How Mayo-phobia is KILLING AMERICA || laughing myself silly over an article
How Mayo phobia is KILLING AMERICA laughing myself silly over an article

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Join the channel discord: (25 uses only) Read the masterpiece for yourselves: Apologies but I've been in a shitty mood for days and this saved my soul. It healed me. It brought me back from the brink. I have to read this to you. This is either the best ad-copy the mayonnaise industry has ever produced, or a brilliant piece of dystopian satire. Either way, I am so, so happy I got to read this today. Thank you to Sandy Hingston ( for writing it and to Philadelphia magazine for putting it online. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go join my millennial friends in their critical sandwich studies class where we will plot to destroy western civilization through the cunning means of condiments that taste like something. ----- Twitter: Patreon: Vlog channel:


KenjuKizawa : I love how she pointed put that her son's name is Jake and there is just Daughter

Time Lizard : She was a woman's and gender studies major in college. NATURALLY, she loathes mayonnaise.

T B Skyen : For those who are here from Tumblr - welcome! This is unexpected. I don't do a ton of this on my channel, I mostly do art and games criticism and talk about character design and stuff - so, uuuh... I guess subscribe of you're into that kind of thing?

Flailmorpho : Local boomer angry that people like flavorful food

King Toasty : Can you imagine being so jaded towards millennials and so upset that your favorite condiment wasn't at a picnic that you'd write an entire article about how America as a society is dead? I can't help but imagine that when researching for the article she channeled a bit of the Pepe Silvia scene from Always Sunny.

Sana Arora : Can her daughter please write a followup article? Possibly titled, "My mother shames millennials because she doesn't like my major.."

M Z : Damn, she rly wrote all that when her whole point is 'I'm bitter no one likes my salad' Also the xenophobia JUMPED out during certain parts lmao

LoungingLemming : "So what's your opinion on mayonnaise, Millenial?" "I dunno, Helen, it's not very good on ramen and thats all I can afford to eat." "CULTURAL MURDERER!"

Cara Elizabeth : I honestly am a little creeped out by how much naked xenophobia and borderline racism this woman displays in this hack piece.

Francisco Buades : "People don't like my food? Maybe I'm a bad cook... Naaaaah, it's those pesky millenials, I'm sure" Also, honey, alioli is NOT mayonaisse. Alioli is the original recipe for mayonnaisse. If anything, mayonaisse is just a watered down version of alioli.

ChaseInfinity : I think we know who the favorite child out of her two children are....

CIN Yang : Everyone repeat after me: “Naturally, she loathes mayonnaise.”

pokeymans gotta catch em all : ALSO, this article is like the most conformist and xenophobic thing. It's honestly kind of shocking. How dare those foreigners bring their stinky foods into MY country? They should have been appropriately ashamed of their origins like my conformist mother!

Visplight : The thing is, lots of "traditional american" foods are incredibly popular with millennials. Steak, burgers, bourbon, mustard/horseradish/ketchup, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, key lime pie, heck - all pie, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, fritters, pancakes, cornbread, mac 'n cheese (but not macaroni salad), American cheesecake, hash browns, American barbecue, peanut butter, cinnamon rolls.... I could go on for days. No one's hating on maple bars just because your granddaddy also liked them. Mayonnaise is unpopular because (as she herself admits) it has no flavor and serves no real culinary purpose. In the words of T'challa, "Ah hell naw Karen, keep your bland-ass potato salad to yourself.'”

MsDevin92 : "I use fish sauce to my stir-fries these days" is possibly the second-most-bland thing you could possibly say next to "I season my chicken with salt and pepper sometimes".

Skittysan : the funniest thing is that boomers don't understand that "millenials" isn't just a word for "kids these days" and there aren't any millenials under age 25?? lmao the oldest millenials are like 38???

130Saphira : My favourite part is how she insists that mayo is such a "white" food, unlike, you know, that pesky Lithuanian stuff her mother had to leave behind. Because people in Lithuania aren't white, apparantly.

dagnytheartist : Someone: mayonnaise is the staple of white culture Me: funny joke This woman: Actually...

CiderDivider : NGL the Titanic was a twist I could not have predicted

Salty Seawitch : Honestly? I feel that if you were to ask most young people what they think about mayonnaise, you'd find that we don't really think much about it. There's just too much actual important things we're worried about. Like surviving.

Gigifabulous : You don't put mayo on a vegan burger because there are eggs in mayo.

mini m&ms : white woman older than 40 hates flavor more at 11

Mai Wisdom : the subtle undercurrent of food racism (the weird obsession with the author's grandmother's food dying out being a good thing, the inclusion of raw fish in the "millenials eat weird stuff" bit, etc) really pushes this to the next level also, wait, yogurt is... a normal food

AlienToppedPancakes : Millennials are the most feared serial killer in history

G.T.Studios : She was ok with her folks chaning to except mayo and american foods. Loosing their cultural identity to do so. But people who are willing to imbrace not only their cultural backgrounds but others as well... ...Ok...this is...amazing.

