Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (ONE TAKE Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Cover)

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Rebecca Vocal Athlete : Nice sweeping camera. Thanks for taking me on a musical whimsical adventure!!!

Ethan H. : Ain't no party like a Gatsby party cuz a Gatsby party don't stop until at least two people are dead and everyone is disillusioned with the jazz age as a whole.

Michael Thomas Ireland : LOL at all the people complaining because it was audio dubbed. How exactly do you people think music videos are made? This would literally be impossible to sound like a studio when you're moving through a house. Footsteps, background actors, random farts, etc. Not to mention the artists are constantly running around when off camera to get in the next position. They'd be out of breath and sound like crap. Just shutup and enjoy the song already. God almighty.... At least Scott is trying new stuff. For a first time, this was phenomenal. If you're looking for more one-shot videos Kurt Hugo Schneider is a master at the technique, and yep, he dubs too. Can we also talk about how Sara Niemietz absolutely killed it in this song? I insta-subscribed to her channel because of it.

TheTromboneGeek : Terrible catering! The cook burned the food, one of the servers kept pulling the food tray away before people could get food, and another one PUT OUT THEIR CIGARETTE IN SOMEBODY'S DRINK! NONE of them were wearing gloves, which is SUPER unsanitary, and they kept switching people's drinks around when they weren't looking! And finally, they just straight-up WALKED off the job to have a dance party in OUR back yard! 1/5 Would Not Recommend

Danny Kopp : Scott Bradlee could probably write a kickass musical if he wanted

warpcrafter : This is so great, like a mini-movie but instead of interrupting it, the song was part of the plot.


polkadottedpolak : This is wonderful and amazing but I can't help but think how much better it would have been with Tambourine Guy.

ken vanallen : The guy on the baguette really nailed it

Josh Cruzat : Regardless of the various flaws that people have points out in the video you can’t help but like it for looking so vibrant and fun! Kudos for trying out something different for the holidays! I showed this to some of my friends and Someone said it looked like a celebration of their whole year and I totally agree :D

Roxxie Dymond : This made me cry. I love this so much. I love how ya'll did a lil music video :') probably one of the only covers I've enjoyed of this song. Journey is my favorite band & I'm very picky about who covers their songs but, ya'll never fail to amaze me!!! I love you Scott & I love you PMJ!!!

FlowersInHisHair : Gonna need a karaoke version of this STAT. Please let me give you (more of) my money

Ribbity Good Times : I don't care what version or style this song is in, I love it. Also one hell of a video

Polly RG : The most amazing piece of storytelling. I love how it just flowed from scene to scene. You know it's dubbed because it's impossible for it not to have been but you still end up almost believing that you've walked through this amazing party where this song was being perfectly performed by everyone.

William Rudolph : Wow, Sarah's and Rayon's voices go really well together!  So cute!  I love the camaraderie of PMJ's troupe of folks - it always shows through in every video.  Everyone seems to be having a genuinely good time.  And I LOVE how you credit everyone - well done!

Sadie Bee : I didn't read the "one take" part in the title and whenever she walked in and the camera started following her, I was shook

Mariel : Whoever filmed it is amazing. The lighting, the style, the lens, the vibe, everything is perfect. You've done better covers for sure, but just the filmography part of this video deserves to be applauded. Amazing

James : Amazing production value! Although the transition from indoor to outdoor was CLEARLY not done with the "one take" premises, this is STILL an absolutely amazing video to watch. The amount of planning and choreographic design must have been insane for something like this!

mundicojr : Just beautiful and amazing! Best regards from Brazil.

JDevPeabody : Oh I have always liked all that you've done, until this. Journey? Really? Okay, I'll watch. One shot camera, what? Oh, thats kewl. What, look at that chemistry with the performers, there is some REAL feelings going on here. Oh that flip before going outside, that was awesome. Great Party outside. I LIKE IT! Great job PMJB ! ! ! ! ! !

theoldar : Anything with Sara is great. This was a nice change of pace!

Jen Yates : Problem is, for a video that's claimed to be one shot they set it up with at least three really good places to hide cuts. Maybe they were there 'just in case' and never used but they still make you think 'ahhh maybe that's a cut'

Neha The Jedi : I almost cried because this is beyond perfection!

