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MikeVernon Productions : Basically the only Youtube guy who tackles politics in an unbiased way

Samovar maker : Neel lookin like Anne Frank with that hair

Natalie Reyes : I agree there is a lot wrong on both sides, however some of these comparisons are off. Overall pretty funny lol.

m k : That girl actress is just to good at her job

Jeon MinKook : "What the hell was that?!? Where’s the irony” I guess he is the new Gordon Ramsay

CoolMintz : Yay that female actress is back!

Lobot : I'm so above left and right. I just hate all people equally, really.

Crystal Logik : "That dish costs the most." "Why?" "Poor financial management." "Makes sense..." I lol'd.

Slojanko : The far left didn't mention Straight White Male Privilege. 0/10 not realistic dialogue.

The Bookshelf : mate, thank you for roasting both the extreme idiots. I hate both sides and I wish there was a logical 3rd side.

Steven M : This is the issue. It's human nature to complain and blame people. I lean a little to the left, just because social equality and everthing, but the way everything is biased and everything is just complaining is so annoying.

Venice 1987 : I thought that the fifth dish would be one where the people listened to each other and compromised

nic_a _bic : I'm more right wing but this is funny 😂😂❤

Adobe-Juan Canoli : Thank you, I needed this video. People often forget that it this behavior doesn't just come from the left and many of us really need to watch ourselves. We should not just exaggerate the enemy and associate a million things with their words instead of hearing them out and having open discussion. My school is starting a Feminist Club. I had planned on joining just to troll, be condescending, see how long before they kick me out, etc, but this video has inspired me, in a manner of speaking, to attend as someone on the other side of the political field and try to have that respectful, reasonable, and open discussion. Maybe I'll get eaten alive and kicked out the second I say that I am not a feminist, but at least I'm trying to do right on my part.



[ D_wang ] : I love how this channel just roasts both sides like a boss

theregnarute : Hey Neel, if you think libertarianism is so bad, why don't you beg the state for a grant instead of using patreon and other voluntary/libertarian platforms to fund yourself? haha just kidding, but you get the point. T

fdgs cvdsg : 🅱️e gone t h o u g h t

Cheezy Peas : I relate the most to the pianist

PLT LDR : Hey, I saw your short film about Modern Educayshun... I thought it was pretty funny and right on spot with reality... then I watched other... and now this shit is just scary...

gonavygonavy : Donald Trump is not far right. I am far right.

ImʂoÇσσl4321 : Me: but feminism is cancer

Vihara2 : The far right and right was wildly inaccurate, I though Neel had at least gone to the Chan's a few times to steal jokes you'd think he'd have learnt that pro trump right wingers are very rarely "far right", for starters. When you make jokes you gotta tell the truth sometimes you know, that is what makes it relatable. Worst video you've made it so far.

Amine : The libertarian one made me laugh so hard.

Michael Hester : I love that the far left cost the most because of "poor financial management" haha!

Alex Shuysky : The problem with U S and A is that you people are not willing to compromise. Your politic system itself were "all or nothing" type, so it's either A or Z, there is no middle grounds. It's making people violent because they know the only way they got served is to defeat the other group. And this is worsening the American society since it's a very vibrant and diverse society with a lot of people with different background and needs. And everyone know in order to get what you want, you have to decisively win, as winners are the one deciding what the losers need.

Nameless Ghost : Turn on subtitles. At 5:03 it says "bikini" instead of "you kidding me?"

Kreedon Androl : The one girl is a really good actor

james monkeygibletsguts : so on the right, "i like Donald Trump only because he offends you" "only listen to our stupid opinions like" so im not right or left, but i can honestly say, you sound a bit like; you are influenced by your political beliefs and it does effect the videos story, the misrepresentation of the right annoys me i know at least i like trump because he was a better choice out of our options, and he said stuff that sounded good, didn't care about others feelings only cared about the cause of bettering the country, i don't agree with everything he does but no one should with any presidents, but to say his supporters support trump for an irrationally and stupidly reason, is shitty, and it is annoying, if you are going to represent a large portion of our population, don't slant things, and slander the "rights" reasoning for the support of trump to make them look irrational, i get your trying to get both sides look equally as unjust and also irrational for the message in the video, but the misrepresentation of the beliefs are to the point of slander.

