Mom Helped Me Move

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Enso _ : You are so spot on that I am now convinced that you are my actual mother.

RalphMalf : How are every one of your videos not viral. Gold!

Daisy Q : "We gotta make PILES! " lol

Mochi ILIL : *_we gotta get that security deposit back_*

scandalousjen : Accurate.

Star Romeave : What a great mom you have XD

beeswax : You deserve so many more viewers!! Love it

Leia Kiyoka : I have literally cried watching your videos, take me an hour to finish one video

GreenEyeCharmer : Love these videos, so so funny

Edward Dominguez : Nothing is funnier than the truth very funny stuff.

Abdul Salam : Its beautiful!

J : Hawt mom

Sav Ruiz : Keep these comin!!!!

Jill H : I just realized for the first time that chipping a nail is not literally chipping off a piece of your nail it's your nail polish chipping wtf even is life

Joseph Nomellini : These are so good

AddisonSmith : Candy break 😂😂😂

Lisa Cameron : Crying. This is hilarious.

Elle Are Dee : OMG... so funny😍

Tom Stenberg : Great job!

Sara Webb : “cancel all your plans. We’re MOVIN!”