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Anti gravity and the true nature of spacetime

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What about dark energy allows it to resist the powerful inward pull of gravity and accelerate the rate of the universe’s expansion? Find out in this episode of Space Time. And watch our previous episodes on dark energy right here: Part 1 - Will the Universe Expand Forever Part 2 - Why the Universe Needs Dark Energy Part 3 - What Does Dark Energy Really Do? Get your own Space Time t­shirt at Tweet at us! @pbsspacetime Facebook: Email us! pbsspacetime [at] gmail [dot] com Comment on Reddit: Support us on Patreon! Help translate our videos! We’ve come a long way in our understanding of dark energy. In previous episodes we’ve looked at how our universe is paradoxically flat and how dark energy is exponentially accelerating the expansion of the universe. In this episode of Space Time we dive into the true nature of dark energy and how its antigravity effect and its other properties are having such bizarre effects on our universe. Written and hosted by Matt O’Dowd Made by Kornhaber Brown ( Comments James Bailey Fros7bite Patrick Romo ArchNME 1019wc1019 Aging Reversed


Alejandro Arturo Pumpido : I wasn't worthy enough for understanding the secrets inside this video.

Will Lastnameguy : My only question is...huh?

brokenHand : Instead of bankers <3

Luis Aldamiz : I keep coming back to this excellent video once and again each time I discuss gravity and dark energy. My mind seems to insist on forgetting the proper explanation: "because math"! Love it, very well explained.

Slugger Girl 2b : How are we supposed to get to the bottom of something that has antigravitational properties? 😜

Bracer Jack : Why is the Star Trek TNG Door Bell so prominent in these videos ?

Michsel Holiday : Dark energy could be a vacuum ( if you will ) in this universe pulling particals from the center.

Luke R. : Wait a minute. Given the simplest explanation of dark energy, won't there be an antisingularity some day?

muchograndeyolatengo : What if the universe is expanding into an outside low pressure zone?

Arethrid - CY : This is by far the best explanation of dark energy. Thank you for bringing these videos to us, you are the best!

YouKnowThatGuy : Woooah you lost me at the end bro...

Daniel Yount : Absolutely love this episode, tearing down and put back together of the E=Mc2 equation

Max Salmon : Hm. A mysterious energy field that surrounds everything in the universe, binding it together? Needs more midichlorians.

Alfalfa Male : I don't know who I'm fooling here pretending I understand.

Mr RX : I can hear the voice of nikola tesla somewhere saying "Well, obviously!" As he said, Everything is energy, and you can access it wirelessly, from nothing :D

Hippasus : Continuous Creation at the center of the observers universe...see Gamow

glitch : negative pressure like: " (**women sound**) I'm fine! " relativistic pressure like : " You f*cked up "

dylan cross : If what he said was the simplest explanation about the nature of dark energy, I shudder at the thought of the other ones

mikeunleashed1 : 9:25 this whole video summarised in a couple seconds.

exr : tl;dr Dark Matter is the Sim City Bulldozer tool controlled by the Aliens running our simulation

Qorey Taus : “Change is the only constant in life” PROVED A permanent Star Wars

trafficselections : this stuff blows my mind, if watched 5times to get a slightly touch of an idea, but i love it THANKS! : )

Geno Stellar : I just realized that I wasn't subscribed to these guys yet. I wonder how that's possible. Subscribed now, before the universe collapses from the paradox.

jeremyrainman : I get very tired of people who complain about space exploration spending with arguments similar to: "We have social problem X, we must fix social problem X before doing special task Y! Anything else is immoral/wrong." This argument is like a parent telling their children, "Well, mom has diabetes, so we'll spend as much as we feel is necessary to make her happy, but we won't save for your college education." It is shortsighted and wrong. Humanity is a going-concern. We don't spend most of our life energy raising the next generation because the future isn't important. The future of humanity is *everything*. It is unfortunate that some people contract diseases and die. But there is no historical precedent for humanity ever being disease free. One might argue that humans actually live in symbiosis with disease and it could not be any other way. Human death from disease is unfortunate on an individual level, but from a species point of view, it is constructive, even a source of strength. Adopting a myopic view of human problems, expecting that human effort be spent to guarantee each individual get an equal shot at life is a waste of energy. If, on the other hand, humans spend their excess energy reaching for the stars... then we'll be doing something that we have no record of an intelligent species in the universe actually doing to this point. What's more important? attempting to make humanity perfect, it's home (earth) perfect, it's social systems perfect? Are those really more important than expending the knowledge and experience of the only self-aware beings known in the universe? Remember the quote... "Perfect is the enemy of the good." It's a no brainer. I may die of cancer. I may die of heart disease. I may die earlier than "my time" because of an unfortunate accident. But if I ever came back from the grave and saw fellow humans spending more time trying to prevent normal human deaths rather than pursuing their intellect, I would consider myself lucky to be dead.

