'The whole town is gone.' Drone video reveals the scale of fire destruction in Paradise

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Skyebooo : how is it that all these buildings are destroyed but the pine trees are still standing?

Wanda Roderick : that is no ordinary fire no way in hell

Tancy Milligan : the lasers are precise they missed the Verizon flag.

Greg M : Three years ago I was living in Washington state and lost everything to a fire. I made it out alive and I've moved on, but there are things that I will never get back. People always say that's just stuff, but there are things that have more value than the price that was originally paid. Things like photographs of friends, and family who are no longer alive. Photos of places I've been, and memorabilia of things I had accomplished. Even material things can have great sentimental value, like special gifts given to me by partner, who died in 2005. I can remember those things now, but as I get older I know those things will fade from my memory and then it will be lost forever, as if my past never was. I feel so sad for all those people in California.

drewfrosst : How is that Verizon sign untouched🤔🤔🤔

Albert Torre : It's an Inside job guys!!!

Dixfer : Looks like the safest place was in those dry pine trees.

elli003 : I can't believe I'm looking at so many green trees ? How can that happen ?

Aerial : It was no camp fire, it was an explosion using a directed energy weapon. We have NASA footage to prove it.

Nor-Cal Transparency : I live right on the edge of the Evac zones in Chico. This was no forest fire. This was the practical application of the wildlands project. Agenda 21 and 2030. Gentrification by fire. Either 9000 burning structurea caused a few trees to burn or a few burning trees caused 9000 structurea to burn. You don't get to have it both ways. Either way the forest is still standing and the buildings are gone. This was a targeted strike carried out with military surgical precision.

John Maltby : Notice the destruction where even cinder blocks and porcelyn toilets are reduced to ash yet every tree right next to every one the structures destroyed in the photos all stand with not even a singed leave or pine needle. This is impossible! Where I am from I have seen first hand the devestation of forest fires but this is not the result of an out of control bush fire at all, this looks like arson using thermite grenades or military phosphorus ordinance. When are you sheep out there going to wake up to the lies spread by the MSM media

Richard Howell : I'd love to know what that Verizon flag is made out of. . .

jacob portillo : DEWS people, research it! there is satellite imagery of the attack.

And I'm An Anarchist : I wish there was a way for millions of Americans to chip in and buy the land from the homeowners, and then sit on it. These people were burned out of their homes, because government wants the property.

Michael DeSilvio : Directed energy weapon.

Robert Mcintosh : Rothchilds own PGE .Govenor Brown passed a bill so tax payers will bail out the Rothchilds Hillary Rothchild Clinton.. do 5min research.

Bill Wilson : This is another 9/11. Buildings completely leveled. Trees still standing, many untouched. DEW ATTACK!

K & R W : How is that Verizon flag still standing perfectly fine like out of all things

Patrick Bates : RIP people and animals.

legnA : I've never seen such ignorant meaningless sick comments as I've seen here on youtube regarding these fires. This is more than just a little news ditty. Our entire state is being incinerated and I just don't get how anyone could say the emotionless things. Just don't say anything if this is all you have to offer suffering people. No wonder trump was elected prez. This country is doomed

HOMER DRUMPF : Fallout 5 California expansion pack

ABWM2 : THIS is crazy. Explain how only the trees next to houses burnt yet surrounding trees untouched. Maybe they cleaned the streets but how can vehicles melt with aluminum rims molten metal yet the road surface is untouched. The tar/bitumen isnt even scorched and the white lines on the road and in parking bays right up to fires is all intact. Then we have every store front burnt to twisted metal with all the paint gone and no signage yet the street sign isn't even scorched and the paint on it is untouched. All that heat enough to melt car rims and buckle cars and metal and homes with steel roofs gone, yet not one scorched or melted road ANYWHERE with all that radiant heat. A FURNACE. yet NEVER TOUCHED THE WHITE LINES OF PAINT OR MELTED ANY ROAD AND UNDER THE CARS. ALL AROUND THE CARS THE ROAD IS PERFECTLY INTACT.That speed boat in the drive not touched yet it has vinyl seats, not melted, and only feet away a car has burned unchecked yet the white fender on the side of the boat hasn't one ounce of burning or soot, ash nothing, still nice white paint on it not even dirty.Are we to believe all the residents returned and swept the entire streets and even up all the driveways? This is a joke and absolute joke.

