The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist

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Kento Bento : Yet another North Korea video from Kento Bento. Are you guys getting sick of these yet? Available Subtitles so far: ENGLISH, INDONESIAN, ARABIC (click 'CC') ★ Help us with subtitles in your language!

Dank Matter : Damn, I wanna learn how to hack a printer to print out memes undercover

Kashimaro Clickclick : Wierd how bank had only one printer

Al3XxGamez : But that's ok bc I have dashlane" smoothest transaction ever

Audio Fella : how does their millions of dollars transfer the next day but my paypal takes 72 hours LOL?????!!!!

Fire Nation Files : Why didn't the banks just use *Dashlane???*

Thomas T : Theory: North Korean officials were colourblind and mistakenly thought that the flag was Japan’s

TheRealTeal : >Get Dashlane! Give a third party all the passwords to all your accounts! Don't worry bro, you can trust them! Uh no thanks.

son of a gun : They never had the intentions of getting the entire billion.

I Do Foot Stuff : BuT whAT HapPenS WhEn YoU ForGeT yOuR pAsSwoRd To DaShlaNE?

LaMarque Drew : "Much of the day was spent trying to fix the issue, and after a great deal of effort they were able to restart the printer" My 6 year old sister can do that

Justin Y. : "This must be the work of an enemy country!" ~ Bangladesh

Cash 15 Money : That ad setup was nice

Versaucey : I though I was watching a Watch Dog mission

Moe Lok : i study computer science and the amount of skills they have is frightening me

hiphopmusicallday : Rob the bank with out even enter 👏👏👏👏👏

Smegma Lasagna : There should be a rule against checking your email on company computers.

Ian Sheung : This reminds me of Now You See Me

Ivo Bo : I think Kento may be working for the North Koreans, solely for him putting that ad for Dashlane.

medexamtoolsdotcom : This is one reason why it's absurd that we follow this 5 out of 7 day schedule where nothing is open. In this automated world where much of it doesn't need to be physically manned, there is no reason at all to have times when things are "closed", and why have hundreds of employees working 40 hours a week, the SAME 40 hours, when you could have 1/4 as many active at any time but always have things manned.

Hubba ._. : Konami code obviously

Bandith : one printer in a billion dollar company, genius

sand wich : For me, this has to be the best 'advertising' video I've ever watched. Great job Dashlane :P

Easy Pete : The biggest bank hiest in history was the one in Moldova. That time, 1 bilion dollars were actually stolen.You should make a video on that.

BTS bubblegum : It all started with a 1 broken printer in a billion dollar company...

majerigo : Employee had to open an email attachment. No pc will get infected just by reading email.

Karl Knueppel : That was a smooth transition from the story to the promo.

Sam Byrne : This would be a great movie

cúrua : *The ₩899,994,973,611 North Korean Bank Heist*

Afia Begum Chowdhury : I have to mention that 15M dollars were recovered very quickly and 23M is on the process of being recovered. which means 38M is almost recovered. And Bangladesh Bank has the support of Fed to take out the rest of remaining millions as the branch manager of RCBC was directly linked with fraud as was found later as she also tried to escape into Macau and is currently in jail. So Bangladesh Bank has a big possibility of getting the 43M dollars back(almost 60-40 chance) as RCBC may get sued(although that bank is not really responsible but it's employees are). So, in short Bangladesh Bank might get all the money back if it continues it's hunt for the stolen money.

Lu Mu : please make more videos like this and the japanese heist video

Raphael Chen : Bobby ate a sandwich *but what lead to this started 17 years earlier*

Valeera : thats cool im glad they got away with it

Tusk : sorry but theres 1 problem your conclusion theres no motive to for the DPRK to steal from Bangladesh in fact theres a motive for the north koreans to not want to steal from them because Bangladesh has friendly ties with both Russia and more importantly to China and stealing from it would anger China and the DPRK's very survival is dependent of China's humanitarian support - so theres no real motive HOWEVER the US keeps looking for excuses to invade the DPRK thus has great motives to do it and 101 million dollars for a military nation is not a very large amount you cant even buy 20 abrams tanks with that and the biggest clue is the first place it went to was the federal reserve and its not true that theres no one there in sundays otherwise it would be fairly easy to stwal from the federal reserve and it would not be the first time the US does this to from an enemy - anyways nice try but revealing the federal reserves involvement automatically made you lose your credibility and with all the lies about iraq having WMDs its way too easy to figure it out

joe nodden : How is someone so stupid that they click on something in an email that installs malware? I'm pretty sure malware can't be installed just by viewing mail.


The Serene Doge of Venice : >When the youtuber gives North Korea all of Manchuria.

jack Murphy : They should make a movie out of this but without the Hollywood hacking method of hacking everything under 2 minutes (including satellites lol)

Draymond Green : humane lab raid

W5 Chu : Kim jung un probably hacked it and spent a billion dollars on cheese and wine

Kim Jong-un : We did nothing

kabreu : Your "IHM KEHNTO BEHNTO" intro makes me not want to watch your videos, despite them being so well made.

Anonymous Subscriber : Dashlane made me dash away from this video

Linus Arhage : such a good video! Please continue with videos like this one!

C Brieeze : Come on the Sony hack was a disgruntled employee. The US used the North Korea hack to their advantage. North Korea also manufacturers and sells drugs i.e. heroin, meth and counterfeits money so no don't they would hack backs

Hawky : This is some mission impossible shit, geez man.

sand wich : When you don't have a bank account, you're scared of house thieves and street thieves, but when you have a bank account (most are online accounts these days), you're scared of hackers. Great...NOT!

Young Entrepreneur : I don't think North korea has anything to do with the heist, their cyber expertise isn't that good, it's just another attempt from the US to try to frame and exaggerate their enemies strengths, Russia hacked the election, turned out they didn't, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, no they didn't, Iran has nuclear weapons turned out they didn't too.

Great Dragon : please give me 20 million dollars... i would change the world of so many people

aSmallDot : *Laughs in North Korean*