Erbium Indium : To be fair, you have to have a very refined palate to appreciate mayonnaise. The flavour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of egg-oil emulsions most of the flavour will go over a typical gastronomists' head. There's also Richard's culinary outlook, which is deftly stirred into the condiment- his personal philosophy draws heavily from family circle cookbooks, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of flavour, to realise that it's not just creamy- it says something deep about AMERICAN CUISINE. As a consequence people who dislike mayonnaise truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the the addition to the universally loved "Deviled eggs," which itself is a cryptic homage to Apicius' Roman epic 'De re coquinaria'. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as they attempt to combine pesto and harissa into a classic American potluck feast. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂 And yes, by the way, i DO have a Hellman's tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the WASP's eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 generations of my own (preferably waspier) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

OLIVER DIAZ : After this article I want a condiment based anime where a homemade young millenial banana ketchup warrior fights againts the League of Condiments and the Queen Mayo who slaves the bodies and minds of young children with the power of her MECHANICAL BREAD SLICER

Dylan jones : For all of her craziness to think that mayo is holding the world together at the seems, this lady is a fantastic writer lmao

Leopardmask : The part about the history of mayonnaise kinda feels like someone trying to meet the word count on an essay lol. ...Actually, a lot of this article feels like someone trying to meet word count.

Disaster Jones : Aside from completely dismissing her own heritage and the history and culture her mother brought wither her and summarily erased for The Good Old Fashioned American Dream, and despite this bizarre glorification of a food and branding it as a life concept, remove ALL of that, and she's still missing the entire point. There are so many Japanese dishes that call for mayonnaise that some people call themselves "addicted." There are a fair few dishes from various latin nations that utilize mayonnaise in their cooking. I don't know a single person who has an opinion on mayonnaise to be honest with you, it's just a thing they might need to add to something. Most people, "milennials" I guess, just aren't interested in dishes whose *primary ingredient* is mayonnaise.

Kat K : This is a LONG rant about her daughter not enjoying her boring pasta salad (which really shouldn't be sitting out in 90+ degree heat at a picnic anyway). First world problems, much?

Austin1987VCR : This article: “Am I really that out of touch? ...No, it is the children who are wrong.”

Crimson : I, as a female art student, came to ask, if someone wants to accompany me to the "anti mayo"-ralley this Sunday

Duchess of Dust : I actually like mayonnaise and I want to go to college for gender studies. But I guess that's unacceptable and out of the question now.

Dread, the Mad Smith : I don't understand how people can be so separated from reality.

AkiraN : You know, this article almost makes it seems like different people have different taste and not everyone has to stuff mayonnaise up their ass, or something.

N : Your laughter is extraordinarily funny 😂 tyvm for this video

StopThisIsBatCountry : i can tell you why no one took the stuff with mayonaise: a) its disgusting b) it contains raw eggs of unknown origin c) it was a hot summer day d) it was served on a buffet where you never know who already stuck their finger in it e) you dont want to lie in bed with food poisoning after a family meeting

Bangtan Martians : You know when the thumbnail has “Millennials” in the title, we’re in for a ride.

Yerret : Hey remember being taught that America's a melting pot? Well you were taught Wrong. America is the physical embodiment of Mayo and if you don't include liquid vegetable seeds, unborn bird fetuses and fermented alcohol in *EVERYTHING* you eat then you can leave! #MAMA #MakeAmericaMayoAgain #WhyCouldntYouMajorInSomethingLikeBusinessRebeccaWeLoveYouItsJustYourMamaHasSpentHerEntireLifeTryingToConformToSocietalNormsAndNowSeeingThoseNormsEmbraceTheCultureIveBeenRunningFromHasThrownMeIntoAnIdentityCrisisThatIsOnlyWorsenedBySeeingMyOwnDaughterAcceptSaidCultureThatIWasTooEmbarrassedAndScaredTo #IKnowHowHypocriticalItIsToOpenlyAdmitThatTheThingImClaimingToBeCoreToAmericanValuesDidntOriginateFromAmericaMakingItAsForeignAndAlienAsTheFoodsImFightingAgainstButTheRecipesOfMyAssimilatedMotherAreTheOnlyThingIHaveLeft

Sophie B : My girlfriend eats mayo with every meal I'm convinced she is solely keeping the mayo industry alive

Cocotte : It's so good to hear you laugh, I couldn't stop laughing as well xD

Nomasti The African Warlord : Is it wrong when I saw "mayo-phobia" I thought it was about White people?

Jinxy Bolts : « Most American of foodstuffs » it is a French recipe...

Little Fires : Who in their right mind would think to combine olives and Jello?

grassK : 3:53 why was kimchi listed among the condiments??? kimchi isn't a condiment. its a side dish. ig you can kinda just plop it on any food item like a condiment, but its definitely not a condiment

Poki#3 : 6:42 - It was here, that we lost T B Skyen, may he rest in peace. :P

Tomtankill : 911 what is your emergency? - yea; a mayo blog is choking the air out of me. I'M DYING!!!