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bokeflo : It's Amazing that the traditions around Sumo have endure for so long. 

B Rock : 'Entering the ring, girth is advantageous.' Words to live by, ya'll!

UNKNOWN -A : what cuties, hugging each other

Andrew Ding : I wonder how would they do as linemen

Christopher Gould : More stress on the training aspect needed - they work out about 3 or 4 hours a day, putting their bodies under unbearable strain, especially in the repeated practice bouts and charging exercises... (and they do go to the gym in their spare time too).

Shourik Banerjee : How does Newton’s 3rd law apply directly to winning a match?

EP122333 : Look at all them GAINZ!!

SleepyMaster : its like watching two bulls charging at eachother.

BENDROWNED33 : Chankonabe is love, chankonabe is life

Torkil Nilsson : Ah I remember watching some of these guys on Eurosport - Masahimaru ? at 1.23 , Akebono 1.31  and the one that Akebone fought at 1.37. He was top wrestler at one time as was Akebono. 

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Autumn uwu : (excuse me sorry!!!! random derpy lady coming through>> ) haha they are jiggling ^^

Matt Mørke : im a big zumo fan i cheer for osunarashi and yoshikaze but everytime a match start after tachiai i cant stop laughin at the gyoji nokotta nokotta

fzerowipeoutlover : Get in mah belly!

Adrian Swaby : sumo wrestling salt pepper flour pill drop vinegar lemon onion etc

Saathvik Dabbara : That is a awesome sporty enemy is so attracted to sumo wrestling

Jakiepoo : They don't need to ride on a handicap carts when go grocery shopping, or anywhere.

nguyenthithanh : Đột kích víp

MasterSenpai : Jos olet läski mene sumoon ja jos et ole pelaa lätkää

gtas321 : In western countries, especially America and Britain... You are looked at with disgust if you are fat dude. Regardless of fat-slim ratio. Moreso than any other country.

immortaljatt05 : good thing these guys arnt hairy, thatd b hard to watch

QuickStrike : fat people in japan is illegal except sumo

Meme Mike : So fat

summa thompson : fat

MrCubix005 : Make these sumo wrestlers offensive or defensive lineman! They are gonna do great! hahaha

Martin : me

Slightly Amused Black Kid from the Suburbs : That's not even close to true, look up some demographics please.

NUMBER228528 : This is great!

Budzy231 : yet a third of your population is obese and less than 5% of japans population is obese, go figure

Kikka Rapää : In America everyone look like sumo wrestlers, but they cannot move like sumo wrestlers

Johnny Flores : America said this? The whole country?

Will To Win : Just imagine how long you'd last in the ring with one of those guys.

FLAME4564 : good point. These guys I belive are mainly stars for being a combo of both athletic and big.

tim icen : most of Americas resources are imported. EXAMPLE TIME oil pets Yes oil is one the oil rigs in nevada are there just so usa can point and yell "look see were independent from foreign oil"

annie countryman : are you serious america?! saying that this guys are fat too?! you guys cant move your ass from your chair holding a remote control of you tv... But ths guys can knock your fucking house down alone,.,! BIG DIFFERENCE ! wow., you guys are joking right?!

JAJAMAN : they are all super healthy. Not like fat americans with nothing but fat, these guys have huge muscles beneath them

RubberWilbur : Wrong as the western diet is spreading other countries are getting just as fat (i.e. Europe). Chinese are gaining weight faster than anyone. Europeans have been removing the germ from grain for over 2 decades now (flour, white sugar, junk food) and are a little more adapted to it. Other cultures like China never have eaten this food and it's effecting them faster and harder (diabetes, cardio disease, etc)

Cardiacs : And people say America is fat.

planetX15 : agree*

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Bob Schneider : My favorite sport ☺

AntiSatoshi : That would break their tradition.

Dr. Nov 18, 2009 : Other countries still have AMAZING resources as well, but they're still not fat though.

Pete Jenkins : Fat wankers

Fleece Johnson : because its too much work

y u do dis : This is where the oi tank came from

Bofaffy : If the countries that make fun of the U.S. for being fat had the resources we do, they would be fat too, :).

captain heebie : they got a shit load of muscle below thier fat you just cant see it.

e a Coonan : I love to see Sumo. There is nothing on the t V now. I discovered it again on u tube