Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (ONE TAKE Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Cover)

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sebastianxciel21 : Anyone else have nostalgia? Ahh we used to belt out this song in class when I was like 10 haha

Joshua Last Name : The camera work is flawless. The singing is incredible. The cover, as always, is amazing. The fact that you did this in one take is difficult to comprehend, its that brilliant. And the chef guy with the sunglasses deserves a medal. *stop stealing champagne glasses though* Also - 3:34 has a guy playing literal bread on the right hand side of the screen, how awesome is that xD 3:38 - is that Scott Bradlee playing guitar? I know musical people are frequently multi-talented, but seeing Scott Bradlee on guitar is like seeing Mozart as a DJ. Scott Bradlee teleporting - 0:02 - 0:36 - 2:34 - 3:38. Clever surprise - 0:01. Rejected. 0:13. The only time the fourth wall is broken is at 2:29, when you see the musicians go outside on the right for the final scene, but its hardly noticeable. A melody solely with that awesome violin throughout would *rock.*

OneSneakySloth : I can't be the only one hoping and waiting for a big tambourine guy reveal... :'(

WaffleCat : Amazing, amazing job. Blake Lewis is an added bonus.

Gabriel Garcia Costa da Silva : Wow! Perfect! I love Sara voice! Great work!

kojak316 : Fucking awesome production value on this one!

blakelewistelevision : Yes!!! So glad you guys are loving it. This was such a fun day to shoot. Much love to my PMJ family and all you fans out there.

Paula Vargas : AWESOME WORK, no matter what others commented I loved so much this video! Thanks PMJ

Marina McNairy : Very well done! What amazing camera work too! Love it :-)

Irene S : Imaginative approach, one take! Kudos!

David Sanfilippo : That was pretty incredible. Excellent video, and great cover of the song. Really well done!

theoldar : Anything with Sara is great. This was a nice change of pace!

Danny Kopp : Scott Bradlee could probably write a kickass musical if he wanted

Kien Tran : Easily one of my favorite covers now! Esp for the sweet sounds of Sara Niemietz!

Alison Dilaurentis : Wow. I loved seeing PMJ do something different!! Everyone was amazing and did such a great job.

Matthew Kirkconnell : All that and no Tamborine Guy?

TheTromboneGeek : Terrible catering! The cook burned the food, one of the servers kept pulling the food tray away before people could get food, and another one PUT OUT THEIR CIGARETTE IN SOMEBODY'S DRINK! NONE of them were wearing gloves, which is SUPER unsanitary, and they kept switching people's drinks around when they weren't looking! And finally, they just straight-up WALKED off the job to have a dance party in OUR back yard! 1/5 Would Not Recommend

Stephen Rushbrook : Claims to be a single take but there are too many ‘point camera at someone’s back or close up on a face/instrument with odd focal shifts for me to believe this was one continuous take. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exceptionally well done but there are too many engineered splice points in the choreography. While I firmly believe the performance was shot in one long thing. I strongly suspect it was filmed about 5/8 times and the final vid is an amalgam of those 5/8 continuous takes. I could be wrong but there are too many slight discontinuities whenever something in the foreground blocks the frame... Bloody awesome cover though and great vid despite my suspicions :)

ScopedDawg : The production value here is incredible. I love the hue of color on the video and the camera work is amazing. All the singers look beautiful/handsome. Very cool atmosphere. That said, I dont think the song was a hit for me. I like PMJ and the song separately but this rendition wasn't for me. AMAZING production though. If this was their rendition of creep or seven nation army with Haley, or their incredible cover of any other fan favorite, this would have made my mind explode. Props for the effort. This is a SOLID 8. Get a 10 next time :)

fandali : When does the "Bradlee's PMJ" reality show air on primetime Network TV? Has the Disney network been knocking on your door yet? You all are havin' way too much fun. Lovin' it!!! Thank YOU.


Sadie Bee : I didn't read the "one take" part in the title and whenever she walked in and the camera started following her, I was shook

polkadottedpolak : This is wonderful and amazing but I can't help but think how much better it would have been with Tambourine Guy.

Jessica Clakley : This made me smile the whole video!

thetruepatwoman : That was at least 17 different kinds of awesome. Well done, everyone!

Phri Pheoniks : Incredible.

Timothy Milligan : Recording the audio separately takes away a lot of what makes your videos captivating, and the never-still camera was a little motion-sickness inducing.

Jessica W : Not the first time I've seen one of these, but one of the best.

Josef Chovanyecz : WOW

Nicolle Mosquera : This is so amazing!!!

Risyanggi Azmi Faizin : GG cameraman

Ribbity Good Times : I don't care what version or style this song is in, I love it. Also one hell of a video

ken vanallen : The guy on the baguette really nailed it

William Rudolph : Wow, Sarah's and Rayon's voices go really well together!  So cute!  I love the camaraderie of PMJ's troupe of folks - it always shows through in every video.  Everyone seems to be having a genuinely good time.  And I LOVE how you credit everyone - well done!

Anthony Neveu : All About that Bass is still my favorite.

Benjamin Stevens : The second Sara walked out, my day was made...but this video overall is amazing...I've probably watched it thirty times in the week since it was released. Totally flawless...

Ben English : Holy shit this is amazing. O_O

Shaman Man : I was really hoping Puddles Pity Party was going to make an appearance.

warpcrafter : This is so great, like a mini-movie but instead of interrupting it, the song was part of the plot.

Sarah : Amazing work! So sad to see all these cynical comments. Maybe a "making of" video will put them to rest? ;) Now I'm off to see where I can find more of the singer who played the first waitress, she was fantastic!

TheYorkshireTom : I continue to be in love with Sara Niemietz

JDevPeabody : Oh I have always liked all that you've done, until this. Journey? Really? Okay, I'll watch. One shot camera, what? Oh, thats kewl. What, look at that chemistry with the performers, there is some REAL feelings going on here. Oh that flip before going outside, that was awesome. Great Party outside. I LIKE IT! Great job PMJB ! ! ! ! ! !

Omar Guillen : That's a really big catering staff

James Carl : OH MY Jesus Christ!!!!! THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!! Please please please do moreeeee. Like If you agree!

John G : At some point in the future...when PMJ does their 20th or 50th or nth Anniversary're going to have to find a way to involve every single PMJ contributing vocalist in one monster montage.... Scott, bookmark this idea in the back of your head for that ;-)

Stefan Wöhrer : Epic Arrangement and Video. Thx a lot

Marc Noel : I can't believe this was all done in one take, amazing

Jacob Harbert : I feel this music video should be the basis of a TV Show; or a closing musical number for the season finale of a TV Show based on the music video.

Gary Montejo : Omg omg omg omg!! PMJ taking it to the next level!!

Joseph Malan : Best video by PMJ i have ever seen!