The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist
The 1000000000 North Korean Bank Heist

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JoeDaHobo : Plot twist: They used NordVPN to change their IP

Mathew Wang : > Perfectly times attack to delay realization > Loses $20 million because of "fandation"

DuckBear : *Steals millions of dollars* *Spells foundation incorrectly* Choose one

Ghorn Is bae : Those guys were god damn geniuses. That timing was so perfect, if only they could chose better companies and better spelling.

Experimen5 : Imagine losing 20 million dollars coz you can’t spell “foundation”...

Professional Whamen Respecter : Hacker could breach and taken control SWIFT a military grade security system. But, that's OK. I safe. I have dashlane.

Healz : if hackers enter my bank account they will laugh and probably will give me some money lol

pricken2000 : 4:37 "many developing nations" *zooms in on Canada*

Dj manco : Plot twist: all this money was actually stolen by hackers that had nothing to do with the North Korean government, instead they used this money to create and quickly expand their new “anti hack safety” company named DASHLANE. They tell their customer they will protect their passwords but this is all a plan for when they have a significant number of users to extract all those passwords and use them to get money and then disappear. The true is now uncovered your welcome. (It is a joke)

Gido : I would pay to see a good movie about this

运命 : This is like your only pen breaking during your final exams.

Gamerz Club : Maybe Bangladesh would have used dashlane to secure their money and the printer problem

Soviet Doge : More like *$951,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist*

DáßDûdè : MrBeast: First one to spell foundation wins 20 mil Chandler: fandation

ByRaid : We did nothing

Raphael Chen : Asian bank heist: exists Kento Bento: It’s free real estate

Mark Johnson : This dashlane ad sounds so dramtic😅 Oops I spelled dramatic wrong. - 20 Mil 😂

The Underscore : He lost 20mil cuz he spelled foundation wrong Where's autocorrect when u need it

User name : Legend says Kim Jong-un was a BTS member

Sergej Teofilović : Kento: Ah crap, actually thats ok i have dashlane Swift: *am i joke to you?*

martinasenov3361 : Now this Nigerian prince has gone way, way too far

Salar teli : So you are telling me that federal bank and Bangladesh banks don’t have a single person at night shift?

Coronel Kittycannon : Plot Twist: Dashlane is run by North Korea.

Mervin Merueñas : the Bank Manager ot RCBC is now behind bars. karma is digital

Çhæd Ïñßürgëñçy : The man who made the payday gang jealous

FlegSlav //JimDSB HardbassFanatic : What's next? North Korea nuking Bangladesh?

KlearChristal : Shout out to Charlie Rodriguez for making the illustrations. Really makes the videos much more engaging

Golden Diamonds : And I thought a $10 heist from my parents was good

WuzNab : Guys, not going to lie but I consider my self a bit of a hacker to. I can access my task manager. 😏

Unbox Gamer : Plot twist : dashlane is the hackers company

Mr Barathurm : If a poor country like NK could pull out this genius hack, imagine what Russia could do.

Führer des Benutzers : 11:28 I like how at first glance the silhouettes look like middle-eastern guys (hence the name "Lazarus"). But are actually North Koreans with hats.

*-I I-* : They must have used incognito mode

Michael Iniguez : Thanks for making the ads at the end, it makes it easy to just click off the video

AviationJad : Those who break the rules in north Korea are just, STAUPID

Patrick Gonzalez : >First instance of a nation state robbing banks *laughing in nazi germany*

Timothy Lu : Bank:"exists" Hacker: I'm going to ruin this man's whole career.

Bandith : one printer in a billion dollar company, genius

Y O U BREAK M Y H E A R T S o r r y : We just want our sea back -Philippines


Abner Urena : whatever your sponsor is paying you it's not enough, the segways are perfect.

The best Star Trekker : I love the transition from the video to the sponsor, you make entertaining and overall pleasing to watch. So please continue doing stuff like that!

Dank Matter : Damn, I wanna learn how to hack a printer to print out memes undercover

Ben B : I put a rubber band on my xbox controller on gta 5 and got 100% stamina now... I used to be a hacker

Springlockzz : Lunch Break at the Bank today, Just great to enjoy my break with such a great vide- Hold on, Give me a second. Printer stopped Working.

Enderplayz GT : The printer is a Xerox printer Edit: wow this is the most likes I have ever gotten thanks ;)

Jack Wong0818 : Imagine losing around 20million dollars because you spelled "Fandation" instead of "Foundation"

Person Man Man : >Able to hack into banks system >Hack the printer >Plans timing and holidays >Loses 20mil cuz of *FUNDATION*

prehistoric orchid : imagine 81 million dollars being a large total of an *W H O L E N A T I O N' S* wealth