The First Month of Operation Barbarossa - Every 8 hours (22/06/41 - 22/07/41)

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Blitz Of The Reich : Greetings everyone. I just wanted to say that I have heard your requests for the next video but I found an 8 hour series to be a bit daunting. So instead I made a full daily map video of the whole of 1941. Now go watch!

Djdino : This video and your works deserves more eyes.

Blitz Of The Reich : The reception this video has received has really motivated me to make a next video. I am currently working on a documentary however want to know- should I do it!?!

Niels Harksen : Excellent video, I hope you can keep this level of detail, until you get to the end of 1941 or even the end of the Soviet winter counterattack. A few comments: It would be great if you used a map which has greater detail, at least major rivers&cities and important railways, though it must not distract from the frontline animation. In addition, I think you could zoom in a bit more, so the main front gets a higher share of the screen. But thats only nitpicking, again thanks for the work!

Captain Haddock : Would have appreciated if the video was longer, but slower :) but great video

HNTR KLLR : Good summaries.

Bill D. in Iowa : Thank you so much for your efforts. Is it possible to place a few of the larger cities on the map so we can get a sense of scale? It's a big country and points of reference would really help. Nice job so far.

FallenByTheHand : It really show how quick the axis advance was during the first month and especially during the first week. It really raises the question "What happened in september-october-november" to slow the German advance. (and yes I already know some answers to this question). I already knew Hitler advanced faster than Napoleon during the opening weeks, but ended up needing more time to reach Moscow than Napoleon.

Sheo : Great video

magisterartium : Good video man! Keep up the good work.

Anthony J. : Great video !

Nikome Ne Valjam : This is excellent content, top notch! I'm the kind'a'guy used to top history content from Military History Visualized or The Great War and the quality of this is amazing! You're on a excellent path here and you have a ready and hungry audience waiting! Subbed!

frjoethesecond : Do a few more like this and your channel should really take off. You deserve it.

SG42 : Amazing time lapse. Keep up the great work!

superbleeder98 : Remove sauerkraut.

cramnkey13469721907 : Stunning video. Would love to see more of these

Jeffrey Viands-Reyes : Did that say,"Brody was captured."?

MrGreggles : This is really fascinating. I didn't realise for example that the southern sector was so late to the party. Suggestion: Have a few city names as geographical reference points. Well done sir!

Adûnâi : 03:18 Found a mistake! Nevel is next to Pskov, not in Northern Bessarabia! Other than that, an amazing video! By chance have I found your channel, just by searching for some Nazionalsozialistisch stuff on YouTube (SBU (the Ukrainian secret police), I'm not a Nazi sympathiser, I swear!), and I have been rewarded by the grace of the YouTube algorithms!

Robert Page : can we get more of this

Marina Joyce : The world would've been a better place if Europeans focused on upholding their empires instead of fighting each other... Now the occident has fallen...

Grattieri Alix : the lack of fighting in the Southern front is really interesting! good work !

New Sheed : I could not stop pausing. Question: after so many pockets were made and viped out how did it happen that front basically stabilized, most of advance happened in lets say first two weeks.

Niels Harksen : Is a continuation of the video series planned?I would love to see the entire struggle of 1941 unfold on a map one day :)

Yzb. CutMe Orses : eventhough i stopped to read the info, still fast.. dude..

James Doz : nice, My one issue and its nothing large, maybe add the Large Cites on the map to give people a reference

TheHitman2500 : Not bad at all! Could you give me some info on the 124th Infantry div. surrounded on the 23rd of June? Can't find any info on it

John Van Amburg : It would be helpful to have an indication of where on the map the battles are taking place at each time period.

Jean H : Great job! Had to pause it a lot to keep up but I loved it, very informative!! Please keep making these!