Criminal KO's friend by accident (DUMB CRIMINALS EPIC FAIL)
This thief just knocked out his friend by accident while trying to rob a store

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Please contact for more info Too funny not to share!! 3 Criminals on motorbike try to break in to building or cause damage....not sure but one of them threw a brick and hit the other by mistake hahaha


XXXtortellini : Nice how viralhog is buying licences to videos where people are killed. "Too funny not to share" is also a pretty weird description.

Electric Jellyfish : THAT was the 3 stooges

Important person commenting : Someone add Benny Hill theme to it

Jonathan Weiss : He died, just so you know. Permanent K.O.

projectartichoke : At the very end of the video, the security guard does the right thing by putting the man in the recovery position (rolling him onto his side). If you ever find someone unconscious, this should be done to prevent the person from suffocating or choking to death while unconscious.

Mishelle Mishelle : Super!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

janek_dzbanek : XD

sunsaayy : ahahahahaha

Marek K : Ustawka

Колорадов Москаль Ватникович : it's a stupid ukrainians

juan perez : Looks fake

Laure Boulinier : Hi Dave, do you own this video? Thanks.

Jonas Øvstegård : Reddit anyone?

DB : He probably died from that. Not funny. It's looks like a brick or piece of steel he threw at full force

nidox : LOL!!!

sad boy hours : HOOPLA

Arkadiusz Konwerski : I want to use this video

Benke Bepponen : ahaha, idiots!