Fandoms Ruin Everything

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Cool Kid : Why did people take baldi's basic serious???? Why are there theories about? And game play's?? Why?????WHY!

Feepis : I've always loved Linkin Park, and got so much shit for it in high school. I never understood why everyone shit on them. Yeah, their old stuff could be pretty edgy at times, but that doesn't make it bad music. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are brilliant albums.

Billy Cobb : *cough* My Chemical Romance *cough*

Billy Cobb : *Neutral Milk Hotel*

Alfadillo Gonadicus : Baldi's Basics in My Little Five Nights Under Cuphead's Doki-Doki Ink Machine & Morty (feat. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl; and Steven) & Knuckles alongside Dante from Devil May Cry With a New Funky Mode!: Battle Royale

Medusa Dreams : I’m the first cosplayer who’s Beth! It’s funny to see my self in there !!! :D

Tia Baker : Kpop fandoms ruin the whole country

Fazazer : change your name to Ambassador

Bigfanm3new : Thank god i'm in the ROBLOX and JAWS Fandom

Jacob Hill : Elvis The Piglien

jamie birch : FIVE NINES AT JEFFS

Funky : Fandoms are leaked images of hell

danica w : Tbh i stopped playing Minecraft because suddenly it became a huge meme. But now that I’ve given it a second chance I remember how great a game it is. It’s relaxing and so peaceful compared to other games that beat the shit out of you

uztre6789 : I feel like all of anime falls in this category. Anytime you mention anything about anime, there are people that say "What, you watch that hentai, you weeb?" Obviously most aren't serious about that and just say it as a joke but all the anime fandom shit has ruined just casually watching anime. At least I feel like that's the case.

Mustaki : Yup I agree

carat. : Honestly armys ruined bts for me. Like i love bts and ill always support them but the fandom put me off especially when i first found out about bts. Its not rly a problem anymore bc i stay away from fandom wars etc. I also think one of the reasons why ppl dont get into bts is bc of the fandom like its so bad lol

Lemonade mouth ? : God is punishing us for what we did to undertale

Flip Skylark : joji lookin ass

vdB 5009 : You need to play undertale, the game is actually one of the best games i know.

Belmont : You need a high IQ to enjoy Five 69's at Baldi's:Baldi is Magic.

Phantomwaltz : There are things I'm embarrassed to openly like due to fandoms.

IgnitedZucc 25 : The Shrek fandom is ironically the only reason Shrek has succeeded And I love it And I love Shrek too

sniperthot : “I think that memes are the most powerful weapon in the world”

Pigeon Lester : "Look at Russia!" *me, currently in Russia:* what

Crihs95 : I don't think saying fandoms sway the quality of art is correct tho, if you watched Rick and Morty for the first time now without knowing about the fandom shouting pickle rick you'd still think it's a good show, fandoms ruin the idea of said art, because you don't want to be lumped with these freaks that take it too far so you kinda fall into a state where you're embarassed to be a fan of said show/artpiece

Mink : I agree 100%. I'm too scared to say I still play minecraft and I can't listen to Nickelback around people because I get mocked. Yes, the minecraft fandom is trash but honestly nothing is more relaxing than sitting down at a computer and building a cool house or exploring caves underground. Nickelback? It's just my type of music. I'll never understand the "all their songs sound the same" argument because look at Drake or Katy Perry.. It's just a style of music. It's not bad objectively just because you personally aren't into it.

Stalinator : How could u say nickleback is hated its one of the greatest death metal bands to ever see the light of day

Skeptical.bricks : The Lego fandom is the worst. Like genuinely...

Inky Nova : Small fandoms are always the best, I remember joining the undertale and FNAF fandom when they first came out and the community was pretty good everyone was really friendly, The OCs were genuinely interesting. Then it got big, kids and wierd shit got involved then it went to shit. I think you should take a look into the Steven Universe fandom. You'd be horrified at some of the shit that went on. (And no, I'm not shitting on the show, I've seen a few episodes.)

Dead Meat : This was me with DDLC memes every where and at the end I decided to play the game and loved it and enjoyed the memes knowing what they meant now that played it

shrek bonkers : tbh if you played undertale it would likely start ironic like it did for me but it wears off after the charm of the game gets to you

Hex : The only think I know of nickelback is ‘look at this graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaph’

MEDIC ! : Undertale is Earthbound's aborted son.

yellowpig 10 : if something has a godawful fandom, then you should get involved with it, bad fandoms don't usually start around bad things

Alikersantti Corsaint : Have you heard of just ignoring the said things? Your just ruining everything for yourself by doing so. I know it seems hard, but it really isn't. And you could at least respect the fan creations, even if they are bad. They spent alot of time working on it and even had the courage to make it public. And that's what make fandoms. But good video, can't wait that you do unpopular opinions on despacito 2

BananaLizard : what about fortnite? that games awful

puffcheesis : why isnt there a despacito fandom

2Edgy 4Me : This is why the EU is banning memes


Suffering Screamo : Totally agree. Undertale was ruined by the fandom. FNAF was ruined by the fandom but also the later games kinda ruined it. Rick and Morty was most definitely ruined that way too. I grew up on Nickelback, they don't have like the best songs but they have some hitters. It is sad to see stuff you love become ruined because people don't know when to stop. My friends and I still play Minecraft but my friend was ashamed to say that he still enjoyed it because everyone ruined it.

Deacon8or : I don't think that any content that wasn't produced as an actual piece of the source material should be able to sway the quality of the original artwork. What it -can- do is drive new fans away by being awful, but to say that it changes anything about the original source is kind of ridiculous to me. I don't think a fandom can ruin things as much as a fandom can be ruined. That's just me, I guess.

Aslak Bech : The toxic side of a fandom is ALWAYS the minority no matter what anyone says

Maggie Roland : I honestly agree with you. I don't find cosplaying, fan art, or things like that bad, but a lot of people take it too far. (Getting too into the character while cosplaying, NSFW art, etc.)

Mitchy Sassi : If you like cute RPGs that have a dark twist/concept, undertale is great. I loved the game, although my friend who got me into it was unfortunately one of the cringey fans. Still a great game, though, and I recommend.

YoshiEgg95 : Minecraft: *Shows MC Undertale animation in background*


EchoTheWorld : I don't have hentai of a chicken on my phone

lochie meechan : I love this show but I kinda miss reality check

Round Potato : Usually people don't like nickelback because their songs all sound the same If they hate them because of memes, then, they're stupid

Jenna Kellis : I loved MLP, Homestuck, Undertale, Rick and Morty, and others I probably forgot about. The fandoms pushed me away from being able to enjoy them. Now I feel embarrassed when I say Undertale made me tear up at the good ending and that Sans was my favorite character.