Deneth Weerasinghe : That's considered far-left in America? wtf Here in Europe those portrayed as far left in America would be centre left. And moderate right would be far right. US Democrats are centrists (Clinton is even centre-right)

ginema sky rivers : the girl face expression makes people want to punch her

NabsterHax : Gonna be honest, thought this was a step back from some of your previous politically inspired videos. I think this one is slightly too on the nose without an entertaining metaphor in between.

JR : We live in a three dimensional world! Modern day politics are divided into two dimensions or (sides) we're often labeled as one side or the other it's about balance and what's best for the people. Start thinking of politics in more than two dimensions and we can make the world a better place. The "left" or "right" is not my enemy nor my friend. The people who work together to make this world a better place without violent conflict are the ones who shall prevail!

Suvrath Hegde : Well, the video was pretty skewed on both sides. Moderate left people like CHS and moderate right like Ben Shapiro exists who would criticize their own people. One thing is for sure is that left is the one that shuts down the other side. This video was ironically politically correct.

Michael Woodall : Not on the right, but feminism is cancer. Also, I’m going to choose to take the libertarian joke as satire.

Julia Cho : At one point, that waitress lady kinda reminds me of Hyuna for some reason...

Tushar Chandra : I saw that lady in the thumbnail and knew this was going to be truly crazy. She never disappoints.

Promod Gogoi : I love that white girl on the stage she is way too good at acting negative roles. Makes me dislike that character. Her role on educashyun was phenomenal. And the waiter in the video emma and amy was good.

S4R1N : I'm comfortably centre-left and I got a good laugh out of this, but holy crap are there a lot of triggered people on all sides in these comments, I think you all missed the video description. "Food For Thought is a satirical take on the circus that is today's cultural and political discourse. " "satirical" ^^^^^^^^^^

fernando torrera : I don't understand if the libertarians are dead because they have little to no platform in the government/media or if they think we need daddy government to protect us.

Drumsgoon : Hah, I liked it even though I am a libertarian.

Kirukoto-Base : Speak the Truth.

Ben - : First one: Social Justice warriors are characterized by how they regurgitate what people have told them to feel about an issue without any actual consideration for their reasoning, and for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. This type of behavior is a legitimate trend that's started over recent years and should be addressed. It's not how offended they are that's the problem, it's why they're offended. Second one: In my experience people only get mad at specific groups of Christians when they do something worth getting mad over, and the goal isn't to silence them it's to educate them. It's worth noting 52% of Liberals are Christian though. I don't agree with everything in this video, but I feel like what you're choosing to mock should have been thought out a little more.

novusmundi : This comedian and is troupe are hilarious and what The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live should be.

Idk who I am : Who is the girl with the light brown hair doing the act on the stage. Whoever she is i really appreciate her face. *Gets offended*

Nick M. : I was hoping Neel would support the anti-left, anti-feminism, anti-liberal side. We really need more people of his talents to fight for our side. I really don't want him to become another centrist like Sargon and so many others who say "both sides are bad" to avoid criticism, not having to take sides and bare consequences for it, and always be in the right by default.

mediocremaddie : art

LM Oughterson : Yeah, that's about it. Moderates get caught in the crossfire. AND the more polar your viewpoint, the crazier you get. To roughly quote a Sheldon-ism, sometimes you just want ask them..."When you were a child, did someone drop you on your head?" More Food For Thought: 40, of the 44 individuals that have held the office as President of the United States (Grover Cleveland was both 22nd and 24th President), are blood related to one another. Of the 4 that are not: Martin Van Buren (haven't found anything done against him yet), Andrew Jackson (during Obama's terms in office, it was proposed that Andrew Jackson be replaced on the $20 bill by Harriet Tubman), William McKinley (former President Obama changed the name of Mt. McKinley back to Mt. Denali), and current President Donald Trump (whom members of the Left and the Democratic party are trying to impeach) all seem to be slowly having their Presidential honors are being/attempted to be taken away. Interesting, isn't it???

Jordi Nieves : As a classic liberal moderate the general liberal party is extremely entitled and lack common sense while the far right is also ignorant and have a perverse view of the world the problem is conservatives as a whole use reason fact and emotion while the left just uses emotion I’m empathetic but I’m also not an idiot it’s really hard defending my sides leaders and general mass so while this addresses them both they are not the same this describes a small percentage of conservatives while a majority of leftists