Daddy Daughter Beatbox

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Bartier Cardi : I keep replaying this video so cute it's so heard 2 believe that Amalah is 2 now

Broken Teeth : I replayed this video like 7 times.

Simply Sims : Seriously, this is sooooooo precious!

Chelsea England : Her face at the end is priceless, like "whoa did we just do that!?" -- too cute!

Millicent Swift : Awe, that was cute :)

tiacooper23 : At the end she's like I didn't know I had it in me. Lol

Niobi Murray : Her face at the end was like : you touched the Royal chin 😨

Dizzy Angel : Her face at the end, oh my gosh. I can't stop watching


DeacSpeaks : I can boldly admit that I have watched this video at least 8 times lol.

Avienne Rorik : I think I want to make this my ringtone and then leave my phone on during important meetings.

Seth Andrews : This is the best 8 seconds on the web

Laura Mwale : she looked so shocked at duh end, but it was still soooo adorable


iChillalot : 10hour remix please

Bruce Shark : This makes makes me happeh...

Tabarnacos2 : I like the face it makes at the end, like "Damn, I did that !?"

pratherat : Baby: I can't believe I did that!

Shonda : I keep hitting replay I am over here crying 😂😂😂😂😂

April Camillo : This is the cutest video ever! her face at the end is priceless! She's just precious, and God love what dad does when mom is gone! Adorable!

BlackStreets 76 : her beat box stuck in my head & this time I don't mind- ba ba babababababababa babababababababababa

Chlœ Dodson : I can't just watch this one time 😂😂😂

KIDs FunSarc Mania : God Bless Her :)

asdf zxcvb : Can't wait to see this on some TV show like Ellen or whatever grandmas watch these days.

BFMDocs FamNStuff : she is soooo adorable!

MK Flav : drool and spit squad go ham

litebrite84 : "The drool and spit squad" LOL you funny

Shahera Stephens : 😂😂😂 Too Cute. I can't stop playing it. 😍😊😍

mbrooks3 : She will Love these vids when she's older! Mad cute!

Andrea Styles : her face in the end she was like "Daddy we did it! that was awesome!" :))

Life, Light and Hope : am I the only one that has played this video a minimum of 100 times today? Lol!  I love it!  My husband would totally do this to our baby ALL of the time. I used to get on him about crazy antics like this, but she loved it.  P.S. it scratched those itchy gums for her so she got more out of it than he did!  Lol!

Christiena Treece : I love how at the end she was just like woah

Peshuga de posho : And that's to parents like this, is why rock&roll was born.

Chlœ Dodson : Her face at the end thoooo 😂😂😂

Eoin_ Digney : At the end that face tho

Keirra Shantell : 😱 she was amazing and who made that beat box was amazing to

SportGamingComputing : who disliked this ?!!!

Vera White : Drool & spit?!?! #Dead

Cartoon High : I'm surprised this never went viral.

Jessi Sanfilippo : Amazing. So amazing.

Whitney laborin : Soo cute!! Oh my gosh, I've literally watched this 20+ times and it will never get old

Cuddle Bunnae : The pleasantly surprised face is me after taking a test I thought i would fail. 😂😂😍

CaliforniaAfrican : Yes!!!  Get it!  Alright, Daddy LaGuardia, loop this brotha man!!  Give us a full minute or two.  I KNOW you can loop this and spit a few bars over it.  I'll be waiting...  Peace.

Miraculous Superbug : I noticed that this tune is in some other videos from this channel.

Danielle Galvan : her face at the end was to adorable

Diana Rodes : Awwwwwww you should we a award for that!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Over cuteness alert ❤️❤️❤️

Abeera Khawaja : This is most cutest & awesome song I have ever heard on my life. I heard this every day more than 10 times. This most cutest daddy baby video I have ever seen in my life. May Allah safeguard u & ur family. Ameen. From Pakistan 🇵🇰

JoshLightWork : hello again! another message from The Work Family. we're rocking out to this on Infinite Loop. it's pretty rad. <3 rock on! you da man. :D

Roundtable Discussion : I tried this with my baby sis but fail lol

Deborah Coburn : The "Damn I sound good!" face that she made at the end killed me! Lol I heart you two!