This is What Will Happen in the Next 24 Hours

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Razqan Razak : Well the next 24 hours I’m gonna buy a Toyota Corolla

Zelmerlow : Omg this really works! 1. Hold your breath for 30 minutes 2. Die

msergio0293 : One day closer to death

Blixen : 5000 steps a day? More like 500, going to the fridge and back in my room.

Airzae 3RD : 0:48 I freaking knew he was gonna say his beloved Toyota Corolla

Mondo The Grunt : The title sounds like a threat

A Generic Slice of Pizza : 3.5 billion humans will nut 💦

Charles Darwin : People download music through iTunes?

Mr. Tbag : The real question is how many people are going to watch porn?

Dan Ward : 2:27 200,000,001 after my plans for tonight. Nah I'm still a super virgin.

Quicksilvur : What will happen over the next second? You would click Read more...

MDC Anything : This is depressing

C Am F G : Because the universe is expanding... how much bigger will it be in 24 hours than it is right now?

MichaelLmao : In 24 hours your sponsor will still be skillshare

Steve : I bought all 450 Toyota Corollas today.

Jmandawgfan : How many different videos will be sponsored by SkillShare?

ҩω૯Ր੮עυɿ૦ƿ : *an asteroid hits earth 9 minutes later*

7lllll : 6500 weddings? this number very much stood out as very small compared everything else

911 subscribers 911 subscribers : I learn more from this channel then 6 hours of school

Browk : That means 0.17% of intercourse results in childbirth

Bob Ross : All those swipes and i still cant get a match :/

oski : Doctors once told this guy he only had 24hrs to live so he went to the lawyer and they gave him 20 more years

Marko Buha : Someone here said they would edit their comment in 24 hours. Now I can’t even find the comment.

921 gaming : What happens in my 24 hours? I saw her, I noticed her, she saw me, but but still felt like she didn't know who I was, worst part is she is my cousin's friend.😭

Evariste Galois : In the next 24 hours I'll probably still be a virgin...

Shiva Reddy : ..and still did not re-visit the moon after about 50 years.

Funnyguylol : Make a video next of what things happen in 1 second

hamza m : donnow why but this video made me anxious

Mem3z : 25*10 to the power of 15 ( the new bytes of data and if you don’t know how to read standard form that’s 25 quintillion or 25 and 15 zeros on the end) about the same as 25,000 Terabytes or about 25 petabytes, over a 24 hour span and that’s lost all of what made it impressive, bytes are tiny, a web post can be around 100Kb, that’s an average file size really being generous, and that’s already 100,000 bytes, sounding even more impressive and 25 petabytes is 25 with 33 zeros behind it, 2.5*10 to the power of 34 I believe or 25,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Oof.

Sehej Chugh : My man just had to add Toyota corollas, can’t even be surprised lol

9,999,999 views : A Toyota Corolla will be manufactured.

9,999,999 views : A Toyota Corolla will be abandoned.

Sammy Su : In the next 24 hours YouTube videos will get sponsored by Skillshare.

Salokin : I edited this comment after 24 hours

stef0n : the transition to the ad is legit as smooth as a baby's skin..

vanoss gaming 2.0 : What will happen over the next millisecond?

-Akira troliyamaアキラ鳥山 : No db episodes will not be uploaded fanbois.

Lanner : Why it’s 200,000,000 exactly? Why it’s not 199,999,999 Or 200,000,001

Thomas Turner : I wish I was part of the 200 million

0nly1truth : *Subhaan-Allaah!*

SCP - 049 : Will we ever suffer from overpopulation?

Ryan Ardiansyah : I died laughing when he told the Indonesia part😂😂😂

Katie Preston : one thing is for sure, in the next 24 hours i will still be single,

MarchwzwmzarcH : Aside from the trivial information, this video has lots of sobering facts that really put life in perspective!

patuator : Shut up you melenial

Elephant Walrus : Why can’t 5 of those texts be sent to me

Eye of the Tiger [][][] : 2:50 This is actual footage of San Francisco, CA. Good job, liberals!!

Gaz : and who know better than the Creator of the knowledge and the Creator of time, Allah.

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : There are so many babies born every 24 hours.

Andrew Stone : If the rest of the world would accept capitalism, less people would be in poverty.