Funny Brittish McDonalds drive-thru worker

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Anthony Intraversato : ayyy please go check out my new video and sub if you like my edits :)

Jasper : ''7 up is that for both? - Yes please Lovely, so we've got 14-UP!'' What a legend hahaha

Baako Jang : this guy deserves 200 dollars an hour he gives good vibes

Zephyr4501 : No lettuce, no worries! Choccy Shake? Don't mind if I diddly-do! Gorgeous! I'll reel you one in for the next window, my friend! Ciao Ciao!

Halle Jenns : Who is this guy and where can I find him? xD

Cryaotic Append : When a comedian gets a part time job

Khani Reyez : Must be getting $15 an hour this guy should be the Owner

Steazy B : And what drink would you like with that bad boy?! hahaha employee of the century!!

Major Slacker : This is my favourite video ever. Why can't every McDonalds worker be that awesome

Kari Chandler : "We've got 14-up!!" If only ALL drive thru workers were like this!! 😂

Samwelguy : British humour at its best

MaSoNGaMeR115 : I'll be disappointed if he isn't paid more than everyone else

Mr Blobby : Better than the usual boring soulless robots you speak to who act as if the chilli sauce comes directly out of their wage

davebeastly : McDonalds don't do 7-UP they do Sprite.

JMBamf : This guy is hilarious! I wonder if he keeps this up all day though

alex rios : why does he sound like Gordon Ramsay

Bigboypeep : Who here from ig 😂

Garbhan Mc Ardle : It obvious it was set up because who records an order at mc Donald's

FearTheBeast360 : Who's here from the fine bros video

Charlie S.F : I only watched this because it is on Facebook I didn't think it would be so funny though

Brutal Chif : some heroes dont wear capes!!!

DuctTapePants : 14 UP is the funniest joke I've ever heard

Kevin Uribe : "it's gotta be beef !"

Gurēsu - Chan : Omg this guy is my favorite person ever XDDDD

Martin Dang : Give that man a raise jeezus

Jake Woolmer : He still works for McDonalds in St Albans, he was there this evening! Still hilarious

Freadbear 96 : While else is from the try not to laugh video?

N the Otaku : He sounds like Scaramoush from Samurai Jack. I can imagine him calling them Aku, babe.

games and stuff : I really wanna just give this guy 1,000$ dollare

ari trianditya : he shall be viral, ciao ciao

Celious : Don't mind if I diddly do

Holly Dance : What a sweet guy.

TheRealEdd : i wish i talked like that XD honeslty

James D : I think they're Australian, but this needs to go viral and that employee deserves a raise....a big raise! There are too many videos that are garbage and disrespect on the internet between drive thru services and customers! This video could be used to change drive thru for the better

Bubblebot Charles666 : *"Pika-Choosing"*

Laurence Langen : No lettuce, No worries.

iMyyth : Lol I remember gust a week ago when this had just 100 views

Rocket Raccoon : He sounded like Ricky Gervais in the beginning

Snake : Brittain seems like a weird place, like a parallel universe to Britain.

Smoke : If it was in America he'd have been shot.

TheChickenGiraffe : I read on facebook that this is at St Albans

Itz Robz : Dubai was lit

Em Bo : No lettuce, no worries!

Hipster Dinosaur : Dude you better have given that place 5 stars on Yelp

Haiqal Ehlam : 100%

Richard Manis : This McDonalds worker is the man!

Bilal Mirza : Where is this McDonald's? 😂😂😂😂

Andre R : Yes Lewis, best neighbour ever!

Jordan Forbes : no definitely British

Steven Noble : oh I really like him.