The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist

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Kento Bento : Yet another North Korea video from Kento Bento. Are you guys getting sick of these yet? Available Subtitles so far: ENGLISH, INDONESIAN, ARABIC, SPANISH, VIETNAMESE (click 'CC') ★ Help us with subtitles in your language!

Dank Matter : Damn, I wanna learn how to hack a printer to print out memes undercover

Kashimaro Clickclick : Wierd how bank had only one printer

Bhavee Rathod : Because a dude opened his damn email

Experimen5 : Imagine losing 20 million dollars coz you can’t spell “foundation”...

SpykiD Ley : -And then Dashlane gets hacked-

Thomas T : Theory: North Korean officials were colourblind and mistakenly thought that the flag was Japan’s

Smart Rapper : I was in on it. I Made TRILLIONS 😂😅

Константин Георгиев : Lol they lost $20 000 000 because they can't spell foundation.

AXEL AVIX : This would be a great movie 👌

YeTTi : This story would have been a great movie.

Justin Y. : "This must be the work of an enemy country!" ~ Bangladesh

donev7 : They only wanted the 81 mill the rest was a diversion

Ronan Gormley : ok youtube, i watched it

DirectorJuiceBlack : 9:13 "where the money was quickly withdrawn and converted to hard untraceable cash". Er, *how do you withdraw $81 million exactly* ? And also, how do you do it "quickly"? 🤔

Rêtêê Skrr Skrr : 13:37 Lmao was this just a really intricate sponser advertisement video?😂😂😂

Cewyah : :( I feel bad for Bangladesh

hiphopmusicallday : Rob the bank with out even enter 👏👏👏👏👏

Lamborghini Diablo : If there was a heist like that in GTA V

aSmallDot : *Laughs in North Korean*

Smegma Lasagna : There should be a rule against checking your email on company computers.

Mungo Jerry : Nah North Korea was framed. They are easy to frame. It's probably Chinese or Russian.

tod jones : Everyone that is aware of computer tech knows that any country can fake the origin of electronic transmittals and leave traces of others they want blamed. This is electronic "false flag" event and completely without provable merit.

JmansFragments : i dont know if this was a real big heist or if this is just a video to promote dashlane lol

Jack Murphy : They should make a movie out of this but without the Hollywood hacking method of hacking everything under 2 minutes (including satellites lol)

Bandith : one printer in a billion dollar company, genius

PHOTON : Holy shit!!! that was a well made video!!


Timur Ryklin : So to sum it up NK stole 81 mil from Bangladesh by hacking a bank and having perfect timing which caused delays everywhere AND having a diversion of about 850 mil... sounds likely...

Neil Tsakatsa : Amazing animation editing skils and good story telling techniques ! I'm hooked ! Keep it up kid. What an amazing job :-)

Kim Jong-un : We did nothing

Aevea Alryca Hexendias : Wow. This is scarier than horror stories for some reason.

KALAM TESLA K A N T H : WHAT IF the dashlane hacks your information , WHAT IF dashlane works for North korea ,WHAT IF ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

Tusk : sorry but theres 1 problem your conclusion theres no motive to for the DPRK to steal from Bangladesh in fact theres a motive for the north koreans to not want to steal from them because Bangladesh has friendly ties with both Russia and more importantly to China and stealing from it would anger China and the DPRK's very survival is dependent of China's humanitarian support - so theres no real motive HOWEVER the US keeps looking for excuses to invade the DPRK thus has great motives to do it and 101 million dollars for a military nation is not a very large amount you cant even buy 20 abrams tanks with that and the biggest clue is the first place it went to was the federal reserve and its not true that theres no one there in sundays otherwise it would be fairly easy to stwal from the federal reserve and it would not be the first time the US does this to from an enemy - anyways nice try but revealing the federal reserves involvement automatically made you lose your credibility and with all the lies about iraq having WMDs its way too easy to figure it out

WinterCraft : what if all those 31 transactions that were flagged done on purpose. Think about it.. they likely know that not all transactions will get through so by requesting a lot of them they know know a hand full of them will get through.

Lu Mu : please make more videos like this and the japanese heist video

Linus Arhage : such a good video! Please continue with videos like this one!

joe nodden : How is someone so stupid that they click on something in an email that installs malware? I'm pretty sure malware can't be installed just by viewing mail.

LeiSkule Gt : scammer gets scammed

Xanderqwerty123 : nice dashlane commercial

*-I I-* : They must have used incognito mode

Lauro Andrea : From printing superdollars to just downright hacking banks, North Korea has some serious talent!~

Chaoswolve66 : A video that shows even the most secure bank systems can be hacked then goes on to try and say they can safe guard passwords online... I suspect the only reason your online password storage hasn't been hacked (that we know of) is because its not worth their time.

Gido : I would pay to see a good movie about this

fancy O : In Lazarus we believe 🔥🔥🔥


poppy pop : This is the single greatest feat ive ever heard of. North Korean doing great but terrible things. Absolutely amazing!!!!!! Bravo!!!

Mike Green : And Then Dashlane employee opens a weird Email and it All starts over again.

Roblox Adventures : Good way to sponser it

Astro Toonist : *hi* _how are you_ -you good k den-