Kanye West as a Tame Impala Song

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BruceWillakers : I legit enjoy this and keep coming back lol.

versacevampire : “When you don’t feel like playing with a cat, that’s racism.” 😹😹😹

Carpoolparty : *HAVE Y'ALL EVER SEEN WRECK-IT-RALPH???* It's in my code. I am wreck-it-ralph.

CM A : when kanye said "just talk to me like i'm a four year old / the ultimate goal is to be like water" yea, I FELT THAT

Sabrina Jean-B. : I just hear Passion Pit and a bit Foster the People

Owen Caddell : all jokes aside this is like a legit dope song that i would like play at a party and just pretend it was a normal song. however the end credits with the singing skeleton made me throw up everywhere

Hasib Turjo : I went to art college . *You ain't been doing the education*

saltyninja : This is great throughout but the Wreck it Ralph part takes it to a level that transcends time and space.

윤이라 : Kanye is a god Kanye is also Wreck-it-Ralph *God is Wreck-it-Ralph*

anthony-y : This is actually genius lmao The peak of human evolution, surely we can only go downhill from here

Joshua Luke : All you haters just aren't deep enough to get him. You can't even imagine the philosophical discussions he gets up to with his wife, Kim.

Gloria Payne : Can someone tell me why I genuinely enjoy this?

trey tomas : This came on auto-play while I was gaming. I legit thought it was a Tame Impala song I've never heard before and thought "these are some pretty weird lyrics" lmao

Olivia Sun : very, like, megalomaniac

MITCHELL WIGGS : I think we can all agree that Kim Kardashian is the luckiest woman in the world 😍

Virtual Martini : Kanye is actually a genius and his frustration with y'all not doing the education is completely valid. I'm not joking either.

Bobby F : And this is him being sober *I would pay cash to see kanye doing lsd* *It will be philosophical af*

Kelsey Korpse : Ok but this is a banger


Just Josh : I'm gonna show to this to my brother stoned and see what happens

Tumblr Xxx : This is actually really good lmao

Kuproy Technology of Karang Taruna ajah : It sounds like bee gees more than tame impala imo

Madisony : “Humbly, I would say I’m the most influential person in footwear right now”

ngr3gorius : You ain't been doing the educaatiooonnn

Dumphop : Sounds like “Electric Feel.”

Less Fap - More Rap! & Jasper : I'll always play with my Cats after this song.

Ubayd : *I AM WRECK-IT RAAALPH* lmaoo

ALICE : I wish this was a real song! It's so good!

Holographic Gotlome : *IT'S IN MY CODE, IT'S IN MY CODE*

nikki Van Der Woodsen : this is fire!!!

versacevampire : “I’m the number one most impactful artist of our generation” 🙏🏽😈🙏🏽

Geezer : Why is this not on spotify :( :( :(

Gabriel Andrés Erazo Quintero : The Best Tame Impala' song The worst Kanye' song

On The Wavelength : you aint got the a n s w e r s

Telepathony : *WHY DO I LIKE THIS*

Yuri Levin : This song deserves some other-genre remixes. I'd personally love to hear a death metal version lol

lizet C. : "You ain't doing the education" it's quite catchy

Colleen Tate : I CANNOT stop listening to this.

Andrew : “When you don’t play with a cat, that’s racism” *eagle contemplates harder*

Ubayd : _You ain't been doing the education_


KitchenNet : eu queria ter dinheiro suficiente pra ser arrogante assim

Caveman Lee : It should be illegal to not listen to music.. 💙music

PumpkinLicorice : Oh Kanye, why can't I quit you? 😭

RytolPiab : Speed at .75 sounds more like it

Mich Ramírez Téllez : this should be on SPOTIFY, I mean really!!!

aclasske : "I see sounds, its racism's cousin"... ...Because in racism one sees colors?

mikrat : Show this to tame impala

Leilani A Person : I see tame impala. I click. Simple

The Dr.Mario of slangin those red pills : "YOU AIN'T BEEN DOING THE EDUCATIOOOON!!!"