The confession of Japanese military

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Japanese Army massacred 300,000 soldiers and civilians in Nanjing Japanese Army massacred 300,000 soldiers and civilians in Nanjing In 6 weeks, they killed over 300,000 Nanjing citizens and soldiers 20,000 rapes were committed in a month and 1/3 of Nanjing buildings were burned This was clearly an act of invasion and crime How could you call these people liberators?


Dwight Turner : A really sad thing is that many Japanese youth are not being taught about the brutality of their ancestors during WW2.

Brian B : No remorse. War criminals admitting their atrocities.

The Last Operator : This is so fked up. He said "Its easy to kill 1000s at a time". What the fk dude. These guys are mass genocidal serial killers just casually talking about it.

li rider : I know of the history. I am Chinese and have parents who remember the war. They have hate for the Japanese because they were so merciless. When you feel bad for atom bombs then know that they were savages at this point in history.

黃宇豪 : well i can tell you the subtitle is correct, at least nothing sways from the meaning

Excaliber 50 : As outlandish as this sounds, even Adolf Hitler told Japanese to stop what they were doing in Nanking. But it fell on deaf ears.

Jman : Japanese war criminals got off easy.

Jeffrey Gray : What do you call two Japanese cities destroyed by A bombs? A good start!

Joshua Greenslade : I love China. Bless the chinese people

bd C : Very typical - no matter what time, what race, which army. Murder is always rationalized.

tortugabob : The Japanese soldiers who confessed on this film should be prosecuted as war criminals. It won't happen but the coming payback will be hell literally and figuratively.

streeteats : Makes me feel a lot better about Hiroshema.

Mika Osola : It's crazy how humans can be so desensitized, as to do things like this

John Spears : These old men should pay for their crimes!!

Mr Westie : Dont forget the evil done to british and aussie troops on the burma railway a brutal and violent living hell--------------------------

Dave Wilson : I didn't see much in the way of remorse. They should have all been rounded up, tried and convicted. Instead they've lived their whole lives enjoying freedom and a pleasant way of life, with no consequences. There is no justice and that is why I have no respect or sympathy for the Japanese. Two Atomic Bombs meant they got off very lightly. The entire Nation should hang their heads in shame at the way they behaved and be grateful that the Allies were a lot more merciful to them, than they deserve.

Bob Smithereens : I'm OK with executing any remaining WW2 japanese soldiers. This should have been done after the war ended. Just exterminate the vermin.

Farhan Dar : Looks like these old guys are also close to death. Now how will they face the thousands of innocents they butchered brutally.

King Scottish1194 : It's interesting that this part of History never gets mentioned in U.S. History Classes, or if it does, it gets glossed over very quickly. The U.S. has a very bloody history also, even today. But this action by the Imperial Japanese Army in Nanking, China was a  'War Crime" and nothing less than that. I wonder if the Arms Manufacturers that provided the raw materials for the IJA do this "War Crime" were ever held accountable.

chiba : These old man should be on trials for they action killing innocent.

Blue eyed Eurasian : What's done is done many years back. It's not the same people anymore. Why are people so mad at modern Japanese?

Gazzara5 : Their only real regret is that they lost.

ujjwal bhattarai : These man should be in international court for war crime...

I am : Suffering will never end as long as we exist

Paul S : We returned the favor by barbecuing the Japanese civilians.

Dave Crockett : The fools who call America and Americans the savages have not bothered to learn true history. The Japanese war machine cared nothing for women and children. Yes. Neither did a nuclear bomb, but the monsters had to be stopped

Christopher Kim : It shocks me how these Japanese soldiers don't take mass killings seriously, these devils must have a one way ticket down to hell.

Chang : What most people don't know is that many of IJA soldiers in Manchuria, Shanghai, Nanjing, Pacific were actually ethnic Koreans. The hidden war criminals that were never executed like Hirohito n his immune lackies

Thomas Enright : Why were these soldiers not done for this under war crimes?

Excaliber 50 : Numerous Japanese soldiers have testified that they cooked and ate comfort women after running out of their ration. Japanese are cannibalistic savages.

E. Sharkasy : And they are still alive and living in peace after killing all these people?!

Blank Blank : Please make.more videos like these. Japan is disgusting

Obed Kanglom : Look at the sinister smile of the smoking guy. Pure evil! He came out directly from the pit of hell. Japan deserve more nukes from US.

stranraerwal : that's why the atomic bomb was the only remedy against the incredible aggression of the Japanese military. Bad luck for the civilians though-but they approved of their government and their "Kaiser" whom they adored like a deity!

Erick Tamayo : Be angry to the dishonorable soldiers not to the whole country itself.

Yato Kun : They got nuked Now say a simple apology please Philippines also suffered hell on earth Im really sorry for china

Shoaib Ahmed : There are no words to describe the suffering and tragedy at Nanking. This is what war and mob mentality does to people. It turns them into animals. Like they say, innocence is the first casualty of war.

Kevin JWK : Hayashi Otokichi. I will remember this name. "Pity-full sound in their voice". I'm not a man of revenge, but that made my blood boil. I understand this is before my time and the Japanese people alive now are of the peaceful kind. Technically they should not be held accountable for what their grandparents did in the war under imperial nationwide brainwashing. But.. but... fuck you. If I met a person with a last name of Otokichi, I will kick his head in until all his teeth are in his lungs and I get to hear his pity-full plead for his life. Simply because you are most likely rotting in hell now and your descendants has a debt to pay.

Richa Yadav : So disturbing😔...

dukadar o'dear : You know things are bad when the local Nazi Diplomat is the 'good guy' - he saved many civilians from the Japanese monsters giving them sanctuary in the German Consulate.

Shipra SR : "In the dark of the night, shot them from behind with machine guns". COWARDS.

Juan Andres Guiga : Even after 60 years, tgese men deserve to be tried for their crimes snd hunged until dead, no chiice for their victims. No choice for them! Death to these savrgas

Alan Hughes : This is party why they got nuked

Lim kong beng : ancient way of WMD, shock n awe. the us use tech to shock n awe resulting in the dropping on two nippon cities. fast forward japan has push for denuclearisation

k y : Execution of the guerilla

Mein_Kunt : I respect the Japanese people with all my heart but they did some of the worst shit during the war, in many cases even worse than the Germans. Japanese ethic was and is completely alien to us, we will never understand

William Feng : goddamned Japanese soldiers.

Humdinger Dog : Listening to this we had no choice but to nuke them it actually saved probably a half million American lives

Alfred Collins : We could not take care of all the prisoners we took. So what else could we do but kill them. The logic of evil in effect.