Seagrave73 : I saw PMJ in Charlottesville, VA last night. Sara Nemietz killed every song, and the rest of the group was excellent. So talented and great energy during the show. I am thinking about quitting my job, buying a VW Micro-Bus and becoming a PJM-Head.

Cynthia Miller : Who plays the chef? He's absolutely charismatic and funny as hell. :)

Mitchell Biller : If you guys do something like this again, a cool twist might be to show the progression through classic music styles as the song goes on and on. And therefore also visuals and perhaps environment. Just a thought. But seriously, WELL DONE!!!

Aarden g : <3 Sara! Be still my heart

tommartyn : Really amazing video. Thank you all. :)

Marcelo Dischinger : Show!

trunphin : How can you dislike this? wtf.

Matthew Kirkconnell : All that and no Tamborine Guy?

Benjamin Stevens : The second Sara walked out, my day was made...but this video overall is amazing...I've probably watched it thirty times in the week since it was released. Totally flawless...

Jessica Clakley : This made me smile the whole video!

Bryan Aaron : Straight up, overall it's a nine outa ten. Sure, there are a couple problems, but there were problems with The Wizard of Oz too, live with it people.

Stephen Rushbrook : Claims to be a single take but there are too many ‘point camera at someone’s back or close up on a face/instrument with odd focal shifts for me to believe this was one continuous take. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exceptionally well done but there are too many engineered splice points in the choreography. While I firmly believe the performance was shot in one long thing. I strongly suspect it was filmed about 5/8 times and the final vid is an amalgam of those 5/8 continuous takes. I could be wrong but there are too many slight discontinuities whenever something in the foreground blocks the frame... Bloody awesome cover though and great vid despite my suspicions :)

Charles Kerr : Oh my god, my heart leapt when Sara opened!

TheSangolio : FINALLY! You did it again PMJ I was waiting for your return! This is at ROYALS level. Congrats!

Chris H : I like the new style of film clip. It's nice to get a tour of the PMJ house too. I kind of feel like PMJ have gone away from what once made them so great though. Regular singers and musicians on rotation. It gave you a way of connecting with the group by having favourite singers. And an eclectic selection of music being covered both old and new and in so many different styles to differ it from the original. Personally I'd like to see a few 80's and 90's rock songs covered. I would love to hear a cover of Lightning Crashes by Live or a 30's/40's Swing style cover of Sultans of Swing.

JannesClip : this was the most beautiful video I've ever seen!!!!

David Sanfilippo : That was pretty incredible. Excellent video, and great cover of the song. Really well done!

Cherel Brenner : It looked like the PMJ troop was having fun while making this video. I watch PMJ to be entertained & I was. It is nice to see them step away from their regular presentation but then I have always liked a good musical so it's a thumbs up from me...

jvburnes : Finally a full-blown PMJ music vid

Conc : Is that Ada Pasternak playing the violin? OMG THAT'S AWESOMEE!!

Fernando Yokota : I love live music because I can choose myself where to look at, and live is where the magic in music happens. That's why for me the other PMJ videos are brilliant.

OneSneakySloth : I can't be the only one hoping and waiting for a big tambourine guy reveal... :'(

theofiend11 : Holy shit that was amazing and so full of emotion.

EmmaK : Ahhh, my new favourite thing.

Mark Langer : This is PMJ's best work by far. But has anyone else noticed that there is a level of melancholy in the video? The song is about poor young people flocking to LA to try to make it, and about how they struggle to survive and not give up and go home defeated. In the video we see young people working as servers at a fancy house party, and if you watch close enough you see that they are deliberately doing a bad job. Despite the smiles and happy demeanor, there is a sadness in their eyes as they work for low wages as servants to rich people. I don't know if the director aimed for this, but it's what I see, and it's part of what makes this a marvelous video.

Steve Smith : Thanks PMJ what a wonderful fun video with superb rhythm, after a difficult couple of days it made my evening tonight. Well done to all who participated and organised. Great.

sebastianxciel21 : Anyone else have nostalgia? Ahh we used to belt out this song in class when I was like 10 haha