scholar life : Things are gonna get way worst from here on out

Jason Harmon : Folks , this fire was not started by nature. We the people pray for you and are behind you. We behind the scenes that work the trenches know how and when the fires started. We figured ahead of time this would happen and have been using surveillance on certain areas. There is a cover up going on. A certain agenda is being pushed and its the deep state. Do your research. This will be exposed soon. These fires that are STRATEGICALLY placed is no mistake. To the the folks that are causing this , we the people are coming after you. We do have videos of when and how! Eagle eye is up and flying !

MrMegaFredZeppelin : Very sad to see this :-( Our hearts and prayers go out to all affected by this. ROCK ON!!!!!!!

Ei8th Wond3r : @0.34, how is the Verizon flag still in good shape with the rest of the building burnt to a crisp.

SJ Tx : Feel so sorry to the people who lives there and have memory. Really creepy and unbelievable.

Marten Trudeau : Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown says this is the “new normal” he ought to know, because California forests have been mismanaged by pagan earth worshiping environmentalist for decades that has created fire hazardous conditions, Jerry Brown himself is a pagan earth worshiping Jesuit who knows the U.S. Air Force has been relentlessly spraying California with chem-trails for over 20 years that contain aluminum oxide that also contributes to the fire hazard. These are not "wild" fires in suburbia, where the wild things get burn up, these are the urban cremation fires where people, houses, Burger Kings and shopping centers are burnt down to the ground leaving only white ash. Our government has had directed energy weapons (DEW) for decades and has been weaponizing the weather for decades, they even signed a weather warfare treaties with the USSR in 1972 and the United Nations in 1977. It is a good assumption that our government is using DEW's and weather weaponization on us. It's an American birth right to have "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness", This would include the right to own private property. These are “Unalienable Rights” given to us by our creator God and cannot be transferred or taken away from us by anybody and especially by any government. Jerry Brown says the violent fires are a result of humans creating CO2 greenhouse gas and that causes global warming, this is a fake, bogus science sanctioned by the government that is taught in every school in the world, it is really not science at all, it's metaphysics. Georges Lemaître was the Catholic priest (Jesuit trained) invented the Big Bang theory, with no real science to back it up, it was based on the Qabbalah that is thousands of years old. Isaac Newton was a practitioner or the Hermetical Arts of Qabbalah and alchemy. Gravity is where we all experience a force pulling everything down towards the foundations of the earth, but we do not experience forces of things pulling on things, as described by the theory of gravity, it has never been proven. Nicolas Copernicus was a Catholic priest and had no science to back up his Heliocentric theory of the solar system and this is also originates form the Qabbalah. Charles Darwin had no science to back up his evolution theory it also originates form the Qabbalah. The ancient age of the Earth, currently at 4.5 billion years old is also from Qabbalah. Albert Einstein's Relativity and Quantum theory came from Qabbalah. There is no empirical science to support any of the above theories. http://www.revealingscienceofgod.com/index.php?page=anticipations The result of all of these fires there are dead and missing people and we don't know how many died in these fires if their bodies were cremated. The government are the ones doing the body count, they are the first ones into the burnt-out neighborhoods, and let the home owners back in after their finished counting. Also the homeless who have lost everything, and have no chance to rebuild their homes as they were because of restrictive California buildings Codes, the rezoned California Fire Hazard Zones, and high insurance premiums. The homeowners will be forced to sell at fire sale prices. The government and the rich and powerful will be happy to purchase these properties. Jerry Brown is offering California as a burnt sacrifice to his earth gods.

