A Bird Shits On A Black Man's Face !!

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mario mpofu : React brought me here

RageAgainstEnemies : "Ayyyyyy" 😂😂😂😂 every time he says it, it get's much more funnier!


Where is my Soup : U think it's a Snapchat filter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

ab121b swag : hilarious 😂😂😂😂

Kevin o hara : he told the gardaí and all hahaha

Andy Pieters : I can't believe there's only so few views and likes on this video

Queen Glamorous : The “idiot” part killed me😂😂

Sleven930619 : haha 😂

Victor Johnson : The bird is racist

MrBobzilla49 : Someone send this video to JaboodyDubs.

Bennett Eun : Lol im dying

Alexandru Goga : The way he said idiot

BennyHooi 8623 : Ayyy......LMFAO

One _ Way : M'y face look like a toilet for you? 😂

Oyinkan Otubanjo : 😂😂😂

bob : So funny

Troxy : Lol. xD.

AHM Music : i wanna die

Jahed Miah : The bird shat on his face so he can blend in with the crowd lol

MemeMaster : ehhhhhhhh ehhhhhh you tink tis is a snapchat filter yeah i keel you i from africa

11000921 Bournville College : yes my african brotthhaaarrrr fool fool bry.

Youssef Budjaj : "iddiott" had me dead

xTenebrisx : "I'm from Africa" LMAO!

steffen1986 : Now i say Ayyyyy to black people xD

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa : A Bird Shit On My Town And i dident see it and when i Smelled it i almost Been Sick

2019faithn : This guy is a nigerian

Daisy Dalton : This happened in dublin, and I'm from dublin, I wish I had seen this happen haha

WeirdDeerOfficial : damn xD

BeanBagJoe : 0:10 That is a pure racist comment. Just imagine if that was a white guy saying "All these black people and you shit on a white man's face?" people wouldn't be laughing at the video, they'll ONLY be concerned of the racism. That's why I think black people are the most racist because they freely vent their hate for white people and no one cares. Whereas white people rarely talk about race because everyone cares to much. Especially black people because they are VERY sensitive.

InnerCityPigeon : I'd shit on his face, just sayin...