The true legacy of Christopher Columbus: 'Western Civilisation' | George Monbiot

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George Monbiot on the true and bloody legacy of Christopher Columbus


Wayne Mc kenna : First Englishman I've heard verify that the so called irish famine was indeed a forced famine by the British,same as in india. Brilliant video.

Angus Mac : The last colonial settler project was established in Palestine, and it's still ongoing with all the attendant crimes. No surprise that this project's main support comes from the settler colonies, the USA and Canada. One day in the future we may look back and say "how could we let that happen?"

Stephen Barlow : Excellent powerful presentation of these facts.

Rob Williams : I'm horrified and embarrassed by my own ignorance of this subject. I find it sad that there are such horrid comments on here. Sadly it shows what one human is capable of inflicting on another. This video should be compulsory viewing in all schools.

Steve Cournane : It is censored because nothing has changed.

Katie V : Thank you for making this. The horror.

William Lewis : The point really is: "It continues today", and those of us that participate are the problem, individually "WE" need to change our ways.

Nigel Gomme : Facebook are removing links to this video in a disturbing Orwellian act of political censorship and curtailment of freedom of political expression.

M P : Good Videos, keep up the good work.

jamesoneful : the brits. at home did not do well either.

S Cin : People complaining of Palestinian suffering and ethnic cleansing are routinely banned from Facebook. What a lovely social network. And we thought The New York Times was terrible!

Mark Time : This video should be compulsory viewing for EVERYONE in the western world!!!

DAVE PLU MUSIC : Thank you so much for bringing this pure truth!!! I am "happy" I found out now I am not crazy... <3 PLU

EricLynchSucks : Thanks for breaking ground, Captain Obvious.

Marks Moodie Mokwena : I wish more Videos of this nature can be made available to inform us about our Colonial past.

rina melendez : Thank you for educating us. May this help humanise people and fight against divide and conquer mentality.

Mohammad Bostan : Peace be unto you. Well said fellow human.

Sasha Clarkson : Thank you for posting this.

S.o.S Artist : this has been censored off facebook :(

jamesoneful : the entire british empire was built on the backs of small poor english children. i want this to be a balanced ideal. this is how elites work . kid sin england

Alom M. : Great video showing the true colours of columbus and the Brits. I give you respect for making this video. Can you provide some sources for the info in the video please. I have some people asking

jamie fister : This is pretty much the way all europeans acted towards native populations wherever they encountered them. The sun didn't set on the British empire simply because they had good relations with everyone they encountered as they spread around the planet...if Asia hadnt been even better at warfare than the europeans they would have gone the same way as India, Kenya, most of Africa really...

Paul Frank : Given the seriousness of the charges, some documentation would be welcome. Cheers, Paul

Kingsley Obeng : excellent documentary. I love the sincerity of this work! Keep it up Mr. Monbiot!

Caelum935 : What is a history but a fable agreed upon.

dannyboywhaa : When nations became corporations! Was it Dutch/English fractional reserve banking in the 17th century? (A desperate attempt to gain advantage over the Spanish and compete with their new world gold and silver and not end up speaking Spanish) Was it the English nationalisation of the Dutch East-India Company (A necessity due to French aggression and imperialism in India - don’t forget the British were trying to trade initially and sort of got forced into colonialism in India - it’s true if you’re aware of the nuanced history) Was is the creation of the federal reserve? (Intended, ironically, to mitigate the stronger nations using economic powers to bully smaller nations, ending with banking elites running the world and nations becoming mere corporations answerable to the banking cartel!) What I’m trying to point out is that it all seemed rather inevitable and that humanity has hardly enjoyed even the most fleeting glimpse of time without such behaviour throughout history? Were the people of antiquity not enslaving one another? Were the Arabs not enslaving Africans? Were the Africans and native Americans not behaving equally abhorrently to one another? Montezuma was hardly a saint, after all... How about the Mughals in India, how did they treat their Hindu and Buddhist subjects before the Europeans arrived? So what I’m asking is, is it right to frame this as uniquely a European practise over time? To concentrate on European/white atrocities alone and not give the historical context of equally abhorrent human behaviour of other population groups? I don’t think so... most of the evil and despicable things going on in the world today are not perpetrated by European/white nations - quite the opposite!

Oisin Murphy : anyone else here from KCS?

Kris Hughes : Ah, George, you are so right as far as it goes, but you are forgetting the Roman conquest of Britain. You know how it goes, once abuse happens in a family, it just gets passed down.

P Carr : |Facebook have apparently banned this video

Jonas Pell : HTF can someone do "internal colonizing"?

Chris Short : Here's a crazy question: while being true, did the video violate community standards?

Bonnie Salima : Why are we happy only to acknowledge one atrocity and not all the others. You know what I mean.

Athanasius Philopatoris Maximus Antonios : the inquisition, Colombus, french revolution, Napoleon reign and Bonaparte himself, were indeed great things to tell

Theo Brookes : Extraordinary. This is what you get when you allow a few rich men (usually men) to run the world. And still it continues.

Mark Golding : Human identity is all about story telling. The story is the truth. The truth is the story. Facts are part of the story teller's tool box To make you think about who you are exactly.

LandryattheBayou : This is mind blowing information. I'm pleased to see that the collective is ready to hear some truths.

James Hardie : This is absolutely horrifying. I had no idea such atrocities went on. I'm kind of lost for words right now.

familydramas : We all need the truth or were not really living.

deuce75rus : is this a complete film? only 5 min???

djpapalarge : I posted this on my Facebook timeline and they have removed it saying it breaks community standards on FB smh The truth is out Mark Zuckerburg smh

Ali Afzal : Amazing reality and truth

entropylackthereforeof mmm : It wasn't a colonial project it was a old world order project the elite's who put in there pretend democratic government puppets while they pull the strings, same old same old

Reg Eric : There is a bit of truth in you manipulation.

Vinodh Kumar : Psalm: 137:9 "Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones." Christianity made Jesus' words come true!!!

Sal Andalus : Queimada (Gillo Ponticorvo). Feat Marlon Brando

Airis Dämon : Once again, the comments section is filled with the shite of people who could not care less about history, unless of course it glorifies the same subset of white conquerors and murderers they were taught to revere in primary school. Oh ... wait ... some actually do not mind the candidness when it is followed by "but that is not to say the brown skinned natives were not also a pack of murderous, rapacious wolves like their white, colonial overlords." Bothsiderism has the side effect of creating a sense of smug satisfaction and extreme apathy towards side issues which actually matter. Call now and find out if Ataraxia is for you.

RupePhoto : Carry on Monbiot, but surely we need to reduce the human population before mother nature does it for us.

jamesoneful : lets makes sure we understand the british people were treated as rubbish with children working ten hour days at age 6 in workhouses.

Ricky christ : well known scientific fact that Neanderthals are not human!secondly as far as I know animals are not capable of empaty