this is what i do (i sit on you!)

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one of my favorites from Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job!


kace : Imagine being the guy's child and finding this.

Zuzu : Did this to a random stranger now I'm in jail for "oppression."

Check My Playlist : A tear falls down my cheek

Vila Petrovic : What a productive man

Inkster I Guess : Why does Youtube keep recommending videos from 2009 holy h e c c

breanna loves ya : doctor: you have 46 seconds to live.. me: THIS IS WHAT I DO I SIT ON YOU

Annie Beguhl : Kinky

Mewkityy : Send this to your crush without context

Sasuke Uchiha : ok that's enough internet for today

FunForSameer : *Heey, that's pretty goood*

Jessica Ryan : This Is Art

Freddy Fazbear : Sit on me daddy

;Unknown; ;Love; : Every cat in the world 👍

ItsMyChemicalRomanceNotYours : Me when someone takes my seat and they won't give it back

CAJ : Help me find who put this in my recommended

LemonBread : ,-,

Shane Austin Edmonds : Why can I smell this dude

Pluvillion : Thanks Jacksepticeye.

NULLNAME _ : I thought Dr. Phil was supposed to be helping people

Venv : Does he do twerking lessons?

Arianna Garza : I'm very uncomfortable

Lil Pulp : why is this is in my recommended

Venv : Me when playing musical chairs.

Will Arthur : When u gave ur Grandpa a camera and told him what youtube is

ketchup 12 : The face at the end tho

Toby : Its 2018 how is this still funny

Chrissy Young : My cat be like

tree are lief :3 : *_this never gets old_*

Morgan Lemons : Nice I'm proud of u

Kelsey Curles : Kakashi sensei sure gained a few pounds.

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : *lmao 🔥my man droppin them bars lit af* 🔥😂🅱️🔥🔥

BlurrySalam : What is this and why am I watching it at 2 am

Alice Fordruther : When ur trying out the green screen effects

Gross Toad : This is an SCP

Scoot : i heard a popping noise from my headphones and now im really concerned

StarRulez : *Searches up roblox HACKS* *and this pops up*

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Enough internet for today

bye bye baby blue : send this to your crush with no context

Mer'Keyah Riley : Meanwhile the ad before this video was about reversible over 99% effective birth control Wonder if his mother used that

Fazbender Animatronics : Watched this right after body rolls 10/10 experience

Beep Beep : We are all cursed with this catchy song and will be singing "Sit-Sit- Sit on you" for eternity

elektroninis karvelis : Somebody: soo... what do you do for a living? Me:

XxCammie ChanxX : *_i'm happy now_*

BLU Engi : Smg4 anyone?

João Pereira : My question is: WHY I'M HEEEEREEEEE???

Caty Grey : He looks like a Bob- Doesn’t he though

R mz : Wait what !!!!??!! It says it has been posted eight years ago !! That's before memelogy

Dream Turret : The 671 dislikes are the people he sat on

Edgy MusicBox : *this was so powerful, I'm crying, thank you for this*