Fandoms Ruin Everything

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Cool Kid : Why did people take baldi's basic serious???? Why are there theories about? And game play's?? Why?????WHY!

Kyrem 12 : You look like a white joji

Bigfanm3new : Thank god i'm in the ROBLOX and JAWS Fandom

Re-sync : This is why the EU is banning memes

sunsetpanda : i love Undertale but hate 80% of the fandom.

Justin Y. : OwO what's this

Pigeon Lester : "Look at Russia!" *me, currently in Russia:* what

Aslak Bech : The toxic side of a fandom is ALWAYS the minority no matter what anyone says

Anna : i remember when I was like 6 My Little Pony was the biggest shit in my life,i loved it so much that i would go on playdates with my friends just so we could watch it. then when I was about ten my mom finally bought me my own computer to do whatever i wanted, that meant that there were no parental locks,no blocked words,absolutely no barriers.needless to say, bronies ruined My Little Pony (and an innocent mind) for a ten year old.

Not Korg : A anime fandom that doesn't suck: JoJo's bizarre adventure

Alfadillo Gonadicus : Baldi's Basics in My Little Five Nights Under Cuphead's Doki-Doki Ink Machine & Morty (feat. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl; and Steven) & Knuckles alongside Dante from Devil May Cry With a New Funky Mode!: Battle Royale

Some oreo : 4:09 i now need therapy from that minecraft porn

YoshiEgg95 : Minecraft: *Shows MC Undertale animation in background*

Hex : The only think I know of nickelback is ‘look at this graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaph’

Spookdog : I got into Undertale before it was totally beaten down by fandoms and it makes me so sad seeing people hate on Undertale bc of the shit the bad part of the fandom has shoved in their faces because its a really genuinely good game with a great story and clever humor. Can ppl stop witb the weird ships tho there's literally like only one canon ship in Undertale, none of the characters are ever "sexy" pleASe StOP

Billy Cobb : *cough* My Chemical Romance *cough*

thevioletskull : There's toxic fandoms,and toxic people in a fandom making the whole fandom look bad even though it's not. But what about the good fans,where are they?

Trashy comedy : Cough panic at the Disco cough twenty one pilots cough

shrek Pee pee : fnaf was actually pretty good before little kids destroyed the game.

AbyssWarrior : Kid friendly joji

Feepis : I've always loved Linkin Park, and got so much shit for it in high school. I never understood why everyone shit on them. Yeah, their old stuff could be pretty edgy at times, but that doesn't make it bad music. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are brilliant albums.

Da CookieGod : youre pronouncing memes wrong its 'may may' or if youre a british person 'me mes'.

Medusa Dreams : I’m the first cosplayer who’s Beth! It’s funny to see my self in there !!! :D

SuperWeebElijah : You vaguely resemble Filthy Frank

3hree4our And a half : U look like Joji ngl

H.I.V : Fanart is more dangerous than memes

Naudia the king : Damn fandoms I loved the hell out of undertale and I miss it so bad. I never joined a fandom ever again after undertale and all these fandoms I find are filled with toxic people. People say furries are awful from all the cringe and the nasty porn in the community but that community is pretty open and accepting everybody I find there so nice heck this one lady paid another lady to draw my character. When it comes to talking about cringe on the internet you talk about it better than other people I try to tell people all the time that the internet shouldn't change your opinion and they never listen to me

Bootleg Batman : "Nickel back isn't trash" BionicPig 2018

VincentExotic : "look at russia" so pHuCkin troo

Johnathon Beaumont : Honestly Fandoms don't ruin anything. Fandoms can be filled with decent people. But the reason bad fanart and fanfiction is hard to avoid is because people put them in their fucking cringe comps.

BlackMania : I don't think memes destroy it. I think toxic people gatekeeping and because they're so awful, they end up spreading the opinion that "everybody in that fandom is cancerous" because some people are. In the case of undertale, the fandom was so goddamn toxic that Markiplier literally refused to play the game because people were complaining about everything he did and how he chose to play it so much that it was unbearable. And that was literally just the minority of the undertale fandom on his videos. But you take something like FNaF and the theories are what made it popular and keep it constantly relevant, without theories, you wouldn't even know the name. Then you take something like Skyrim, a game which was released in 2011 and still has an active fanbase making a large amount of content in the form of mods, mods and memes are what has made Skyrim considered to be one of the greatest videogames of all time, kept people playing for 7 years, and warranted rerelease after rerelease.

Rock Lee the Handsome Devil of the Konoha : Accidentally hit subscribe after clicking on this video, hit unsubscribe immediately as this is the first video of yours I've seen, and I'm not that easy. Anyway, my finger hovered above confirm, that beautiful intro played and as the words "mmm that's some good old fashioned coffee" hit my ears, my finger landed on cancel, and I decided to stay.

just a random shitposter : I ironically watch Minecraft porn with my friends xD

thortimer : why isnt there a despacito fandom

Tbags ForLife : Honestly thought you were joji from the thumbnail

Henry Busse : I s t h i s e l v i s t h e a l i e n ?

The Chicken Overlord : Just to let you know, If you haven't played Undertale, you should play it. You don't have to but it's a suggestion.

Back-In-Time-Productions : No offense but what do you have against theories? And I totally agree fandoms can go way to far.

NinjaGoBrickFilmz : Did you purposefully leave out the sonic fandom?

Joycon Flow : Fandom ruined Detroit Become Human.

Willie Broughton : Well, the theories and music videos are not inherently bad but their are some pretty cringy examples of them tho.

Johnson Jackson : dont let your memes be dreams

Jacob Hill : Elvis The Piglien

Adrian Christ : It's unfortunate that so many people will never play Undertale because of the weird stigma it has by now

Me. Crunchy : Nickleback is actually metal..........I.........I don't even know anymore.

WarSquirtoise : So wait pewdipie the meme destroyer... is SAVING US THEN?!?!

Kürbis Wind : It was the same thing for me with Hamilton honestly. I just saw these obnoxious, annoying Hamiltrashers just screaming and spamming Hamilton lyrics everywhere, making dumb references, and all these horrible Hamilton meme-compilations. I hated it before even listening to it, just because the fandom ruined it for me. Some years later I finally listened to some of the Hamilton songs and today I am a big fan of the musical! See, Hamilton is pretty much the best musical I've ever seen and there is so much thought put into it. But these horrible fans that hear a single word that is in some way related to Hamilton, and then have to spam the entire goddamn song in a chat- It annoys me to this day.

The Lemony Bard : *Steven Universe*

محمد خالد الزامل : They ruined everything because we gave him full attention ...... we all should ignore him ... this is the solution

andrew kiser : wheres fortnite??