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IIoWoII : Thanks, great advice, was just about to do some heroin.

Depthnightmares : That was a sweet turn, but you know what's even sweeter? A broken neck from no helmet

Tiki Omzee : Oh shit she looks just like my high school crush. Fuuuuucckkk I'm being hit by waves of cringe memories killl meeee

Grace Motley : 100,928 views. Wow. 100k plus my BIRTHDAY!!! *HINT HINT*

aktm1407 : where's her helmet?

poor brian : idk bout u but ma mama said that drugs are good for kids

Sambammers : You know what's good? Safety gear while riding a bicycle.

GoldFishBoy1337 : WHAT IS THIS GOLD?

LUNAMOON예쁜 : You are destined to be a star

Flying Keyboard : just add some protein

Brett C : whoa its like im in 5th grade watching state mandated educational videos again

Whion : I'm convinced.

Alexandra Gore : I come back to this video when I question my life

Bohemian : Thanks. Now I'll never do heroin.

LUNAMOON예쁜 : I agree, Heroin is not sweet in the slightest.


Daddy Memebags : I accidentally clicked on your channel while scrolling through Gus Johnson comments. I was not disappointed.

Aeris : I have never laughed so hard in my hole life, this got me so offguard

Ness127 : I saw you posted a comment on one of ricky berwitz's videos and that took me here, i dont know why i clicked on your username thing but i did, and im glad

Zaid Al Abassi : this is the content that i want

Diggy Doo : Just add sugar with your heroine.

danthemango : wow, a cool video *and* a good message

caŋɖy : This is now my favorite video on the internet.

Eclipse : Important videos: I’m the most boring thing alive Slightly less important videos I: hold my beer

DJX_Xavi : Lmao that escalated quickly

La La : You's a damn god genius!

Vezon : Ok I'll just do some crack

BanzTag TV : from countdowns to this...well that was quick. XD

Paradox : Demi Lovato could learn a thing or two from this video

AwesomeGuy3317 ! : "You know what isn't sweet?" *H E R O I N*

rielitty : thnx 4 telling us not to do heroin, _heroine_

Ivory AS : Dang, to think I was about to drink some right now, that's pretty helpful

Udip Rai : be here after 6 months to wish ya Happy bday :) thnx for making my day

Stone : BREAKING NEWS: Drug consumption rate drops to 0%

Strik3 : True that. That is why you should stick with just crack or meth. More affordable and easier to find. Good job @Grace Motley!

FreshSauerKraut : Y'know I agree with this message.

Ben Perry : You know what is sweet? Studying for a test.

Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer : XD LEL A future meme in the making

Fenny Veronica : 8 second 🙂

memethyst : its 4 am and im choking at this

Math Nerd Gaming : The song Pepper by Butthole Surfers contradicts this. "Cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies" ^ Sugar is pretty sweet, in my opinion.

Jackson Sloss : Jesus Christ, Grace! That is prolly the most out of nowhere PSA I have ever heard. XD

gumball stud : If only Demi saw this beforehand none of this would've happened :(

Colorclash : I'm so glad I found this channel

Franco Alesi : That’s a lot of unimportant videos

Evan Z : this is a very good video. I would say it is a great video but I have been told repeatedly to temper my emotions


JTF : bro i legit have that exact same jacket and its comfy asf

ScorpionGaming : Requiem For A Dream in a nutshell