Polygon can't understand guns or fun.

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Kitten Fiddlers : I'm keeping this video an open dialog. Unlike Polygon's actual video, comments are open and will stay open (and I will accept all comments marked as spam (Unless they are spam)).

Decker Shado : Holy shit, I really honestly though this was satire. I even went to Polygon, and upon seeing the horribly written article, still thought "the video can't be real." Then I clicked play, and started hearing about how the guy held a gun as a kid, while playing the game of jam-the-handle-into-the-magazine-well. What the fuck even is Polygon....

Serebro Volk : This is why YouTubers and streamers are better reviewers in general. The YouTuber makes me want to buy the shit out of this game. And the polygon reviewer makes me want to get the game so I can shoot myself in it and then irl.

Cinders2Ashes : I love how he puts a pistol mag in a M4.

Praisori : *inhales* YOU PULLED THE TRIGGER ON A GUN THAT YOU DID NOT EVEN KNOW WAS LOADED???? I'm sorry, but hearing that threw me through the roof.

A Lonely Weeaboo : 'I can't believe something designed to kill can kill someone'

Coty Lee : For some reason the contrast between these two is just super funny for me

Clyde McGhost : "i dont like guns" i just started laughing, oh i know where this is going ha

PaineTrain : That guy from polygon makes me look like a highly trained weapons specialist

Soo Kim : Another video polygon disabled the rating and comments. That already tells a lot about how they handle criticisms. Why cant they just hire proper peopple to do these videos?

Aaron : So, he hates guns and the gun sounded realistic - to him - when it fired and made him uncomfortable.... ....then surely this is a success for VR?

Turbo Autist : I bet this guy gets a heart attack every time he uses a bar of soap in the shower.

Master Higgins : "I don't like guns in my middle age; I never have." Then why in God's name have you been assigned to do a video/review about this game?????

Cu nt : Watching him try to load the gun was painful to watch

Cris Cringe : Half a second in and I am already wondering what is going through this guys head *puts rear sights in magazine slot*

DeUs VuLt : This is *TRIGGERING ME*

cadmas : Polygon Virgin vs Chad Gamer

Brian G : His wifes son could probably do better.

TheCaptainBaker - TCS : this game should be listed as psychological horror. that guy seemed pretty shook.

Will : Have you seen the gameplay that polygon put up for doom? the guy playing was so god damn awful they had to close comments and disable likes.

Sainsbury's Chocolate Chip Cookie : Alright... ...did he try and put the iron sights into the magazine breach and then onto the tactical rail? HOLY SHIT

Sam o.0 : "a gun in a home makes me feel less safe, not more" Suddenly: "And now we gonna take off safety!!!" Lmaooo

Ima Pseudonym : "Well, there's this game about guns.... but instead of playing the game or addressing its merits or weaknesses in any way, let me ramble tearfully about the morality of firearms for a while." Geez, what a sad sack.

Jack Skudlarek : worker 1: sir, we gotta take down this building to build a hospital worker 2: alright, i'll just get the wrecking ball This fucknut: But that's a machine precision crafted to cause damage to other objects.

Alex Haines : The most joy I've had in quite a while is watching someone in Hotdogs horseshoes and handgrenades figure out how to fire a desert eagle, ejecting the mag and then pulling the trigger and making him shit himself it was glorious to watch. But apparently that's not ok and I should have some form of PTSD

Johnny : The Virgin Polygon vs The Chad Gamer

AlphaBlyat : "...i've felt a deep sense of unease..." "Hey it doesnt matter"

Boris Yoalkstein : How to work for polygon. 1. Be an outspoken sjw liberal feminist. 2. Suck at everything else.

BlazeTheGryphon7x7 : *Puts pistol magazine into an M4* *Puts Hind sight into M4 mag Slot* These are the kinds of people who are advocating against the second amendment, people. Do not listen to them, because they know absolutely nothing about firearms. To be honest, I was surprised he even knew where the trigger was…

Mr Blitzpunk : *proceed to cut wrist while listening to emo song*

Jere Potens : I thought Polygon's reviews were satire

Game Or Death : The moment he tried putting the iron sights where the magazine goes... Wtf man?!

DenDen : Polygon guy: "I'm not enjoying this..." *cuts to Tucker* "So, I mean, I think it's really awesome"

mangaka08 : 1:37 "...to do damage to other physical objects." Which is not wrong, unless it's hitting a person, hence, the problem he has is with hitting specific targets when they are humans, ergo he's called humans physical objects, ergo he's objectifying people. #triggered.

Mike R : could you be any more beta lmfao

VintagePC's alike : 30 round assault clip magazine capable of dispensing 400 rocket propelled bullet grenades per half second

SteppupFoRetsam : Nearly two years later, this still makes me laugh.

bartekko : "I don't understand how guns work" Literally a pipe, open on one end, hammer with spring on the other end. There,you now understand guns

PonzooonTheGreat : Is that ACTUALLY the review???

Jason Zorich : Make sure no one tells him about those in Syria and Iraq needing something other than words to be free.

Herr Wolf : Guns are made to do damage to other physical objects? As opposed to what? Ghosts?

dumb idiot : the dude philosophizing about guns and trying to act smart and edgy actually made me groan and say "oh my fucking God" out loud

NoobShift3r : **holds 1911(or something)** "Is this a five-seven?" " *Sorry, I play nothing but counter-strike* " Has this fucker ever bought a five-seven in counter-strike?

Kangwa Master : "A machine, percision crafted to do damage to other objects" hammer, drill, clippers, teeth,....... P.S. this is a joke, right?

Antti Ratinen : now, children, polygon is a special kind of kid. you see, he is so called BETA MALE

Chloe deserved better : two words, comedy gold

Gibby Poop : I thought this was a parody...jesus christ man, this physically pains me.

Codmario117 : "Im sure people will correct me in the comments" Comments disabled Makes sense.

ColaObscura : Where do I watch the fun guy's play review thing?

Panzer Man : Love the complete dissonance between Polygon and someone trying to have fun. He doesn't bother you with his life story, or whatever bullshit philosophical problem he has with the game, he just plays it and has fun. He doesn't bother to really try to get the exact names of the guns right, he just goes in and has fun. That's exactly what you should do with that game. Have fun. He doesn't pussyfoot around the guns either, he just goes full auto, and you can see he's really enjoying himself.