My new custom EURO plate

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Daniel Tillotson : get your own here use discount code TILLOTSON20 for 20% off same with all you OG subaru fans, heres custom JAPANESE PLATES use TILLOTSON20 my dudes

Speed Comparer : This is by far the best plate I have ever seen!

CrushedNutz : If this isn't quality YouTube content, then I don't know what is.... This is the shit I subbed for

Tanmay D : The only time vertical video was acceptable.

Major K : "German plates... On a US spec VW... really? OK, you'll get a pass on that." That was my initial thought. But then I realized shortly after that it actually reads "Eat Ass", that's indeed hilarious! My faith in you was immediately restored. Greetings from germany!

FlightSim Parodies & Stuff : As a german not only did this plate hit me close to home, I also got bamboozled to the next level.

Zaid Mendoza : How can you not love this guy?!?!

MAXEL : Hahahahahhahahaahhahahahhahahaha, i don't get it until i saw the end xD

Paul Voyles : Congrats on 69 likes on this video

Deimos : As soon as you said "You guys don't even know why yet", it clicked and I realized before it cut to the next clip lol

Project Miranda : some old granny will be very offended

PerrinLogainKadanFan : We must all honor our inner 12-year-olds.

A 1969 Mustang : I love you. You need more subscribers.

teehee..hee? : You made another video that don't suck too much. Keep it up.

formatC2 : Oh no not another damn custom german plate on a volkswaaaaaaaaa WHAAT!?!?!?! YES!!!!! APPROVED!!!!

Florian Cz : Und wir wären froh wenn wir vorne keine hätten

FlightSimXtreem : I see this every single day front and back :P but it does not say in mirrored view EAT ASS

AutoMotivate : Wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

Russxm : r/ieatass

10mintwo : *D A N I E L L E T O I L E T T E S I N*

Esscalade : 😂 It was worth every dollar! 😂

MrIeatchicken13 : Best content right here

audhen1 : I see what u did there. But as a german, I have to say: all german signs begin with at least one letter :P Yes, we are fun at parties


Dee McUpt : I also saw a plate saying 3LOH22A somewhere in the internet

sly weitz : So awesome! You sir by far are the best YouTuber ever!

Mr Chuggaton : How have you not blown up

Prowly : Got here through bell recommendation, not disappointed.

Crispy Chris : Most definitely since you drive a *Jetta*

beathebabu : your channel is just so damn tasteful

Moritz Schmidt : 55A T43 would work either

A Wise Moose : god damn it. I got got

Dalbi : hi god

Emilio Fernandez : 0:57 hahaha

assu4lt : I knew the moment he showed it I started giggling then my friends started laughing when he showed the mirror reflection

Suraj Dave : L M A O i knew it the second you showed us the plate! Love the vids man

Solo BungaBunga : Hahahah amazing

aeshir : me when i bought a full size human posable skellermin, put a flannel shirt, sunglasses and a karate headband on it, put it in my passenger seat and named it James Earl Bones. so if u see a silver 2009 Honda fit around calgary with a skeleton in it, now u know

Jaron Yuriy H : very imperesting. btw i have a tons of these kind of stupid plate ideas lol dm me if you wanna see em

PigEqualsBakon : hey man, you dont have to own a euro car to have a euro plate, my subie came with a euro plate that i found under the carpet in the trunk.

2EpicSkimmbaa's YT : Thats Not even a German plate 😂 First K for cologne then 2 Letters kj then numbers 1432

Blazdur the Ridiculously Named : This is going in the spank bank, just so you know


Ian Blanchet : OKAY I need this for my MINI

Crystal T : i wanna marry you and i dont know why

ets2 gaming : Makes it look like every car in estern europe

Samuel Cai : How did I not see this coming

The one : WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!?!?! 😭😭😭 oh and by the way, will you grow back your moustache during movember?

Seaside Strangler : Dude I love these videos of yours, they are so funny and original. I hope you get 1M+ subs this is the content YouTube deserves.

Charles Moore : You sir..... should be my friend.