The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist

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Dank Matter : Damn, I wanna learn how to hack a printer to print out memes undercover

Mr Barathurm : If a poor country like NK could pull out this genius hack, imagine what Russia could do.

Bhavee Rathod : Because a dude opened his damn email

Gismo Review : The most seamless advertisement ever...ok dashlane

JoeDaHobo : Plot twist: They used NordVPN to change their IP

Thomas T : Theory: North Korean officials were colourblind and mistakenly thought that the flag was Japan’s

Sam 999 : 1:56 I was born. But what led to this moment actually started 9 months earlier...

Golden Diamonds : And I thought a $10 heist from my parents was good

Abhimanyu Rai : How do i know that Dashlane isn't behind this attack?

Colin Hughes : * Clicks on an E-Mail* -1 trillion dollars-

Justin Y. : "This must be the work of an enemy country!" ~ Bangladesh

pastorjasonanswers : This was the longest Dashlane commercial ever

Mason Cathers : You made north korea so much bigger than it actually is 12:47

LJC : That's a baller move. Stealing money from other countries to boost their economy.

Nostradamus : So when is Hollywood releasing this movie?

Kashimaro Clickclick : Wierd how bank had only one printer

Jaden Carrell : So, this is clickbait? they stole $951,000,000. Not $1,000,000,000.

Walter E : That's a lot of V-bucks

GameMaster Sniperbro990 : Fam, the only thing I trust is with my password is my minecraft world where I put my account information in signs.

Adeptus Yagoncius : GTA 5 unlimited money glitch

Smegma Lasagna : There should be a rule against checking your email on company computers.

Jason Simone : I feel like you created this whole video to convince Trump to use a password manager and stop trusting North Korea... I'm ok with that.

Canada55 : Umm why was the director trying to fix the printer rather than some IT guy?

stalin loves you : The bank manger of the RCBC branch at the time of this heist was found guilty of money laundering just recently. So she may be an accomplice to this heist.

Chaoswolve66 : A video that shows even the most secure bank systems can be hacked then goes on to try and say they can safe guard passwords online... I suspect the only reason your online password storage hasn't been hacked (that we know of) is because its not worth their time.

Tri Hard : please make more videos like this and the japanese heist video


Mighty V : Imagine losing $20 Million because of a spelling mistake.

Unbox Gamer : Plot twist : dashlane is the hackers company

Dean of the Tower : China and North Korea working together. No surprise.

Bandith : one printer in a billion dollar company, genius

Sushan Nakarmi : There should be a movie about this

Hiroyuki Heisosumi : If you think this is impressive, you should see how much the FED defrauds the US economy every year!

Destr0yer GG : Bank heists in reality: Go in Control a crowd Go find a keycard Get into a security room Shut off cameras Go to vault Explode it. Grab the money. And escape in a gunfight Bank heists in Payday 2: Go in bank Open vault with drill Get money Dodge everything

CuRe Spookz : Is this real?


Benjamin Trieu : The story is fine, but the animation haaaard carries this video

Rahat Aayaz : I live in a poor country named Bangladesh 😢

Tanvir Dipto : Hey there Kento Bento,take love from Bangladesh There was a series of report in Bangladeshi newspapers which i failed to go through Thanks for making it all clear in just 14 minutes

Pure Playz : Oh no im phillipine or pilipino north korea might bombus

Aditya Waghmare : Legend says Kim Jong-un was a BTS member

Send Nudes : Lacasa de Papel

Jed Michael : That was a very long Advertisement for an App

Aditya Waghmare : Yeah this video is great *But* Am i the only one wondering how many Hamburgers you could buy with that much money?

Djshsshss Fdjsiss : is it weird i got a printer ad on this video

Pablo Escobarrel : I find it kind of hard to believe that no one was working in the entire bank for a whole day. Not only in the underdeveloped countries, but also in New York on a Sunday with suspision of fraud for 1 billion dollars.

Gordon Ramsay’s Forehead wrinkles : Well it was North Korea so who cares

General Savage : I think the hackers faked the ip

Hawky : This is some mission impossible shit, geez man.