'Don't Step In It' Official Commercial - Hasbro Gaming

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Plaz Flame : They've officially run out of ideas. The human race has fallen.

Beartallica86 : Lots of salty folks in the comment section. My opinion, this game looks hilarious!

Negan : I could play this game for free and with real dog poo buy walking across my local football field

Plaz Flame : Someone's job was on the line and their boss said, "Jenkins! I need a new kids game by Friday or you're fired!"..... and here we are.

Plaz Flame : This is the kind of commercial I expect to see in Family Guy 😂

Jake Goff : can you cross the mat without stepping in DOODOO

Katie Smith : .......why does this exist?

Crysp Bytes : They’re just turning everything into a game at this point, are they?

BlueKewne : For a second I thought this was a Cinco product from Tim And Eric. It wouldn't be far off.

Wigwam : Very similar theme to the creepy mind control youtube kids videos. Oh look, theres a ton of them on the right of the screen. im sure thats a coincidence

Alan Stephens : Eeeeeewwww

GunbladeRevolver : After playing this game for a while, how sanitary is this gonna be? I know not everyone gonna be having clean feet and I don't think anyone's playing this game with shoes on so....yeah. Smh

OutletMan : Not as worse as running a marathon while the track is made from legos

PeteBumblePonders : My ads are based on my browsing history...

James Lifsey : I should get this for my kids. They would feel just like they're visiting their mother.

Troll Colate : Just sign up for residence at my apartment complex and you can play this game everyday!

Hitler's Magic Carpet : ...Why?

Chancey Dicklord : Hey Hasbro, will you hire me? I heard you hire anyone now and accept just about any idea, so it's worth a shot to ask. Boy do I have some awesome ideas for you!

Roast Master : The girl feet are amazing

Rickir Ramos : 1st kids eating tide pods now this come people we can do better

Destiny Grover : who tf is running hasbro rn and are they ok?

davidjohnjr : Two girls one boardgame?

golfboy4886 : This has to be one of the stupidest ideas EVER! That means it will probably be a top seller, due to the idiocy of the American people.

Jodie : Why do kids want to play with doodoo so much these days?!

Quark Queen Andrew : Gross!

Oh Bot : Hasbro you can do way way way better

10mintwo : These isis recruitment videos are getting so sophisticated

Coral Flores Castillo : segunda

Nour Gilinsky : Hasbro + Nintendo = My little pony Splatfest

El Anonimo SONRIENTE : Ya no saben que inventar, puedo jugar a ese juego sin necesidad de comprarlo hahahahaha

Awesome Ninja : why just why?

Hyena : Your next board game better involve pee.


SolidSonicTH : Well...okay then.

River White : No no no! Absolutely NOT!

james10614 : I'll say one thing - the dad sure had nice feet.

ineedmyhat : This wouldn't have sold in the 80's or the 90's when weird toys were all the rage. What the flip Hasbro ?

Daisy Shelton : I have that game

Chutney Ferret : Hey Ralph Garman! Ya grab content you old drunk!

Michael DuPree : Guys, cmon. April 1st is mad far

Tenisha Massezcsjwkrjjrrkgadsasdcfdfuo9ranburg : Who wonts that game no

bitwize : What's next, Hasbro? Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence?

Jim Krause : Sounds like something on Ren and Stimpy.

Joseph's Stuff : Internet in a nutshell

Ernesto Rojas : love it

Aavacado is how you spell my name : Well this is just...😶embarrassing💩

Tristin Mitchell : Mmm... Their feet look like they need worshipping

Dan Williams : Thought this was a Cinco toy at first

Raphael Rabelo : Seems like Mickey Aldrin (from HIMYM) got a successful game launch

Hector Rodriguez : nasty