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Zoran54321 : I'd wager that these "fatasses" are stronger and faster than most people in the comments.

Shourik Banerjee : How does Newton’s 3rd law apply directly to winning a match?

B Rock : 'Entering the ring, girth is advantageous.' Words to live by, ya'll!

Andrew Ding : I wonder how would they do as linemen

bokeflo : It's Amazing that the traditions around Sumo have endure for so long. 

Christopher Gould : More stress on the training aspect needed - they work out about 3 or 4 hours a day, putting their bodies under unbearable strain, especially in the repeated practice bouts and charging exercises... (and they do go to the gym in their spare time too).

Bob Schneider : My favorite sport ☺

Noble Thomas : i want to see , floyd mayweather jr doing an impact wrestling with a sumo.look dudes lion is the king of THE forest, but in a jungle its a prey to an amur tiger.

EP122333 : Look at all them GAINZ!!

OD Wilson : I just always thought Japanese ppl were just small by nature.

UNKNOWN -A : what cuties, hugging each other

y u do dis : This is where the oi tank came from

Dave S : whats wrong with a pair of shorts though

PeriwinkleBrynnyn : Many see a very old and sacred tradition. I see two fat guys hugging each other.

Kleneu66 : And this is a fetish for some reason?

Olivia Egan : A very good video

Jimis_Slimis : Any one alse got here because of shugoki

Christian Str : It's funny how this video appears around animal videos. Coincidence ? xD

trash mammal : i have never been more attracted to a group of men

jack bobfaster : Yokozuna 😁

BYE BYE : Litle fat

Blanca Luna : muy bueno +1

Dodo998 : Lost some... wait

Adrian Swaby : sumo wrestling salt pepper flour pill drop vinegar lemon onion etc

desery Love : Wth...

Penny wise georgie : Why are you,s fiting

Matt Mørke : im a big zumo fan i cheer for osunarashi and yoshikaze but everytime a match start after tachiai i cant stop laughin at the gyoji nokotta nokotta

fzerowipeoutlover : Get in mah belly!

Amethyst Heart : (excuse me sorry!!!! random derpy lady coming through>> ) haha they are jiggling ^^

Jam Lym : Why?

Andréan Бос-YouTube : [どうやって岬を倒すことができます•]I do not understand these many age traditions !!;-)🈴🈳😎*** *** *** I'm shocked [それはどうですか]??? HAHAHAHA:🗺️🍱🍱

JeremyShane Mcgowan : Can i shazam this song

LanceTheDivine : How can they be so big but have so much stamina and strength. My fat certainly does not give me superpowers.

Richard V : From the people stupid enough to sneak attack America

スノウベリー : Traditional spots in Japan. They have tough sinew.

Diamond Doges : What. The.heck. Did. I. Just. Watch.

Prof Jack : Sumo is boss I have known about it way before this video

dallasAllday8829 : The More You Know 💫

lily fat : Oml

MrPerfection : Good to see samoans in sumo

TheAxellle : awa , doors

محمد حاجين : من سوريا

latino heat : whos the most famous sumo wrestler of all time

Emanuele Cupini : are sumotori only fat or they also are muscular?

khoa tran dang : who is he

Sarah Upton : I'm on that sde of youtube again...

shafiq mostwanted : haha

LNX : k

Torkil Nilsson : Ah I remember watching some of these guys on Eurosport - Masahimaru ? at 1.23 , Akebono 1.31  and the one that Akebone fought at 1.37. He was top wrestler at one time as was Akebono. 

Nameless Otaku : Watching this after reading Hinomaru-Zumou