All Resident Evil Save Room Themes (0-7)

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Riptozur : ADDED TIME STAMPS Resident Evil 0 Save Theme (0:00) Resident Evil Save Theme (1:14) Resident Evil: Director's Cut Save Theme (2:16) Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Save Theme (3:09) Resident Evil Remake Save Theme (5:02) Resident Evil: Outbreak Character Select Theme* (6:37) Resident Evil 2 Save Theme (8:10) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Save Theme (10:06) Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Save Theme (12:36) Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Results Theme* (14:27) Resident Evil: Dead Aim Save Theme (16:56) Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Results Theme* (18:06) Resident Evil 4 Merchant Theme* (19:42) Resident Evil 4 Save Theme (21:14) Resident Evil: Revelations Item Box Theme* (22:20) Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares Results Theme* (25:00) Resident Evil 5 Results Theme* (26:21) Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Results Theme* (27:24) Resident Evil 6 Leon Chapter End Theme* (29:20) Resident Evil 6 Chris Chapter End Theme* (31:24) Resident Evil 6 Jake Chapter End Theme* (34:00) Resident Evil 6 Ada Chapter End Theme* (36:18) Resident Evil 7 Save Theme (38:22)

Sketchman911 : *Theres an old Typewritter here.* *Save your progress?* _yes_ _no_

Luxury Clips : My personal favorite's 1 resident evil 3 nemesis 2 resident evil 2 3 resident evil codeveronica

MrEmi92 : Resident evil 2 best theme.

Mickey Lângelo : I can hear 21 years of my life, in 40 minutes... All memories..Every dawns playing this game... Fells old yet...<3

Exavior31 : a moment to rest a moment to reflect a moment to reload

Samantha Lindemann : 19:42 "Welcome"

Marian Santos : 21:13 ❤️

KingKhalio : I never see anybody credit RE:0. I feel like it’s an underrated theme :/

Nicky Laraiso : Resident Evil in real life: *You have found a computer.* *save your progress for the day?* Yes No

W Yorba : This is the best compilation by far. Not only did you include the canon series, but you even had the spin-offs and and non-canon games included. You truly deserve more views for this.

belamelageza : RE 7 theme is just killing me every time - every desperate note points towards a hopeless and infinite loneliness...

Silas Anderson Graves : If they remake resident evil 3 it would be called R3make

Marco : Nothing can beat the first 3 games. Best safe room music ever. Great Video

Riptozur : This is by far the best video for all save themes. Fantastic job, and I love the addition of the visuals with each song!

David Navarro : The RE4 and RE7 are the most atypical. Dead Aim is my second favorite, it's like floating in watery darkness. The best will always be Code Veronica's it's got a romantic feeling that makes it like you could listen to it for hours.

mopbrothers : God Code Veronica X was such an evil game. The whole game was sadistic torture.

GrayWolf Studios : Can't wait for you to add RE 2 Remake save them, hopefully soon.

Rafal Sabisz : my favourites: 1.Resident evil HD remaster(has cleaner sound than original version) 2.Resident evil 2 3.Resident evil 4 4.Resident evil 3 5.Resident evil 7

Gammaraytrey : Code veronica is the best by far

Maccy Ninja : The Resident Evil Remake is my favourite game in the series but Code Veronica has my favourite save theme.

Viper Venom : I hope the future brings more attention to this video, because this is one of the best Resi save room compilations I've seen. Keep up the good work sir!

W0LF3X : RE6 end themes sucks

Coco Snicker12 : I think RE:2 save room theme is probably one of the best, if not THEE best, of all the other save room themes. It's kind of creepy, but during the time you're in there, it makes you feel like ' no where is really safe, and ' am I gonna make it out of this alive '?

Banana Joe : 38:23 38:23 38:23 ITS SO RELAXING CALM AND SO WARM YET AT THE SAME TIMES VERY EERIE I LOVE IT Resident Evil 7 biohazard for life

Taylor Fullerlove : A save room comp with Outbreak, Umbrella Chronicles AND Dead Aim??

thevoid23 : Excellent choices for the backgrounds, they really fit the theme of their respective games.

Morgan Adams : Am I the only one that gets emotional while listening ??


暁Gusi : 12:36 Best

Working Hour : RE1/REmake and CVX are the best save themes. RE6 has the worst music. So glad they went back to the roots for 7, wish there was a little more to 7s save theme, but its still a pretty good save theme.

Justice : Really enjoyed your compilations for all themes! Just listening brings back great memories😌 I can't choose a favorite though because each song have it's own quality to it❤

General DT 180z : Resident Evil: Dead Aim has the best save room theme in my opinion.

Alexander Valiere : My top: 1.- Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Save Theme (10:06) 2.- Resident Evil 4 Merchant Theme* (19:42) 3.- Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Save Theme (10:06) :3

حسن عسيري : Re3,code veronica,Re7 are the best !

GhostDivision : 1:14 <3 best out of all

Red Fox : RE 0 & code v

Luis Alberto Rojas Medina : ❤️ A moment of relief. Resident Evil: CODE Veronica!!! ❤️

timothy chan : i just realize that Umbrella Chronicles Results Theme was the remix of the RE1 save room...

wraith23GT : My favorite save room themes are from Resident Evil 2 and 3, definitely.

Brenden Goodman : This really makes me sad. Especially hearing part 4. I remember playing it in October and November in 2012. I was in 4th grade and my dad got it for me on my ps2. I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years. I was so happy to play it and so grateful my dad got it for me. I was probably too young to play it but who cares? It’s fun and now I have good memories of it. I replayed it again this year and have almost finished the whole game. Great times. The best year of my life so far. Thank you so much for uploading this.

cmpunk19961 : 16:56 YES! ❤

Roman SRK : 6 is trash

Ashley M. : Resident Evil is Amazing every game im now playing the 7th one

Mishzx 111 : Of course everyone loves the RE4 iconic song bit what I remember when i hear RE4 is just regenerators breathing and evil maladise playing in the background 😭😖😖😖😖

Hal Turner : RE4 best save theme

Playeroh : by far the best one its RE3

Leandro Peres : I played a lot of Dead Aim in my childhood. I remember when i was at the house on the beach, with my parents, and there was an old TV in my room. I plugged my PS2 and start playing for the first time... In the darkness, laying on my bed, under the covers, only with the light of the TV on, that Save Theme started playing. Man, what a sensation... The game itself is not so great like the others, but i still like it.

Mr333a222 : RE2 RECV RE REMAKE RE3 RE7 RE0

Alex.2001 : The best one is at 8:10 but I like all of them :)