Funny Brittish McDonalds drive-thru worker

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I take no credit for this video, just uploading for entertainment purposes only

Comments from Youtube

Jasper : ''7 up is that for both? - Yes please Lovely, so we've got 14-UP!'' What a legend hahaha

iNFORMATION : this guy deserves 200 dollars an hour he gives good vibes

Cookie Dude : When a comedian gets a part time job

Wolff : That's not even how you spell "British" lmfao.

Halle Jenns : Who is this guy and where can I find him? xD

Zephyr4501 : No lettuce, no worries! Choccy Shake? Don't mind if I diddly-do! Gorgeous! I'll reel you one in for the next window, my friend! Ciao Ciao!

Jake Woolmer : He still works for McDonalds in St Albans, he was there this evening! Still hilarious

MaSoNGaMeR115 : I'll be disappointed if he isn't paid more than everyone else

Khani Reyez : Must be getting $15 an hour this guy should be the Owner

Steazy B : And what drink would you like with that bad boy?! hahaha employee of the century!!

Snake : Brittain seems like a weird place, like a parallel universe to Britain.

Kari Chandler : "We've got 14-up!!" If only ALL drive thru workers were like this!! 😂

Samwelguy : British humour at its best

Captain Obvious : Surprised the milkshake machine was working

Sapper CJ : Alan Partridge got a job in a maccies drive-through has he?

games and stuff : I really wanna just give this guy 1,000$ dollare

Brutal Chif : some heroes dont wear capes!!!

LowLife. : That man loves his job

Marcial Ramos : That cat is having fun at work, good for him lighting it up in his menial job.

Laurence Langen : No lettuce, No worries.

JMBamf : This guy is hilarious! I wonder if he keeps this up all day though

That's The guy : If Austin Powers had a son..

Celious : Don't mind if I diddly do

Lucy Lincoln : What Laughter that young man made for those people by being his authentic self in that moment! Brilliant.

Inspector Steve : It's nice to see someone who loves their job. You don't see that too often when dealing with a customer service employee

Saberz : I wonder how he would tell them that their ice cream machine is out of order 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Mitchell Hansen : I'm glad everyone knows the difference between an Australian and British accent. Bloody Americans.

Firey Brick : This is my favourite video ever. Why can't every McDonalds worker be that awesome

Brechum : So this was 3 years ago, right? In 2 years, he will be CEO of McDonalds.

Sexual Chocolate Robbie : Del Boy's extended family member.

Misty : PROMOTE THAT BOY! I was a crew trainer and that job is soul destroying, but hot damn he gave it all he got!

John Kennedy : Lol I remember gust a week ago when this had just 100 views

Muaz Kabir : Whatever he is getting paid, it needs to be doubled


Gurēsu - Chan : Omg this guy is my favorite person ever XDDDD

Steven Stone : I forgot if this was English or Australian and now I remember why. The man said “choccy shake” and “diddly doo” in the same sentence.

Kade Hennacy : He sounds exactly like maxmoefoe, especially when he said pikachoosing, it's like his pokepuns prank call

Kevin Uribe : "it's gotta be beef !"

Haven Kain : Man this guy puts everyone's customer service to shame! haha

MrSupernoober : Shame the customer has an obnoxious exhaust and revs his car when driving ten feet.

wEt SpOnGe : You know its fake when he cant even spell 'British'

My logic is a force to be reckoned with. : That boy should have a wee pay rise, do the right thing McDonalds.

Nate Free K-9 Help : Great stuff, :) world needs more of all in this video, enjoying life :) hi from OZ

Plug4uk : Wicked!! Nice to see staff enjoying themselves and making others smile in the process, nice one ;-)

RYP Gaming : Must be his first job to be that happy in Macy’s, fair play to him

David Clinton : Employee of Eternity

Rich C : What does hunter want ? A new name, maybe Ronald anything’s an improvement lmao


Extant : Funny until the managers tell him off for not getting cars through quick enough.