Chinese Street Food DAN DAN NOODLE Tour in Sichuan, China | INSANELY GOOD and SPICY Szechuan Noodles

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The Food Ranger : Oh yeah 4 incredibly delicious dan dan noodle variations in Chengdu! Watch until the end to get inside the back kitchen of a local noodle joint as we fry 15 KG’s of beef for the topping on the noodles! AND, Make sure you’re following along behind the scenes here: and you can check out our Tai Hao Le and Travel Eat Repeat Merch here: Please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you, making these videos is so much fun and I really hope you enjoy watching them! Thanks so much for being part of the Foodrangin’ community!!!

周莅 : 曾经有一个外国人说花一年要吃遍中国,结果三年了还没出四川

najam ansari : I love Chinese people. They are so friendly

Ich bin dein Vadda und deine Mudda : 我爱上了中国 来自俄罗斯的问候

Jonathon Simon : Hilarious - the cooks with the cigs hanging on their lower lip as they cook ;)

Righteous1 : My God I want to eat that 10 rated noodles at the end

Nancyy Min : I lived in China for 4years and the only thing i learnt was ni haau and xexe damn this guy is literally amazing with languages

Winni Xi : 你的中文太好了,居然听得懂不标准的中文,作为中国人,有时候都会听不懂他们说什么

plmoknty : its so sad majority of Americans will never get to experience what you get to

tcmsupahot : This video is by far the closest one to China and I love it!!! 我想家了 Hello from Sweden

mo za : Chinese people r so friendly

Kilex TheGAMER : 9:21 nigga nigga nigg nigga

Tiner Je : He speaks Chinese very well

Wayne Wu : Damn i am watching this Video wihle imma eating pizza, now i just wanna throw it away

Summer Rain : 看到老板做饭时手里嘴里叼着烟就很烦

Shubhankar Dasgupta : This is known as China love from India !! ^_^

Ahmed Sweezy : Why u don't going Pakistan Pakistani food very NYC well come to Pakistan lahore

嘿我的小可爱 : 看起来很好吃啊!!!我也想吃啊!!!找时间回国去成都爽爽!!!巴适得很!!!it looks so nice it makes me want to go to sichuan, have some of these noodles as well!!!

Tyrfingr : I just ate... But somehow, i still got hungry..... Damn you ranger.....

Kareem Majeens : *When they tell you it's pure pork without you asking, it's not.*

Ernest Sherman : You know you're having the authentic Chinese food when the cook has a ciggy hanging on his lips. Lol

ricecakejohnson : Wow, ur Chinese is really good.

Sasaki Hasie : I’m going to China in summer i might order

JettBuo : 4:52 Does not get anymore authentic than that. Chop sticks in one hand, Strainer in the other, and a cigarette with the ashes still on. Skill.

The Social Trends : The food looks so satisfying. It can even give me an orgasm😅. Would definitely love to have it.

my street food : nice video

Lina Lau : I'm half Chinese half Indonesian, but how do u learn to talk in Chinese and other languages

Spooky Temporium : This looks so good! Too bad I couldn't try it in China. Only visited Beijing and Guangzhou. Those Sichuan noodles look so amazing

Lujing Fang : it's called 臊子not绍子。

lovely wera : I wanna learn Chinese

marco : 为什么所有老外不分种族 说中文 都是新疆味道

Nichorasu : You have to love how everyone in the background stares at him weirdly LOL

Denny Morz : Well, your video is a pure nightmare for oversea Chinese people. I miss Chinese food so hard!!!Great video

priya prakash varrier : Why don't you learn Hindi ???

Sami Learner : so dirty food man smoking and making food

♛Heliox♛ : 9:25 you live in danger

Fangfang Ji : I am hungry.....

Jason Frost : $1.43 for Zajiang noodles?! That's crazy! We have an Americanized noodle restaurant that sells small bowls for $8 and look nothing like this! I absolutely love Sichuan peppercorn oil and it goes on everything, including ice cream. Great video!

Elisa Jenkins : Am i the only one dead laughing because people are looking at him weird 😂😂

Rany Josephine : Look so delicious

Daniel Yeh : 巴适得板

Mr.EXTRA L.L.J. : Chinese food amazing

Cookies Bald Greasy Head : 9:24 nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga 😅

Rafael Veloso : mouth watering delicious food

FegoMLG : Nigga roll .. nigga chawtsa 😂😂😂 9:27

Jecho Pampanga : Wow its delicious food in china , so i want to eat that chinese noodles because all restaurants & fastfoods a lot of people eat this master food.Hope Enjoy😉😉😉😉😉

Salema Akter : Nice

Power Fitness : I need to go to China ASAP an try these delicious spicy noodles. So freakin good looking😋😋😋👍👍👍

Kan Sun : 10:48 that is a street full of restaurants. I saw no other stores. That is what we called Sichuan.

Serena Williams : Wow so impressive you can speak the language