You Died - Baby

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Karl Marx : O O F


Fitz RS : dark souls 4 leaked trailer

Harry Jones : The internet was made for this

Oodles_ : I saw this on Snapchat and HAD to find it!! This is awesome

Madelŷn Lawton : It will never be not funny

Professor Chaos : Shit, this boss is too hard to defeat.

Obito Uchiha : 0:03 is that an egg?

Arisen Leaf comment inspector : This is how the camera man in clover field died.

Ricardo Aguirre : I was thinking of the “you are dead” from the resident evil series. What a gruesome way to go.

TheDuckMan 1890 : Never laughed so hard

Sanji : Good of war 4

mini_memer : I saw this on Instagram, I freaking love this now

Streetlight Lust : For once I can actually say that I LEGIT cried laughing.

Charlotte Sloly : Awww ❤

K. Öztürk : end of level.

DevoRevo : I see you're having trouble with this boss as well.

TheDerpGod : Who are the 4 that disliked the video.

SethAndBo : rifty live stream anyone?

LINGUINI : who came from PewDiePie?

Speccy : I watched this 8 times thank you

ChosenUndead : It's hard for me, laught so hard like a did with this video U.U

Brostro Gaming : Resident Evil 8 Trailer?!?

the_ragetastic : This reminds me of my lil brother cause he did the same thing with my phone

Killer King : Ocelotte, The Dragon Heir

Corwin Aranda : what its like to chew five gum.

Sleeper260 : Get Gud.

Alexander Nance : New Dark Souls boss

SlayerChase21 : Imagine the final boss death cutscene being like this.

facetious : O O F

JohnnyD1986 : Incoming "OMG GAMES brought me here" comments...

RedRekk : LOL

Woah Kina : This will always make me laugh

chocolatecrud : this is the dark souls of babies

lackluster6 : I didn’t know this was a drakengard 1 LP

Menaceing_GAMER_ 05 : I thought this came from a scary game. But I later found out it’s dark soul 3

that mexican potato : Is this vore?

Candy Kat : Soooo funny

Denny Tahiraj : It's like it was ment to be

NotAGirlGamer_ GD : It sucks when u can’t laugh at this anymore XD

Seppo : New dark souls seems to have even more terrifying bosses

Malcolm Morin : Man, this is probably the weirdest Death Stranding trailer yet.

Lazy Life : I saw this on Twitter

Lynn Shoop : This is hilarious!!! LIKE!

Bon Mikel : Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Frank ひ : I didn't even get to finish the mission

Lucario Gamer : This Dark Souls 4 Boss is too damn hard

Joe Vanderhoof : This is the greatest thing I've ever seen

Parched Pinemarten : PEWDS

Hillary Trump : Giant Baby Smough