Polygon can't understand guns or fun.

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Kitten Fiddlers : I'm keeping this video an open dialog. Unlike Polygon's actual video, comments are open and will stay open (and I will accept all comments marked as spam (Unless they are spam)).

Robbaz : "Lets just load this AR15 with the carry handle and talk about my childhood ptsd."

BT -7274 : What he says can be valid, he just doesnt like guns. What i dont understand is why the hell would they let this guy do the review lmao. That's like forcing a soldier with severe ptsd to play cod and give his opinions.

Serebro Volk : This is why YouTubers and streamers are better reviewers in general. The YouTuber makes me want to buy the shit out of this game. And the polygon reviewer makes me want to get the game so I can shoot myself in it and then irl.

Eliisorp Eliisorp : a salt rifle

Erika Gehr : Not a single gamer works at Polygon, it's simple.

Ima Pseudonym : "Well, there's this game about guns.... but instead of playing the game or addressing its merits or weaknesses in any way, let me ramble tearfully about the morality of firearms for a while." Geez, what a sad sack.

Codmario117 : "Im sure people will correct me in the comments" Comments disabled Makes sense.

Sam o.0 : "a gun in a home makes me feel less safe, not more" Suddenly: "And now we gonna take off safety!!!" Lmaooo

BT -7274 : Was that hotline miami music on the happy parts?

IntrepidTurtle : Polygon: "Hey, you with the apparent post traumatic stress disorder and extreme distaste for firearms, I've got the perfect game for you to review"

Argorath : this game should be listed as psychological horror. that guy seemed pretty shook.

The Livid Dead : I'm ... saddened . . .by the fact that someone so pathetic exists as that guy from Polygon. Like, It's a gun. yeah, for some people it's scary. But it's not sentient. It's not some monster under the bed. It's a tool. Like an axe, Like a knife. Like rope or even a car.

Megabox : I thought Polygon's reviews were satire

DenDen : Polygon guy: "I'm not enjoying this..." *cuts to Tucker* "So, I mean, I think it's really awesome"

BlazeTheGryphon7x7 : *Puts pistol magazine into an M4* *Puts Hind sight into M4 mag Slot* These are the kinds of people who are advocating against the second amendment, people. Do not listen to them, because they know absolutely nothing about firearms. To be honest, I was surprised he even knew where the trigger was…

AlphaBlyat : "...i've felt a deep sense of unease..." "Hey it doesnt matter"

zpridgen75 : You don't know anything about guns. And that's okay. Don't own a gun until you have been properly educated into the function and Safe Handling / maintenance of one.

bartekko : "I don't understand how guns work" Literally a pipe, open on one end, hammer with spring on the other end. There,you now understand guns

VintagePC's alike : 30 round assault clip magazine capable of dispensing 400 rocket propelled bullet grenades per half second

Dun Bongo : Polygon: this is a machine I'm holding precision made to do damage. Me: ... That's a vr controller

Kangwa Master : "A machine, percision crafted to do damage to other objects" hammer, drill, clippers, teeth,....... P.S. this is a joke, right?

DeUs VuLt : This is *TRIGGERING ME*

mangaka08 : 1:37 "...to do damage to other physical objects." Which is not wrong, unless it's hitting a person, hence, the problem he has is with hitting specific targets when they are humans, ergo he's called humans physical objects, ergo he's objectifying people. #triggered.

Game Or Death : The moment he tried putting the iron sights where the magazine goes... Wtf man?!

Croatz : I am a weapons instructor in the Air Force and this video made me cringe. If people better understood firearms and took safety courses, they wouldn't be as political.

Ralsei Dreemurr : The Virgin Polygon vs the Chad Gamer

Blue Baby : The words "assault rifle" are political. Jesus christ this guy is so up his own ass

Grindstone : Is that the same guy who got PTSD from shooting a real AR at a rifle range?

The Moscow Copperhead : *Holds up TT Tokarev* -What is this, a Five-Seven?

Gibby Poop : I thought this was a parody...jesus christ man, this physically pains me.

Charlie Sloan : Reading both sides of this comment section has made me feel so much better about myself by reminding me that I could be so much more vitriolic and toxic as a person.

A Lonely Weeaboo : 'I can't believe something designed to kill can kill someone'

Bacon4Makin' : Do you at least accept that if we "took guns away from everybody" that they would still be available in the black market, and that only bad people would have guns? How bout that having a gun in a home might be used for hunting like you suggested? Do you respect a gunsmiths love for these mechanisms?

jpgamer : Polygon is honestly a joke. You’d think they’re Owned by cosmopolitan by now

Jason Zorich : Make sure no one tells him about those in Syria and Iraq needing something other than words to be free.

Antti The Internet Guy : now, children, polygon is a special kind of kid. you see, he is so called BETA MALE

James Grose : "Magazine, or clip; I'm sure people will correct me in the comments." Yes, if the comments were enabled.

Nasri Metali : Was he reviewing guns or reviewing humanity?

buckeyeinblack : I'm sure people in the comments will correct me. *Comments are disabled for this video.*

superQuizzie : "It made my ears ring!"

Trevor Morgan : This is basically the rest of the world vs the US

E : 1969- Young men are asked to leave their country and homes to fight a war on the other side of the world 2017- "This VR game gave me PTSD!"

you are going to JAIL : its just a god damn shooting range. on top of that a virtual shooting range. that guy from polygon should quit being such a drama queen.

Quadrenaro : Oh my god... I thought the actual review was a parody all these years.

Caleb Collings : Why can’t polygon hire better people to play video games

Mr. Krabs Felt It : eventhough it's VR, it's so cringey to watch people not know how to use a gun

Highwaystar : "precision designed to damage to other physical objects" That's the 2 year degree at work

Jacob Bridenbecker : legit this video has sold me more on H3 than any other advertisement

Captain Norwood : I don't know. All I play is counter strike That cracked me up :)