A Bird Shits On A Black Man's Face !!

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mario mpofu : React brought me here

RageAgainstEnemies : "Ayyyyyy" 😂😂😂😂 every time he says it, it get's much more funnier!


Queen Glamorous : The “idiot” part killed me😂😂

Where is my Soup : U think it's a Snapchat filter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Andy Pieters : I can't believe there's only so few views and likes on this video

ab121b swag : hilarious 😂😂😂😂

Kevin o hara : he told the gardaí and all hahaha

Jung_ Kook : M'y face look like a toilet for you? 😂

Sleven930619 : haha 😂

Victor Johnson : The bird is racist

Alexandru Goga : The way he said idiot

Benny毅 : Ayyy......LMFAO

MrBobzilla49 : Someone send this video to JaboodyDubs.

Bennett Eun : Lol im dying

mrs lena : He looks a bit like jason derulo

Oyinkan Otubanjo : 😂😂😂

bob : So funny

Troxy : Lol. xD.

Jahed Miah : The bird shat on his face so he can blend in with the crowd lol

AHM Music : i wanna die

MemeMaster : ehhhhhhhh ehhhhhh you tink tis is a snapchat filter yeah i keel you i from africa

11000921 Bournville College : yes my african brotthhaaarrrr fool fool bry.

Boxhead : That guy should keep his mouth closed

2019faithn : This guy is a nigerian

Daisy Dalton : This happened in dublin, and I'm from dublin, I wish I had seen this happen haha

steffen : Now i say Ayyyyy to black people xD

Jessica s : Lol😂

Paco West : Aaaay

Frederic Douglass : Aahhhhhh

xTenebrisx : "I'm from Africa" LMAO!

Jose Waterson : That bird is incredibly racist

D C : Lmao

Denise Hodel : probably the same bird that shit on my clean truck today.....I HATE SEAGULLS

Sami Akmal : Mario mpofu same

Selestialsapien22 Bigchill22 : Lol

Youssef Budjaj : "iddiott" had me dead

WeirdDeerOfficial : damn xD

AVS PlaysROBLOX : He wanted to become white , and God has obbeyed

Jergä Botswana-Vekklandęr : I loved it when the cop just laughed at him and just strolled away. 😂👍 👮🏻 🕊 💩

Retro dealer : This is just a prank you notice you didn't actually see the shit land on land on him?

Aqua blue Paws : A bird pooped on my head today

Larry Turner : lol