My new custom EURO plate
Guy gets custom EURO plate

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Speed Comparer : This is by far the best plate I have ever seen!

Tanmay D : The only time vertical video was acceptable.

Major K : "German plates... On a US spec VW... really? OK, you'll get a pass on that." That was my initial thought. But then I realized shortly after that it actually reads "Eat Ass", that's indeed hilarious! My faith in you was immediately restored. Greetings from germany!

FlightSim Parodies & Stuff : As a german not only did this plate hit me close to home, I also got bamboozled to the next level.

Zaid Mendoza : How can you not love this guy?!?!

PerrinLogainKadanFan : We must all honor our inner 12-year-olds.

Project Miranda : some old granny will be very offended

MAXEL : Hahahahahhahahaahhahahahhahahaha, i don't get it until i saw the end xD

Deimos : As soon as you said "You guys don't even know why yet", it clicked and I realized before it cut to the next clip lol

audhen1 : I see what u did there. But as a german, I have to say: all german signs begin with at least one letter :P Yes, we are fun at parties

10mintwo : *D A N I E L L E T O I L E T T E S I N*

Russxm : r/ieatass

teehee..hee? : You made another video that don't suck too much. Keep it up.

Paul Voyles : Congrats on 69 likes on this video

formatC2 : Oh no not another damn custom german plate on a volkswaaaaaaaaa WHAAT!?!?!?! YES!!!!! APPROVED!!!!

A 1969 Mustang : I love you. You need more subscribers.

Esscalade : 😂 It was worth every dollar! 😂

sly weitz : So awesome! You sir by far are the best YouTuber ever!

Prowly : Got here through bell recommendation, not disappointed.

Ian Blanchet : OKAY I need this for my MINI

Blahsheep : I'M COMPLETELY DYING. Omg. I've never enjoyed so many videos. Omg. omg hahahaah Please order Save on Foods delivery if you live in the South so I can deliver to you hahaha.

Florian Cz : Und wir wären froh wenn wir vorne keine hätten

MrIeatchicken13 : Best content right here : Standard German plates do not begin with numbers. EA TA 55 would be fine ;)

A Wise Moose : god damn it. I got got

COOKIE CREW : from germany.....our plates are not like that at all....too bad you didnt check google for german plates. we have either one or two letters...than space one or two letters than either one two or sometimes if you from the sub burbs three numbers...example. M for MUNICH F for FRANKFURT K for COLONE HH for HAMBURG and so on.... space it... than the another letters...either one or two wich are random or the first letters from your name as a example. than you put the number or numbers. example... M-US-78 F-UT-9 K-U-1976 AB-VW-76 ...what you have here would be UK like but they have differend colored plates with yellow in it. if you want the look a like then order a new one and do it right. we also have differend sizes of plates....what you have there is the longest. also between the first section letters and the second we get a round sticker from the part of state we life in. bavaria...hessen...badenwürtenberg and so on. do another one and you will have the look that you want for sure. check google again tho.

AutoMotivate : Wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

Crispy Chris : Most definitely since you drive a *Jetta*

Va Vo : This offends me. Also, shame I live in a 2-plate State.

Gravity Cat : Well, now you got to install a "S O R R Y" plate on the back, eh.

clipper : your channel is just so damn tasteful

Seaside Strangler : Dude I love these videos of yours, they are so funny and original. I hope you get 1M+ subs this is the content YouTube deserves.

Supreme Banshee : Most underrated channel on YouTube

burnzy3210 : at first i was like "ok who cares" but then LOL, good work my dude :P

Suraj Dave : L M A O i knew it the second you showed us the plate! Love the vids man

Ben Tilghman : Dude, you're a freaking genius lol

Emilio Fernandez : 0:57 hahaha

Flam Jong Un : Meraki on your wall? LMAO

johncantslide s13 : I need daily videos of this man 😂😂😂

S V : How is this car better than a Subaru wrx?

Alex Molenda : Which mounting thing did u buy for ur plates?

aeshir : me when i bought a full size human posable skellermin, put a flannel shirt, sunglasses and a karate headband on it, put it in my passenger seat and named it James Earl Bones. so if u see a silver 2009 Honda fit around calgary with a skeleton in it, now u know

iKiWY : I’m so mad I didn’t get it when you first showed the plate. Pure genius

Dee McUpt : I also saw a plate saying 3LOH22A somewhere in the internet

Briggs : I knew I subscribed to this channel for a reason.

L : Man these videos are hilarious 😂

Alan Amorim : 😅 vc é muito idiota cara 😅😅😅 brincadeira voce é incrível seus vídeos são muito engraçados

Up chuck Mandinga : You sir..... should be my friend.

hey its me patrick : Wow Just Genius