Kanye West as a Tame Impala Song

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BruceWillakers : I legit enjoy this and keep coming back lol.

Dangelo Lott : the eyeball on his forhead when he says "i see sounds" killed me

Mellow Mulatto : He is modern Shakespeare

giovan almonor : This is straight flames.

elfroggo : isn't this just kid cudi

Sabrina Jean-B. : I just hear Passion Pit and a bit Foster the People

Child of Venus : “The ultimate goal is to be like water”🙏🏻

Jacobe Curtis : Put it on itunes

Jory Cassel : This is a great instrumental.

5thString : What a useless slob.

MITCHELL WIGGS : I think we can all agree that Kim Kardashian is the luckiest woman in the world 😍

Hope Garza : You guys should tour. I'd buy tickets.

Ballester! : How would i leave my answer in the comments. IF I AINT GOT THE ANSWERS

Wasn’t Prepared : Wtf xD

MelB : Wow i felt that

anthony-y : This is actually genius lmao The peak of human evolution, surely we can only go downhill from here

Dillon Hamilton : I am Wreck-it-Ralph!!!

Bahaxeldeen : This is good

dave davies : This tunes great 😂 I hope @tameimpala do a cover of a @kanyewest track

Nanii : I listen to this like a real song now cuz it’s just that good

Just Josh : I'm gonna show to this to my brother stoned and see what happens

ramey Savoie : The Wreck It Ralph part destroys me

Karmen SandyEgo : I hope Kanye sees this


Stephanie Polley : Why do I keep coming here. This is good😂💃

Dumphop : Sounds like “Electric Feel.”

Bryant Berkley : Lol I’m back here again

JayDeeMcMillan : Is this on Spotify? Asking for a friend... ahem

supermudkip975 : This sounds like a mix of Tame Impala and MGMT

Rhys Lightning : If you're tripping balls it's way better.

nikki miller : this is fire!!!

ImSpartacus : This song is way better than it has any right to be. Damn.

-O-DDY 0DDGH0ST : To my teachers *You ain't got the answers*

Smakyak Productions : I feel like their making fun of Synesthesia, it is a real thing though.

adam mmm : this is so ridiuluos and good at the same time

Andrew : “When you don’t play with a cat, that’s racism” *eagle contemplates harder*

II II : Btw there're peolte who can see sounds. It's mostly called "a perfekt hearing".

Bert Fridolin : das ist der neue präsident...oder...auch nicht, wer weiß das schon. ich würde sagen: auf diesen ann ist verlass :) :) .... lets VOTE :) :)

Sophia Kim : Lmao

Less Fap - More Rap! : I'll always play with my Cats after this song.

Carpoolparty : *HAVE Y'ALL EVER SEEN WRECK-IT-RALPH???* It's in my code. I am wreck-it-ralph.

Rebellious Intuition : is it weird that I know the lyrics after a while of watching this? HAHAHA

AkumaJack : We don't deserve Ye

Kokonut Binks : I pretend I don't like Tame Impala but this is fantastic

Carmo : I can't stop listening to this song.

versacevampire : “When you don’t feel like playing with a cat, that’s racism.” 😹😹😹

Carly Klein : "The ultimate goal is to be like water." If my favorite line, mostly because I can really imagine it being in a Tame Impala song.

Paul P : Love it

aclasske : "I see sounds, its racism's cousin"... ...Because in racism one sees colors?

Child : This is actually so good