mercuryminer : It looks to me as though this was more of a structure-to-structure fire in the neighborhoods rather than a forest fire. A lot of the trees are green and not heavily burned. It also looks like structures with roof materials of a higher fire rating made it through, as well as new roofs. It will be interesting to see a study. It is sad to see a house with a pool that is burned down. A long-run $300 gas centrifugal pump and roof top agricultural-style sprinkler might have saved the place. I have purchased a pump set up and gel fire retardant to spray on everything when a fire comes. I am also thinking of a double-wall cinder block safe building with a big compressed air tank. We live up a long country road that will be impossible to drive on if a fire comes from below and races uphill.

Wayne G : Anyone wonder why the trees are still standing?

*Rav Singh* : Paradise was being attacked 😭😭😭😭😭😭💔😭😭😭😭😭😭

Andrea T. : Absolutely heartbreaking 💔💔😢😢Wow😞😞.

Scott Boulden : why is it called "the camp fire" ?

Yahkema J : How is it possible to have houses and cars and metal melted in this fire but the trees next to them are still in tact not burned at all but you have cars that were so hot they just melted why are people not seeing this or talking about this it is insane common sense tell anyone that this is not a naturally set fire that they were started most likely by a lazier that is pointed at these houses and blasted and the lazier is hot enough to burn the homes and the metal and cars but it can't burn the wood this is a lie and they are making it sound like the whole of California is on fire and all these people that are missing were just burn up no these people were taken by who ever set these lazier fires just like people are taken in the hurricanes people were abducted and who know what was done to them people need to wake up and start to use their minds and think about what they are seeing in these fires because they make no sense no camp fire caused these hot ass fires that melt steel and cars but leave the trees standing next to them.

Nancy Joseph : Look at the airier pictures, so many live trees left but houses destroyed! Not a wild fire DEW

Connor Evans : This is the work of lasers

john smith : look at the trees in the background this is all part of the globalist agenda 21 plan these fires are man made using lasers glass melted out of cars all appliances melted in the houses rims melted on cars a Forrest fire is never that hot for the trees to have done this they would have burned completely up

Buttercream722 : I'm going to say it too, buildings destroyed but the trees surrounding them are not. Hmm...DEW's

fullclipaudio : Winds were under 10mph that night. This WAS a Directed Energy Weapon. We're under attack.

SavageLemon : Good place to film movie man

LoveFlatfootin1 : So many idiotic comments.

K S TV : It's like Aliens used Lasers! Somebody needs to go to Jail..

SDR Media : The government's laser system fingerprint is all over it. Welcome to the New World Order. The war that most cant see because America is sleeping.

Paul Anomoly : I hope I'm not the only one seeing some odd things in this video that leads me to wonder if this was all planned. 0:32 is a great example.

Final One : Why are the streets so clean? Was not there much wind because of the fire? 🤔

Forever Evolving : Structures in the middle of open parking lots incinerated while the trees and area around the parking lots are untouched. How does a "wildfire" target structures? Since when do wildfires burn hot enough to completely incinerate everything? Something is up with these fires.

Brenda Prinsloo : What blows my mind is the trees are still standing but the structures of the homes are gone. Seems like a specific target was destroyed.

Camille A : Not a "Wildfire". This fire only effects Buildings it seems. Pine Trees which are highly flammable seem to be untouched. I am guessing DEWs did this.

Luke Warmwater : everybody hated the smoke hanging in the air when we burned our fields. the pastures were better for grazing when we burned them every other year or so, the 'duff' didnt get thick and choke out the good grass, it didnt wick all of the moisture out of the soil. we never had fires like this, blame global warming all you want, we never let this much fuel stack up back in the day. we never had fires this intense because we managed fuels. are you arrogant children ready to listen yet? or does everything have to burn first??

Christine Mainville : How is it that the Verizon flag did not burn? Maybe someone put it there after the fire was out?