Susan Egan sings "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" from Hercules at D23 Expo 2017

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Tabris Fru Lar : She’ll always be Meg. No one could even get close to Megan. And Belle!!! Two Disney fearless girls in one. Love her.

Saskia : I came to this video like “is this the original voice” and like two syllables in and I’m like “yep, that’s meg” 😂

iKETOURAGE : She sounds better than she did on the soundtrack!

Nadia Bhatti : My absolute favorite song from the movie!!!

djinn : I didn't even care when she sang "It's too cliché" instead of "this scene won't play" because she WAS LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Meiji : With that voice she could make everyone fall in love with her!

Taylor Aitken : she even has the exact same body language as meg amazinggg

BigT95 : Hard to believe this is the same woman who would go on to voice Rose Quartz in Steven Universe.

Andor : The fact that this woman still sounds this good. Unbelievable. Legendary honestly.

Cogitae : Can we just take a moment to A) appreciate Megara having the same body language that Susan has (kudos to the animators, the resemblance is incredible), B) even though they are joking around, the men in this panel are honestly falling a bit in love with her performance and voice, and C) Donovan literally being a softie just like Herc would if Meg sang to him. Flawless!

Levar Mitchell : Oh my gosh, Susan Egan has the sexiest voice ever...and I'm not just talking about her singing voice. I love hearing her speak.

P u g g l e s : 2:11 *Somebody has to draw that; a middle aged Hercules sleeping on a middle aged Megara.*

Brenna In Margaritaville : SHE DID SO AMAZING

rollercoastersam : For some reason I love Susan Egan sitting with Ken Duncan for a brief second, because they both are Megara! With animated characters, the animator gives half the performance, while the VA does the other half. Their combined efforts make the character stand out! 😄

jws1272 : 2:04, that IS Tate Donovan that lays his head on her lap.......the voice of "Herc".........TOO DARN CUTE!!!!


Katie O'Connor : The way she snapped her neck when the song started at 0:19 what RIGHT ON THE BEAT HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

Ashley Starlight : Meg was always one of the sexiest disney princesses even though that sounds really damn weird.

Girl Who Loves Fantasy : She sounds so perfect!

Louise Litchee : This put a big smile on my face! She's wonderful!


Latrash101 : Wtf I thought d23 was a boring expo but dammmmmmm it's a con especially made for my childhood

kristi justimbaste : she's so sassy like meg!!!! dying. this is so perfect

Jkid2003 - Gaming, Vlogs, and more! : This song goes hard af after 20 years 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Olivia Grudzinski : great voice and very special indeed! Thank You Susan. Its a pleasure listening to this song!

Chloe Burrows : I love her talking and singing voice. Shes amazing

Shayla Hogan : The one dislike won't say they are in love <_<

ZannaZatanna1 : That little smirk at @1:55! So Meg.

Rem Cruz : Hello Meg... I mean Rose Quartz... wait you're not really Rose, are you???

Rodimus75 : Susan Egan as Megara was the only good part of that horrible white-washing of the myth of Heracles (Roman carbon copy: Hercules).

TheActor93 : Alex says he is finally gonna bring Hercules to Broadway and I would love to see her bring Meg to life on stage even if it was only for one show.

Thayane Pinheiro : WHY SUSAN IS SO WONDERFUL????

Sydney Thoele : I absolutely lost it when she said, "it's been a real slice."

Megan Gagliardi : This is the best song in Hercules!

Esmeralda Hernandez : She is so pretty. When I hear Susan sing I think of rose quartz from Steven universe

khfan4life365 : I don’t think she ages. 😂

lawryn : I had a Meg costume for Halloween the year Hercules went to theatres and little kid me wore that dress anytime i was at home until it literally fell apart. She's always been probably my favorite female character. Still love this way too much.

Lourdes Montes : I just love her voice. The way she talks and sings. It's powerful and seductive.

Louise Manuel Deauna : For some reason, I was imagining her as rose quartz singing this song to greg. xD

jaggin 75 : 20 years of disney hercules

Kookie Squad 21 : She has a sexy voice like I love it

Fredrick JMR : Leaked Footage Rose Quartz aka Pink Diamond Singing.

Amber Fannin : Y’all are really making my night with these videos

PrincessPeachFan100 : Is that Rob Paulsen in the red shirt on the left 1:48? It looks like him. :)

sarah massey : still sounded the same OMG!!!!

Ronald Malcolm : Wow, she sounds AMAZING. She owned that stage, too.

Jasper Force : She sounds much better in real life, if that's possible :D

Ashley L : Joshua from Friends :)

Cameron Jones : Sometimes I swear I’m the only person who remembers the 2002 classic “Gotta Kick it Up!”

Eric Chinn : ugh, i can't wait for D23 Expo 2019