What Makes John Bonham Such a Good Drummer?
What Makes John Bonham Such a Good Drummer

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TerroristNeutralizer : Lets just say every member of Zep was a freak of nature and there will never be another.

Marvel Fanboy : I would love to see videos like this for each member of Zeppelin.

Diamond Logistics : When Zepplin reunited in 1985 for Live Aide after Bonham passed away they literally had to hire TWO drummers to replace him on stage.... Nuff Said.

Mike Hodor : Led Zeppelin NEVER gets old. After 45 years of listening it still moves me the same way. Incredible.

Eric Chappell : As a guitar player, Jimmy Page was always my focus when I listened to Zeppelin. This video really opened my mind up on how awesome Bonham was. I'll definitely give him more focus from now on.

Radio Haven : Bonham played the drums, and Led Zepplin followed.

Mathew Hastings : Bonzo was the Jimmy Hendrix of drums, they both played their instruments like they are supposed to be played. They had natural talent that will never be matched again, lots will come close, but never passed.

Gutch220 : ......and then he starts playing with his hands

Epyx : They were just a super group. Jonesy is often the least celebrated but the guy played(plays) 22 instruments...TWENTY TWO...if that is the weakest link on the chain that friggin chain is titanium.

ThatToyBonnieGuy : Led Zeppelin sure rocked with Bonham, no wonder he's irreplaceable.

Pussy PaTroll : For those people commenting on John Bonham's talent... take into account his position in music history and the development of music. He was what some might consider a 'pioneer'. When we talk about John Bonham, it is important to compare him to his peers and those before him... NOT after him.

Kred Nevalga : Imagine Jimi Hendrix and Bonham got together as a band. But as they said, "you don't need the greatest players, you only need the right players..." but Bonham got lucky Jimmy Page is both great and right for him. Match made in heaven indeed

Will Hartley : He played those bass triplets in Good Times Bad Times with one foot, by the way.

Ryan Speed : The video was very insightful..Needless to say he was an extraordinary drummer. Interesting to hear who influenced his drumming & sound.

WAVE RIDER : Greatest Rock band of All time . Never be any band that tops Led Zeppelin

john plaid : He was no Mitch Mitchell. Or Ginger Baker. And why did he choke on his own vomit?

Steven Smith : My two favorite drummers...Buddy Rich and John Bonham.

pascual sandoval : You forgot to talk about his mustache

Taylor Blom : The part about the drums following the guitar lines is an overlooked part of Zepplin. It allowed John Paul Jones to turn the bass into a more melodic and interesting sound while still staying with the guitar and bass.

drwnpadilla : Was there a introduction for three musicians they were the best but he has the greatest drummer ever but that's my opinion👍

GB Biddy : I have no friggin idea what this guy is talking about (3/4, 4/4) but boy did I enjoy listening to the beats

Jim O : Bonham was the best "rock" drummer because he was influenced by several styles and wasn't just a wild sloppy usually out of time pounder like most rock drummers are.

neek : Fool in the Rain is the best example of Bonzo being a god

Kevin : Superb video. One can really appreciate how in synch Page and Bonham were during their time together. The music is timeless. Thanks for putting this together.

Alberto Gutierrez : A smart attorney told me I was a moron with no credability. My philosophy degree was useless. I decided to change.

Llama Lover : When the levee breaks is too good

Nickify : As a Led Zeppelin fan I can honestly say watching this opened up another level of understanding to the songs and albums I've heard hundreds of times. Excellent work and explanation.

Sophie Abrams : Who the hell disliked?

Adriana Valle Rodríguez : Wow! Great video! The drummer on fire! 🔥

Brown Body Vlogs : Would Kashmir be considered 'polyrhythmic'?

bustedrav : You can really hear the improvisational feel from his jazz influence. What an amazing talent.

LTrain 45 : That aint no double bass pedal for the triplets in good times bad times either! Thats some righteous leg work!

Mondo Shredder : Possibly the most sampled drummer by hip-hop and rap DJs in later decades. Now you know why... 4 of the songs analyzed here are my favorite Zep tunes: Immigrant Song, When The Levee Breaks, Kashmir, and The Wanton Song. Now I know why I love them so much, and why my neighbors don't. Page said "What made Bonzo so great wasn't just what he played, but what he didn't play." RIP Bonzo.

Anita V. Vassar : Bonham rarely over played. Most drummers want to be all inclusive instead of serving the songs.

007 T-5 : Bonham was one of the best if not the best. But he played different everytime & your trying to dissect it? Not only that but if you've been playing with the same guitarist of course your gonna play insink together....???

Andrea Guerra : The most overrated drummer of all times. There's an endless list of contemporaries that are way better than him: Ian Paice, Phil Collins, Bill Bruford, Carl Palmer, Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchel, Steve Gadd, Stewart Copeland, Alan White, Vinnie Colaiuta, Terry Bozzio, Jeff Porcaro and so on and on...not to mention the jazz drummers. But for some mysterious reason he's always on top of all the lists. One of the biggest cliches in rock history.

chicagospots : I was always fascinated by these unorthodox Bonham rhythms, but this video really breaks it down nicely. Well done!

Dhruv Kaluskar : He could've written the levee breaks and done nothing else and he'd still be the greatest drummer of all time

Peter Williams : To answer your question, nothing! He was crap.

Jeffrey Gilman : Every member of this band was stellar. Very over looked (I feel) is John Paul Jones. It seems he's the black sheep of the band, but a few of the most iconic base lines ever came from him. Ramble On might be my favorite. Baby I'm gonna Leave you, another great. Just my two cents. Great video.

Richard Fukuda : I need to go listen to some Led Zeppelin again

Bruno Jimmy : he is not "such a good drummer" his play i highly underrated and i don't know the reason

bobby griz : The opening has me begging for sound lol that is the music!!!!

sammyvh11 : His footwork separates him from 99% of drummers.

Frank Burdo : Without a doubt, one of the greatest drummers of all time. His bass pedal foot and his hi hat foot are unmatched to this day. That coupled with his fills really is what makes him above the rest.

T Miller : I always favored John Bonham as the best musician in the band. Which is hard to say when it’s tough to pick anyone over John Paul Jones or Jimmy Page.

Max Perez : this video taught me my no. 1 drumming weakness: my lack of use of the bass drum

Patsy Porter : true respect to the man Bonham, x

richard curry : Blessed to get to see this band live, in concert!! Burned in my memory. I remember it like it was yesterday. The atmosphere, the anticipation. 3 1/2 hours of Led Zeppelin just rocking. Since I've Been Loving You was the high light of the show for me. Yes, Bonham was spectacular. The thing I loved about what he did was he was always, almost late. Almost.....which ties into what our narrator spoke to in this outstanding video. His ability of bringing jazz into rock n roll. Jazz is just a lazy, yet perfect expression of human emotions. Bonham, brought that to Zeppelin and Page, Jones knew how to create this explosion of music. I have every Zeppelin album and song. Listened to them ad naseum. Outside of 2-3 songs, they are all just exquisite. Jimmy Page thought about this band meticulously. The perfect plan and execution, including getting one of the greatest drummers, ever, to play in Led Zeppelin. BTW, his son is spectacular as well. Listen to Celebration Day at the O2. Spot on. Dad is proud!!!