The original Technoviking video.
Techno Viking We will never forget

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King Orange : He is the one man to rival Ricardo Milos...

The Scarecrow : the battle between this man and ricardo milos would shatter time and space

Ian Skrivarnik : lol literally. when he moves the crowd moves. when he stops the crowd stops.

Petrol : he protec he attac but most importantly he respec women and danc

Hayden : Can you believe this guy doesn’t wanna he known? It just adds to his mystique. He’s a living legend.

Rusty Shackleford : The doors of Valhalla are always open for this viking.

Intreductor : I could follow this guy into battle.

33hegemon : There is no speakers playing the music, it's just the Technoviking's thoughts transmitting and emanating directly from his mind in the surroundings.

Cheepst : I love how people keep giving him gifts, he's like some kind of god walking among them.

Pingu : Nobody: Thor after killing thanos:

I_AM_THE _THE0RY : Plot twist: he wasn't actually pointing somewhere he was threatening the man that he was gonna snap his fingers and turn him into dust

dollahbill510 : I don't think I can fully comprehend how much of a badass this guy is.

Alex Paardekooper : Legend says the man who bumped into the girl is still walking in that direction.


The Roberts Gang : Its 2019 and this is still the greatest YouTube clip ever.

KobraCheslav # : The most powerfull character in the YouTubeverse

DoubleK1990 : not a cell phone in sight, just people living the moment

Nebojsa Matic : That's how a man looks like without steroids...

Spacewolfen Fenris : Teknoviking is the peak of human evolution. This video should be put on the next Voyager mission.

Thanos Revenge : Beard level 100 Physique level 100 Dance Moves level 100 Pectorial Juggling it’s over 9000

Self Made : Chuck Norris < Techno Viking


Devoutestson : It makes me proud that there's this sudden burst of new people here due to wavywebsurf 's video.

meep meep : This is peak mortal performance some might even argue that he is a GOD

Jan Antonie Bánki : The first dude did it right... hold the water in front of his face, show your good intent but make no eye contact... assume the gratitude and walk away.. His family will be spared

Azullray : Hi, I’m techno viking, and I’m your freestyle dance teacher

Déaglán : Facial bone structure is 250% Nordic.

nick281972 : From 1:31-1:55 the most epic 24 sec in YouTube history.

Kevin Lambert : Name of the tracks: “Navigator” by Can-D-Music and “Save Changes and Exit” by Winstan & Noia :)

Dumbass Knight TM : He was sent by Odin to show mortals what real dance moves are.

Free North Radio : The chad techno viking Vs. The virgin raver

Master Daddy : This guy wins the boss award for the next 30 years

N G : I want to live in this video

Oh Yeah Yeah : Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.

Trembling Kiwi : They say the man who ran into the girl is still walking in the direction TechnoViking pointed.

Keith Howcroft : He literally could have been one of the first social media stars. Could have been so rich.

Antonio Debono : The song has no beat, its just the sound his pecks make he flexes them

james4592225 : 1:30 I don't care how great of a dancer you just cannot recreate those movements and feel or look the same way he does it doing it!! xD IT'S JUST NOT POSSIBLE!! This is EPIC and hilarious Technoviking!!

Andrew K : The drunk dude techno viking dismissed is sitting on the back of the car 2:49 this camera is on. He's was in a time out. And still is.

koolman Gaming : Where the Technoviking goes... The music follows

lizard : This is so weird, honestly. 😂 It's like some weird film/musical. First the antagonist is introduced, then the protagonist shows up to save the day, then it turns into a weird dance where all the background cast join in? What the hell man. lmao

XxRafaeloxX : somebody escaped from skyrim

bubblegumboobs : I can't stop watching! This was 19 years ago! God he is dreamy 😜

XxkillerxX10 : Ricardo vs. Technoviking Who will sit on the iron throne!?

Craigerboy55 : Techno Viking forever lives on. Through the beat and onward towards Valhalla!

CV : Chuck Norris uses this guy to check under his bed before he goes to sleep.

Bem Zen : Random guy: Here Technoviking, a flyer. *Technoviking trying to make sense of human language.

Bryan Roderick : Techno Viking is Earth's final boss.

Harley S. L. : Nothing is this authentic anymore...