A Perfect Circle - So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish (Official Video)

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The Spanktuary : The moral of the story is if I ever see a bunch of dolphins swimming into the sky, I'm getting inside one of those old refrigerators.

noman mcshmoo : This song is the perfect expression of how DOOMED we are....and we are DOOMED.

Nico : “A Perfect Circle should sound more like...” Apparently, a lot of people don’t recognize that Maynard doesn’t care what we want. If he did, Tool would have another album by now. The groups he creates with are artists that have things they want to say, so let them create.

Deadmetal : "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move."

Loudwire : Thanks for all the RIFFS!

Patrick Kearns : Maynards exact quote. "People are gonna hate this one" I love it lol

WESYX : It's like Fallout(the game), Black Hole Sun and Guide to the Galaxy had a baby.

joelioes : How do you draw a Perfect Circle without any Tool?

Rick snyder : If you listen backwards you hear what 42 means

Matt Eagle : "from the new album Eat The Elephant out..."..... Great opportunity for a comma, that

Kevin Woolrich : I truly believe that the reason APC’s new music (this will happen when Tool releases their new album as well...just wait and see) gets passed off as garbage compared to their older albums is because these days so many people only listen for the sake of posting online that they’ve listened. They’re not really listening, they just want to complain. Eat the Elephant sounds like APC. The album sounds very similar to Thirteenth Step, but in 2003 we all didn’t bitch all over YouTube and compare everything to something that came before. If Mer de Noms or Aenema was released in 2018 the same people would be claiming those albums suck and “Maynard is too political” etc. If you could separate and realize that, you’d understand how ridiculous it is. When Tool’s new album is released there will be thousands of negative reviews IMMEDIATELY after listening, because those people just have to tell everyone they’ve listened. There will be no time to digest the album because people can’t step away from bitching all over the internet.

Richard F. Kerdasha : HERE ARE THE LYRICS FOR ALL TO ENJOY : Time is money and money's time We wasted every second dime On diets, lawyers, shrinks and apps and flags and plastic surgery Now Willy Wonka, Major Tom, Ali, and Leia have moved on Signal the final curtain call in all its atomic pageantry Bravissimo, hip hip hooray For this fireworks display Mind and body blown away What a radiant crescendo Ticker tape parade Our hair and skin like Marilyn Monroe In an afterwind Time is money and money's time We wasted every second dime On politicians, fancy water and guns and plastic surgery Like old Prince and Brady's mom All the dolphins have moved on Signaling the final curtain call in all its atomic pageantry Bravissimo, hip hip hooray What a glorious display Melt our joyous hearts away Under the mushroom cloud confetti Hip hip hooray for this fireworks display Mind and body blown away What a radiant crescendo Hip hip hooray Hip hip hooray Ticker tape parade Our hair and skin like Marilyn Monroe in an afterwind Time is money and money's time We wasted every second dime On diets, lawyers, shrinks and apps flags and plastic surgery Now Willy Wonka, Major Tom, Ali and Leia have moved on Signal the final curtain call in all its atomic pageantry.......

Kara McEvers : Whoever directed this video should win all the awards.

Daniel Smith : I think we can all agree its time for another tool album

Sean Lacroix : Just... Wow. I've been waiting for new Tool/APC for yeeaaars... But as I grow older I find my tastes have changed. First time I listened to this album I was very "meh". After a few listens though... Holy moly. The lyrics, how the whole album is really an experience to be taken in to simmer in your brain... It takes you on a trip. The technicality, timing, and lyrics... It ties so well together, and leaves you evaluating what you find important in life. This is the music I've been craving. Nowadays the lack of meaning or point to songs, the immediate gratification they cater to... This is opposite to that. It makes you feel something deeper. I imagine most will be divided on this new album, but honestly I feel it's the perfect evolution of APC's sound. Matured, honed, and crafted to distill a real emotional investment while listening. Love you guys, APC!

RainbowByt3s : This is literally the world right now. ... And they wonder why my generation is depressed...

2skyland : Don't Panic.

Darth Maul Out'vFux : I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS F*CKING WONDERFUL SONG. I been playing it over and over and over...

Salty Squirrel : Many people have tried to preach about the end of the world but the every time Maynard does it he finds a way to make us listen

gaspar valenzuela : Hitchkinners guide reference detected

The Miniature Fleshcouch : War. War never changes. So long & thanks for all the Nuka.

Pied Piper : War... war never changes.

Jesse H. : Maynard doesn't stagnate. It's one indicator of his musical genius. You want old APC? Those albums still exist lol. This is the new shit.

Steve 5fdp : see you down in Arizona bay

Jmack 4275 : Basically he is saying that us as the majority of the population are so blind to what's really going on as long as we look young and have money. Basically like "hip hip hooray look at me everybody" while everyone around us is dying

Mark Wildt : Great representation of just how desensitized we've become to everything... And no one cares as long as they're entertained...

Tony Payson : Don't Panic...

jason birch : this video is EXACTLY what i pictured while listening to the song....haunting and beautiful

EmmettD : Been a while since i was moved by a music video, 10/10

freakkyser : Now add stan Lee to that list

Trina Barger : Don't Panic.

Mike Anthony : Don't forget to bring a towel.

Martin Wagner : the moment i understood this video (well... very subtile on my opinion) was about 4:30 .... living in a fake world, with fake expressions and fake emotions she realizes her self as a fake, and first time she is real ... but too late ;) ... (the last expression in her face is real...)

coolwhipped creamcheese : *Fallout 76 looks great!*

Channing Parker : I just ate some chicken salad. Tuna is good too, I guess.

Joshua Pendley : The music video really adds to the depth of the content here, this is the album no one knew they needed. Maynard cared enough to make us all put our cell phones away for a few hours to enjoy it. Although, I fear it's too late, at least we can reflect on it while the ship sinks.

zombot31 : This video is like the love child of the Fallout franchise and video for Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun". I love it.

Derek Dubyah : It's not about an actual ground war. It's the war within ourselves. We're losing, or have lost, our way. Nothing is original anymore. The heroes of our younger years have died, and no one can replace them. People are puppets to the media clowns, and morals, and ethics, have been so eroded, few people can see that they are being held back by material things and shitty ideas. The Family Institution is dwindling; and traditions belittled. There's no true threats to us, so we manufacture crises, and tear our family and our neighbors down. We sin; because, why not? No repercussions. The atomic bomb is equally meaningful to an actual bomb, as well as a metaphor to the end of our humanity.

Kara McEvers : I like how the 7 deadly sins are all over the place I wonder if it was on purpose

buzz waz : Simply brilliant

Sharlene McClure : Proof that ignorance is Bliss, commercialism is King

the beastmerc : This video is the bomb.

Jesus Christ : bad ass!

Jed Richter : A decent song that didnt get the credit it deserved....10 years ago it would have

Lyrical Jones : This video symbolises that everything is going to ruin in plain sight.. Yet, everyone walks around oblivious to what is happening around them. Too wrapped up in their own lives and greed. The real world we live in.

BxSquirrel : It took me a few attempts but this song has finally grown on me. I knew APC wouldn't let me down!

Helene Ferguson : Loved the satire in this video 👍🙂 they must've had a good time filming it 😉

Natalia Perez : The biggest problem is having to teach the next generation history. It's all happened before, round and round we go where it stops does not matter we have stopped there before.

Jake Deblois : I like it

Rocked : This is the weirdest episode of Leave It To Beaver I've ever seen.