Totally Clear Pixel 3! - Transparent Edition!!

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Abey Mathew : it would be so cool if Jerry rigs voice was in the Assistant

SuperSaf : Waiting for the first Smartphone manufacturer to work with you so we can have a limited edition JerryRigEverything Clear Phone

Matthew Case : "... and the subtle anxiety begins to take over. Thinking is dangerous" 😂

Noah : Just Black Kinda Blue Clearly White Totally Clear

SniperDog : First was "Art Class with Jerry", now we also have "Philosophy with Jerry"

Alienated for Science : I wish they could 'clear' out the notch...

Yo Day : Your video has about 950k views now, and I'm pretty sure that 949.99k of the viewers won't do this.

Ansuman Giri : *So when Service Centre guy removes the back panel how does he make it IP certified again!!*

Hwan Za : *Oh my god... This man has a transparent phone fetish.*

Md Rehan : Yes waiting for the first company to sign you up..... THIS WAS REALLY COOL.... THATS WHAT WE ARE FAN OF ..& WE FOLLOW YOU

TheBLUEmiST : Watching jerry rig everything up somehow unironivally calms me down🙏🙏

Rugved Narvenker : Wasn't that too perfect and clean. Superb work dude👍👍

Andrew Stroev : the phone looks cool transparent because Google knew JerryRigEverything would make this video and give positive feedback. Yes I know he already said that, I just thought it would be worth mentioning again for people who weren't concentrating.

Alex Jacob : This is the first one I actually want

Rhett Oracle : You should do a giveaway for a "Clear" winner!

Emuz : OMG just paint it clear 😑😑🙄😡

Md Rehan : You should have tagged XIAOMI how to make a transparent back rather providing a fake one in their Mi8 explorer

Luvya Aggarawal : 5:17 😂😂😂 Intentional??

priyangshu sarmah's chann : There must be a channel named "Tom fixes everything"

TOPGUN787 Gaming : Just keep scratching, Just keep scratching, Just keep scratching!

Saeed AlNoman : Can you make make any of those high-end phones camera less for us people who aren't allowed to have phones with cameras at work?

nqvst : so soothing. i can uninstall my headspce app and just listen to you talk about removing paint for 10 miutes a day.

44R0N : Pretty slick!

Paulo Granados : Would definitely switch to a transparent pixel if it was available

Taikamuna : Why do I find this satisfying

armycadets : "Does Jerry ever get bored of making transparent phone videos?" - "No, and my name is Zack"

Anton Yakimov : You are truly awesome and funny! :-D

Nadeem Akhtar : Please do a clear back glass version of nokia 5.1 plus please please please

Anupa de Silva : @jerryrigeverything use the b7000 glue ...its water resistant once it cures !👌

Hayáo Kinzazaki : This looks eyegasmic) MI8EE crying outside)

2B Films : Man you have lot of patience.. .. one like for your patience from me 😆😆😆

_MR.KrAken_ : поставте тут лайк чтобы америкосы подумали что я написал чтото годное

Jamal Dantata : Wait, wait, wait… am I the only one who just heard him call himself Jerry ? 😕😂

Subhankar Dey : So satisfying!! Great video.

mateo branca : You might be asking , does the viewer get tired of seeing clear phones . No he does not

Matthieu Vonlanthen : Can direct sunlight damage the internal components?

Noah Willson : Damn you have a lot of patience. It paid off though, that looks amazing!!

TheGamerCentre : Oh yeah, that hits the nostalgia button pretty hard

Angela or Shawn : The pixel 3 has a really detailed interior

Vivek ! : I am inspired by you and made my girlfriend Transparent.

mahmoud m.hegazy : Do video for HUAWEI Y7

Eduardo Avila : No dissassemble and review from the inside? ;-;

pv_plays games : 0:06 he doesn’t get tired of making clear phones but I don’t get tired liking my own comment

Renzoh’s Club : Uuuuuh, Shivering!!! The Unpleasant noise, AAAAAH STOP!

Paul Trahan : Jerry is a new age Bob Ross. I always know what I'm getting into with his videos but they are still satisfying and relaxing to watch.

Jo Jo : Can you do your Test on the Honnor Play please?

Max Collins : Hey jerry rig. Who won the IPhone Xs max?

Fahmy Flip : Shut up and take my money, sir !

Lumbel Status : It does look super good! And Looks frail on the other hand.

GamingWithUTSHO : Pixel 3 new colour : "Not Transparent"