Massimiliano C : The fall of the conservation of energy principle blow my engineering shaped mind

Bob Aldo : What is the relationship between quantum foam and dark energy?

Arjun Dev : LOL I did not see the bottom of Dark Energy! ;D

Ardechir Pakfar : I'm so enjoying these videos! But you lost be when talking about particles pressure. As 80% of the mass is Dark matter and these particles do not interact like baryonic atoms that are repulsed from each other by electromagnetism, what means the speed and pressure of the particles???

Dinesh Rani : No law of conservation of energy! Thats where the thing seems fishy.

bipola telly : Ryan Lidner is a liar and should be put in prison for a couple of years. (-: peace

Osama Kolachi : Is law of conservation of energy no longer a LAW?

Inspiration Art : how can we proof that law of conservation of energy doesnt works in the mighty universe

Mark Fudge : Up till now I have just been keeping my head above water. I am now lost.

Ultimate Gohan : Energy come from nowhere now.. Nope, can't buy it.. even if it is governed by a different law altogether.. If energy is coming from nowhere it may come in any quantity, any time, with any sign ( it could be - I've energy too, energy night be sucked out of universe ).. All of these factors will result in total chaos and no order whatsoever.. But universe in not really in total chaos and is expanding perfectly in order..

Pushkar Soni : when i started watching this series i was able to understand most...but now i can't understand much's getting harder day by day... i'm just 16, looks like i need to continue my school studies more to be able to understand in near future. i will surely watch this series after completing my studies.

Justin Chan : my idea towards this expansion of the universe was that it could as well be time dilated as in conservation of energy still exist, it feels like speed is being slowed down at "the edge" of the universe and time has nearly stopped thus elongating the conception of space or to be thought as a looping over and over again from point A to "the edge"

Michael Guertin : Is Dark Energy in any way associated with 0-point energy?

Billy Masterson : For the love of God People who say money used for space exploration needs to go to something more important like ending world hunger or curing cancer are holding back humanity. They think science is magic and throwing money around will, somehow, get us a cure to cancer faster. Wanna end world hungover? Eat more insects and tell your government to approve GMO's. Let us focus on the cosmos and let them not use the technology which was created from the missions as a result.

Sully Sullivan : "this is not just some math trick. dark energy is real physical stuff" that no one has been able to directly or indirectly observe even once

Nicolás Adrian Smith Valdes : U da real MVP Great, great channel, should have more subscribers than pewdie pie

Raymond K Petry : The cosmos is finitely larger than visible and its outer rim-shell collapsed back and gravitationally sucked the inward, outward, and we're seeing it pull through the CMB...

Sky Debreuil : they did not dumb this one down, very informative but pretty complex : D

Kibrom Fesseha : You lost me once you started talking about relativistic pressure doing the opposite thing that regular pressure.does.

nnixon6 : I didn't think this station/channel would devolve into its own self-serving promotion tool. I was wrong.

Mikio Herzberg : This is just too crazy. .... what the heck is this universe I am inhabiting?!

Smile : It cannot be overstated how good this show is. You guys blow my mind every time. This is my #1 favorite show ever.

joeboxervr6 : Theory .... The aggregated exo-universe acts on our visible-universe around us with its own gravity. Stretching our universe slightly with more energy than our local (visible universe) aggregated gravity. Dark matter is another matter. Not sure how to work with that.

rafagd : 13:46 - People seem to forget that the money invested doesn't go to alpha-cen along with the craft.

Alex Toulan : Could this energy gained be coming from matter/energy entering our universe from outside of it?