coming over to have access to a network with the damn show.

Auggie Cortes : More sexy open shirt please.

steve tarallo : This clip has everything that’s great about this show

alick swiden : ok if you're chuckin out names of canadian musicians and don't pull out Gordon Lightfoot or Devin Townsend then you're just not doin it right figure it out

MrZuul25 : In the words of the greatest rock band of all time RUSH "conform or be cast out"

GreenbloodLady : The absolute seriousness with which he said "keep her hydrated. XD God, that clinched the whole bit.

clovely000 : This is literally the most emotional I've ever seen Wayne get lmao

Blair Bird : I enjoy that they've said "Do Re Mi" and "To be fair" enough that they have a song for it and know when to stop. They also harmonize pretty well together.

Playing the Field Productions Tina Thompson : Gotta love crib talk! 15-2, that'll have to do, 15-4 and they're ain't no more, 15-6 and I'm outta tricks, 15-8 and that's just great, 15-10 gonna do it, again...skunk 'em, boys!

Sarah Greenberg : Jared Keeso ripping his shirt open just made my day! Hoping to see Shoresy doing handstand push ups in the shower again this season🤞🏼🍑

Donovan Kawtiash : His accent totally changed

Nitro Reviews! : can't wait for this to come to the US... I love it

Preston Cooper : We all's do's good buddy!!

Goose YT : I knew I subscribed to this channel for a reason. hahaha great stuff

TheIosif : This could be my favorite clip of this show yet. PS. How can you watch this show in the US?

Carlos Rivera : Canada give us more idk 2seasons on Hulu isn't enough :( I'm not trying 2 pay 30 for a dvd

Burinnu : I wish my town had an adult spelling bee...

dat vergil doe : This not a joyner lucas vid?

Brian Garcia : 2:05 lol. Wow he flipped. I love this show.

dead k00l : I'm confused but intrigued

B Wall : In the words of legenendary youtube commenter B Wall "Get this gold on Netflix boys".

Matthew Shultz : I heard Hulu is gonna be showing Letterkenny in the US? New season gonna show up on there, I hope!?

Jacob McBroom : I can't wait, and I mean I can't wait to hear what could possibly be considered any better than this show...

That One Guy : Lol, this show is genius

Reessa_Raven Eklyppsse : Coming to Hulu....

Randy Butternubs : No Gord Downie?????

thisisntkelsey : Darry is like my favorite ever

Ian Brown : God these guys are awesome

Archibald VonFookFace : Wayne's performance in this clip is so dramatic and powerful that he should win an Academy Award.... or the Canadian equivalent of it.

MrPernell27 : This may be better than Trailer Park Boys

sneeakysteve : The dude on the right sounds like a Canadian pirate towards the end there

Aquatic Space Ape : Best show ever! Wish I knew about this show earlier

Bradley VanTassal : Loves me some cribbage. Not so much on the three handed, but I'll do it.

Brian Rounding : Best show not in the States..and Have plenty of Canuck Friends to get the Terminology and Humor...Pure Brilliance

Jacob Pieters : Strange seeing Wayne flip out

Drake Hallgren : Cribbage

Andrew : Do they play Euchre in an episode? Ontario boy here questioning the authenticity of their card playing ways. Points for Cribbage, played for hours when my gramps was in the hospital. Doing what we need to do for fam.

Rock Balancer : in the words of great canadian huge fan of the show, do a crossover with trailer park boys. i started a change.org petition about it

Seth Megginson : At 2:16 I wonder if Dan is trying not to break, because I sure as hell would have lol. Hilarious scene