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Food For Thought is a satirical take on the circus that is today's cultural and political discourse. Support us on Patreon - Patreon Executive Producers: Autodidactic I Directed by Tim Mann Written by Neel Kolhatkar DOP Connor Rancan Editing by Connor Fairclough Executive Producer Neel Kolhatkar Patreon Producers Justin Ferguson Cast Neel Kolhatkar Cait Burley Kirby Delaney Michael Brindley Can Okan Producers Tim Mann Nick Cerone A Concpetional Media Production 1st AD Nick Cerone Assistant Cinematographers Aaron Bull Tim Mann Original Score Clockwork Odyssey Audio Oscar Jamo Alex Sabulis Make-Up Alania Neil-Roberts Original Song 'Autumn Leaves' by Fox Holmes Audio Mix Don Sahand


m k : That girl actress is just to good at her job

zardiathemuteatsbleach : Why is the girl so good at acting like a jerk?

Lobot : I'm so above left and right. I just hate all people equally, really.

Jeon MinKook : "What the hell was that?!? Where’s the irony” I guess he is the new Gordon Ramsay

CoolMintz : Yay that female actress is back!

Crystal Logik : "That dish costs the most." "Why?" "Poor financial management." "Makes sense..." I lol'd.

Error : The far left didn't mention Straight White Male Privilege. 0/10 not realistic dialogue.

Samovar maker : Neel lookin like Anne Frank with that hair

Natalie Reyes : I agree there is a lot wrong on both sides, however some of these comparisons are off. Overall pretty funny lol.

The Bookshelf : mate, thank you for roasting both the extreme idiots. I hate both sides and I wish there was a logical 3rd side.

Cheezy Peas : I relate the most to the pianist

[ D_wang ] : I love how this channel just roasts both sides like a boss

Carter Scheeser : This is the issue. It's human nature to complain and blame people. I lean a little to the left, just because social equality and everthing, but the way everything is biased and everything is just complaining is so annoying.

Venice 1987 : I thought that the fifth dish would be one where the people listened to each other and compromised

PLT LDR : Hey, I saw your short film about Modern Educayshun... I thought it was pretty funny and right on spot with reality... then I watched other... and now this shit is just scary...

nic_a _bic : I'm more right wing but this is funny 😂😂❤


Promod Gogoi : I love that white girl on the stage she is way too good at acting negative roles. Makes me dislike that character. Her role on educashyun was phenomenal. And the waiter in the video emma and amy was good.


Kreedon Androl : The one girl is a really good actor

general solutu Reguai : the girl face expression makes people want to punch her

Nameless Ghost : Turn on subtitles. At 5:03 it says "bikini" instead of "you kidding me?"

S4R1N : I'm comfortably centre-left and I got a good laugh out of this, but holy crap are there a lot of triggered people on all sides in these comments, I think you all missed the video description. "Food For Thought is a satirical take on the circus that is today's cultural and political discourse. " "satirical" ^^^^^^^^^^

Michael Woodall : Not on the right, but feminism is cancer. Also, I’m going to choose to take the libertarian joke as satire.

NabsterHax : Gonna be honest, thought this was a step back from some of your previous politically inspired videos. I think this one is slightly too on the nose without an entertaining metaphor in between.

Joseph Stalin : There should only be one party. Y'all are invited. That's an order.

ImʂoÇσσl4321 : Me: but feminism is cancer

theregnarute : Hey Neel, if you think libertarianism is so bad, why don't you beg the state for a grant instead of using patreon and other voluntary/libertarian platforms to fund yourself? haha just kidding, but you get the point. T

Trash Panda : It's ironic how near the end he talks about how both sides just complain and act offended and he does the same BECAUSE of them doing that.

daved : 4:33 Libertarian dish - "this dish isn't covered by health regulations" (Actors drop dead) Lmao

Short Giraffe : I really appreciate the team that releases those videos.

Bartosz Zarosa : The far right axis are off, those axis are about economic freedom and not about... whatever the things depicted in the film are :) Also the libertarian joke was kinda... idk lame. I expected better from Neel.

Glory to Russia : They could barely make the right look bad 😆

Grumpy ol' Boot : Man, those guys need to play a session of the "Secret Hitler" game … Imagine the intrigues they could make ? :D

No Name : Great stories , wonderful acting , This stream is fun and thought provoking , thanks .

JR : We live in a three dimensional world! Modern day politics are divided into two dimensions or (sides) we're often labeled as one side or the other it's about balance and what's best for the people. Start thinking of politics in more than two dimensions and we can make the world a better place. The "left" or "right" is not my enemy nor my friend. The people who work together to make this world a better place without violent conflict are the ones who shall prevail!

Raven gaming : 1:00 I love how casually that guy is playing the piano in the background, it just adds more to the passive-aggressiveness. (If that's even a thing lol)

Alamkan Countryball : Let's create Up-Wing. Screw everyone is our policy.

Amine : The libertarian one made me laugh so hard.

Lucas Warfel : Honestly this just makes me hate capitalism and democracy... Seriously though, this guy is a genius.

Darren Friedland : I love how it is honest and not so 1 sided. I also really like how it is so abstract and thought provoking.

Literally just a piece of pie : I'm so far right wing I'll probably never get a girlfriend. Thank you for making such unbiased content.

Brandon-Todd Hutchinson : This hit me in the feels... and made me hungry... but mainly touched my heart... and my brain... but mostly my soul I loved it (coming on too strong? sorry)

SignorValmanoVEVO : is it just me or are the examples for Far Right and Far Left a little...lets say..cautious?

Julia Cho : At one point, that waitress lady kinda reminds me of Hyuna for some reason...

Arda Drawing : Me: Can I just be a social democrat please? Thanks.

Idk who I am : Who is the girl with the light brown hair doing the act on the stage. Whoever she is i really appreciate her face. *Gets offended*

Zekor : I am slightly right winged.

Tushar Chandra : I saw that lady in the thumbnail and knew this was going to be truly crazy. She never disappoints.