Letterkenny - Spelling Bee

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gotaminutereviews : In the words of Canadian Screen Award-winning television comedy Letterkenny, "figure it out."

Mikee : A six-episode season of Letterkenny is like a six-pack of beer. You always tell yourself you'll just have one now and save the rest for later, but it never happens.

casey hermansen : This show would be huge if available on Netflix or Hulu

OhLeahLRae : That silent "E" may follow her around for the rest of her life!

Deathtroll1499 : Keep her focused, keep her inspired..... Keep her hydrated

Stitchy : I fucking love every second of this.

alick swiden : ok if you're chuckin out names of canadian musicians and don't pull out Gordon Lightfoot or Devin Townsend then you're just not doin it right figure it out

Joe Woods : I swear Wayne deserves an Emmy for this one lol

LooneyJuice : Please, please, please pass this on to other networks as well. I'm not even in the NA region, and it's still one of the best written shows I have ever watched. I beg you! Worst case scenario, I'm using this show as my "How to be Canadian" tutorial before coming over to have access to a network with the damn show.

Frans Andersson : In the words of Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, "Help me, I think I’m falling, In love" - with this show.

Indiana WxBuff : You wanna spell, ....bud!

paul babuik : In the words of the most underrated but beloved alt rock group barenaked ladies , its all been done

MrZuul25 : In the words of the greatest rock band of all time RUSH "conform or be cast out"

Auggie Cortes : More sexy open shirt please.

zsheps : can't wait for this to come to the US... I love it

Donovan Kawtiash : His accent totally changed

AJ : I think I get it now...This is like Portlandia for Canada.

steve tarallo : This clip has everything that’s great about this show

Gassy Irishman : In the words of Canadian rock band Nickelback, we all wanna be big Rockstars

Reessa_Raven Eklyppsse : Coming to Hulu....

MrChadsimoneaux : All's that talks about Canadian musicians and not one mention of the Barenaked Ladies?! Figgeritout.

Carlos Rivera : Canada give us more idk 2seasons on Hulu isn't enough :( I'm not trying 2 pay 30 for a dvd

Sarah Greenberg : Jared Keeso ripping his shirt open just made my day! Hoping to see Shoresy doing handstand push ups in the shower again this season🤞🏼🍑

Playing the Field Productions Tina Thompson : Gotta love crib talk! 15-2, that'll have to do, 15-4 and they're ain't no more, 15-6 and I'm outta tricks, 15-8 and that's just great, 15-10 gonna do it, again...skunk 'em, boys!

Blair Bird : I enjoy that they've said "Do Re Mi" and "To be fair" enough that they have a song for it and know when to stop. They also harmonize pretty well together.

GreenbloodLady : The absolute seriousness with which he said "keep her hydrated. XD God, that clinched the whole bit.

Goose YT : I knew I subscribed to this channel for a reason. hahaha great stuff

Matthew Shultz : I heard Hulu is gonna be showing Letterkenny in the US? New season gonna show up on there, I hope!?

Drake Hallgren : Cribbage

Ian Brown : God these guys are awesome

Burinnu : I wish my town had an adult spelling bee...

82ndarmy : I wish I knew were to actually watch this show and not be teased by funny as shorts like this

Javed Mohamed : Does their accent sound kind of Irish ?

Alexander Strafford : Wow they still accept Bieber as Canadian.

Jeff Tk : if u don`t like it ,End of the driveway!!!

Jacob McBroom : I can't wait, and I mean I can't wait to hear what could possibly be considered any better than this show...

dead k00l : I'm confused but intrigued

thisisntkelsey : Darry is like my favorite ever

LeBaron J : 911 thumbs up. Always remember :)

davidshead : I see Letterkenny, I up likes.

John Macintosh : Keep her focused, keep her inspired, keep her hydrated! Making a pack boys

Andrew Timoni : I don't know why but when he intently looks around out the window, I lose it.

Adlin Ling : I want to be a spelling bee judge so that I can give a finalist the word "their" and when they ask for how to use it in a sentence I'll say "They're over there with their friends."

Archibald VonFookFace : Wayne's performance in this clip is so dramatic and powerful that he should win an Academy Award.... or the Canadian equivalent of it.

Hayden Evans : I suggest you let that one marinate

SuperSuperdude88 : These guys are amazing

Bradley VanTassal : Loves me some cribbage. Not so much on the three handed, but I'll do it.

Brian Rounding : Best show not in the States..and Have plenty of Canuck Friends to get the Terminology and Humor...Pure Brilliance

Deke1 : This show is dumb!

MrPernell27 : This may be better than Trailer Park Boys