New! A Hotline for Racists | NYT Opinion

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The Young and the Redeemed : Watch out, I hear the pitter-patter of triggered white folks a-comin'...wait for it...

Naturally Naila : This is hilarious and yet disgustingly the TRUTH at the same tine. Much needed... thank you

Arrogant Bastard IV : I’ll echo the sentiment of others: air it on television. My two cents: incorporate it into the YouTube ad network.

Josue Sanchez : Your forgot living in your apartment!

Moto Gyal : They forgot visiting your loved one's grave, studying in your college library, meditating in your own vehicle, accidently bumping into a white person with a backpack, standing in a doorway out of the rain waiting on your Uber, walking your dog, sitting too long in a Subway restaurant with your family, asking for plastic eating utensils, and breathing

Tripled Air : She forgot Breathing while Black.

Born a black vegan Newyork : It's not white fear. They have an obsession with trying to control blacks. Their are very jealous when they see blacks doing better than them.

missironmouse : These people who call 911 for none sense like this should pay the bill. You wasted the operators time and the cops time. You should receive a bill for it.

Kevan Hudson : idk whether I should laugh hysterically or cry because every event mentioned was real (and I know there are tons of cases that have gone unfilmed)

rabit818 : Put this video in between Mesothelioma ad and we buy gold ad, and the phone will ring off the hook.

Yellowwood : Trump whispering: "Hello operator, there's this black guy👨🏿 in my office who I think he says his name is Kanye or Kunta or something that starts with the letter *'C'.* He's rambling and is starting to say I'm his Daddy👴🏻. What should I do? 🤷🏼‍♂️

M W : Has Foxnews call this " unamerican " yet?

Shannon Hill : Lmao I just called the number and it's legit

Shug Avery : Miss Niecy is a national treasure! Run this ad during the Super Bowl, NASCAR, and the CMT channel.

Josue Sanchez : Like the 90s ish look *thumbs up* I called: ..."if hearing Spanish easily triggers you, protect your ears now" ha ha ha ha ha ha

Randee Guerrero : I'm white and I approve this message. I'm so glad she made this.

Carina Carter : When people think of racism they always think of jim crow days or slavery. But modern racism is subtle. Modern racism people can be racist and not be aware of it.

bruh : "Yeah turns out we're neighbors and I'm racist" 😂😂😂💀

Nena Walker : Why my stupid a$$ called the number and it works 🤣🤣🤣🤣✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Indra Eindhoven : LMAO.... Funny way to deal with a sad situation... I hate racism :(

holy shit : The last part holds so much truth "mind your own god dam business".

Daisy Jernigan : This should be a commercial on national tv

Wilson Monroe : I saw a man leaving every night from the same house and getting in a parked car that mysteriously sits in the drive way. Hmmmmmmm..... He always has a small container in his hand when he gets in the car and drives away. Hmmmmmmm.... I called the number and they said, " SIR, THAT'S YOUR neighbor JUST GOING TO WORK. The container is his lunch. HE HAS A NIGHT JOB"................... What trips me out is these types of things really do happen unfortunately for people in our dark skin. You would think it was a comedy skit, but nooooo this sh!! is real. Sad...... Love is the key to solving a lot of these problems.

Steph Anie : “ people have boats too now” 😂

AN Morgan : The ending tho...😂 smh. Add babysitting to the list now too.

Tarius Shinobi : Even though this is a Parody. This is a Serious Issue! With often Fatal Results!

slimtee2 : It crazy when she goes through that list, because these things actually happened and will most likely continue to happen.

氵每夕卜 : Working! ...while at work. 😂😂😂

DMitchell NineteenEightyFive : I love the vintage feel of this ad. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Macario Patrick : This is the greatest video on YouTube ever!

Icarrus Legrand : Niecy Nash is so funny! This looks like In Living Color!

Debra Williams : Got another one: driving while black! Lol!

Warbrain 777 : This is like an In living Color sketch...LOL

FirstName LastName : The people who get triggered by this video are the same ones who think jokes about black people hanging from trees are hilarious...hmm

Chris Edwards : 50% of white people be like: Is that a black man breathing? I'm uncomfortable. I'm calling the police.

CREOLE VIKING : Nothing will ever change the way those people think.

Deadliest One : Lice infested Cave beasts are out of control as always. Must be the lice that's driving them more crazy! Meaning while mexicans and asians are sneaking in here illegally but those losers have So much times on their hands and calling police on legal black citizens who are simply living their lives. Way to go crakkkas you won the trophy for world's dumbest mofos once again!

The True Royal Family : They will never stop making them DAM phone calls

Lilli L'amour : Neicy you nailed it sis!

From This Reality : For using a coupon... it’s so sad that these are real 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Eric Hope : Hilarious! And sadly, NECESSARY!!!

Daniel Hart Hart : You pay for the sins of your father. Well that’s what’s happening. They control everything now but it is slipping away and they can’t take it. If they were told the truth about their ancestors in school the hate in there heart would die off through the generations. This country was built by slaves and immigrants and the land was stolen with backstabbing and deceit. I come from a diverse background, I have no hate in my heart for any race we are to be judged as individuals if you want to call yourself a real human being. Just want to deliver some facts. This video was needed.

Ric Reid : Regular frisbee or ultimate frisbee...ROTF

LC Laney : You forgot...standing in an elevator with one of "them". If you're attention to how they react. Most of them will immediately put their back against the wall of the elevator, to stare you down the entire ride ! I guess they gotta get a good profile/description of the Black that had the audacity to board "their" elevator. *SMH!*

DL23KMT : Just call the cops on them when they call the cops on you. If they can waste tax payer money why can't us?

adam koehler : how not to be racist 1: not be white 2:look at step one

San Junipero : “ It’s a REAL number for real white people who should mind their damm business” 😂 💯 internet gold.

Ashley Johnson : Can we get this commercial during the Super Bowl? PLEASE

GiGi Noir : NYT is not playing anymore and having fun doing it😄😋🙂

Cali Cooley : I called the number... I am lmaoooooo...I can't believe this is real! Thank you O.G. Neicy!