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Zoran54321 : I'd wager that these "fatasses" are stronger and faster than most people in the comments.

B Rock : 'Entering the ring, girth is advantageous.' Words to live by, ya'll!

Andrew Ding : I wonder how would they do as linemen

Christopher Gould : More stress on the training aspect needed - they work out about 3 or 4 hours a day, putting their bodies under unbearable strain, especially in the repeated practice bouts and charging exercises... (and they do go to the gym in their spare time too).

bokeflo : It's Amazing that the traditions around Sumo have endure for so long. 

Bob Schneider : My favorite sport ☺

EP122333 : Look at all them GAINZ!!

OD Wilson : I just always thought Japanese ppl were just small by nature.

PeriwinkleBrynnyn : Many see a very old and sacred tradition. I see two fat guys hugging each other.

y u do dis : This is where the oi tank came from

UNKNOWN -A : what cuties, hugging each other

Kleneu66 : And this is a fetish for some reason?

Christian Str : It's funny how this video appears around animal videos. Coincidence ? xD

Dave S : whats wrong with a pair of shorts though

Olivia Egan : A very good video

Jimis_Slimis : Any one alse got here because of shugoki

Yeah Yeah : i would knock seven shades of shit out of these fat bellends, too slow, far too fat and theyd have a heart attack fighting some1 like me ok

jack bobfaster : Yokozuna 😁

Jesse Valtanen : Litle fat

Nakayshia Power lols : Why are you,s fiting

LanceTheDivine : How can they be so big but have so much stamina and strength. My fat certainly does not give me superpowers.

Matt Mørke : im a big zumo fan i cheer for osunarashi and yoshikaze but everytime a match start after tachiai i cant stop laughin at the gyoji nokotta nokotta

Dodo998 : Lost some... wait

Amethyst Heart : (excuse me sorry!!!! random derpy lady coming through>> ) haha they are jiggling ^^

JeremyShane Mcgowan : Can i shazam this song

desery Love : Wth...

fzerowipeoutlover : Get in mah belly!

Blanca Luna : muy bueno +1

Richard V : From the people stupid enough to sneak attack America

latino heat : whos the most famous sumo wrestler of all time

Emanuele Cupini : are sumotori only fat or they also are muscular?

Diamond Doges : What. The.heck. Did. I. Just. Watch.

Prof Jack : Sumo is boss I have known about it way before this video

スノウベリー : Traditional spots in Japan. They have tough sinew.

TheAxellle : awa , doors

MrPerspicacious : Good to see samoans in sumo

khoa tran dang : who is he

Nameless Otaku : Watching this after reading Hinomaru-Zumou

dallasAllday8829 : The More You Know 💫

shafiq mostwanted : haha

Torkil Nilsson : Ah I remember watching some of these guys on Eurosport - Masahimaru ? at 1.23 , Akebono 1.31  and the one that Akebone fought at 1.37. He was top wrestler at one time as was Akebono. 

Sarah Upton : I'm on that sde of youtube again...

lily fat : Oml

LNX : k

محمد حاجين : من سوريا

akimbo5u : although they are fat their cardiovascular system is stays healthy, they are not "obese" from eating mcdonalds and tacos they eat natural foods that promote the body to store more fat tissue 

Peppi Salminen : äää

Peppi Salminen : äää

Uzzi44 : This is the cause for all the earth quakes in the world

almpis M : why i think this is pointless?