The original Technoviking video.

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FaZe Dirty : aaaand now its known as the fortnite dance

Shelby Silverstein : My little bro showed me this dance on Fortnite the other day and I was like “Dude, that’s not a new dance!”, then he called me a jerk and said Fortnite invented this “new” dance, so I’m like “bro, they really didn’t and I can prove it!” he’s like “show me then noodle head!”, then I pulled up this beautiful bean footage on my iPad and the look on that kid’s face was priceless. Funny little tard! 🤣

Bryan Roderick : Techno Viking is Earth's final boss.

Meme Lord : Yet another great video ruined by fortnite children

Mason French : Can we all just thank this man for catching some random guy at the beginning who assaulted a female dancer?

Protoka : When technoviking moves the crowd moves with him. When technoviking stops, the crowd waits for him to continue.

Kuro : Not all heroes wear capes. Or shirts.

65akk : Have they made a statue of him pointing from 1:03 yet? Rumour has it that his finger will be the size of Mia Khalifa Edit: I mean the Burj Khalifa

TheToxicDestroyer 222 : TECHNO VIKING even though we shall never know where you went or where you are but I hope you're happy and are still raving on the streets

Nicklas Ratzka : i we had techno viking in the wehrmacht, we would have won the war ...

RoughToBeBuffTV : YouTube's finest 4 minutes. Raw. Uncut. Non scripted gold.

Sarius - DesTREUer OnGaming : 2:20 "Halt den Ball flach, alder!" 😂😂

Raiden TM : He was sent by Odin to show mortals what real dance moves are.

Joe N : this dude is a legend. we need an update on him. i like how he defended that girl

Arūnas Survila : If your party is not like this, dont invite me

ENZOtaki : The way he looks confused while dancing makes me believe he really was a dark age Viking that some how traveled through time and ended up there! Lol


kxr : legends has it that techno viking will return to us one day,but only when the world is in deep peril.for now techno viking is saving his strength.

C Johnson : In a world filled with danger and uncertainty, we await Technoviking's return to lead us.

Eazie Way : Who is watching this from 2028

JS Junior : Legend says that mdma is made right from his testosterone.

Jonathan Moore : *Best 800 virginbucks I have ever spent*

New Era : 2:20 "halt den Ball flach Alter!"

Guilherme Barros : aquele momento que você conhece a dancinha por conta do patriota


inadequate subject : I come back here to pay tribute.


Totally Not a Alien : This is what I think I look like. **Whispers** I don't! I look like a wet potato chip!

Your Death : I watch this on a daily basis lol

Trembling Kiwi : They say the man who ran into the girl is still walking in the direction TechnoViking pointed.

lane : I bet he eats raw meat

George Washington : Who's here because of Rasputin?

Gregory Berserk : Quem veio aki por causa do Patri ??

kevjdm1986 : Techno Viking yellow vest movement needs to happen across Europe to take a country’s back

Albino : Didn't expect them to add this one lmao

Fernando Gonzalez : God dam varg vikerns got buff

Leben Noiz : "Father, the village is being raided!" "Men! Assemble the war party!"

[SW13] STAR WULF XIII : When I grow up I wanna be like Techno Viking!! 😃

Arturo Jara : Hail odin

33hegemon : There is no speakers playing the music, it's just the Technoviking's thoughts transmitting and emanating directly from his mind in the surroundings.

mikeythebold tv : A few thousand of him and Germany will be alright

Patric Albrecht : i Need this Music, where is the link or the Name of the fucking good Music???

martin perrotta : Almost 2019, still internet classic

Bryan Shoemaker : Wow, after all these years is video still floating around. The shit is turning old school yo. A classic

Alex Murray : This is what happens when Skade rejects you

Rival 88 : Wtf is fortnite

Tomas Bras : That is Chuck Norris lost brother

schuessler - : if he was born in 1925 Germany would have won the world war II

Kingsley 905 : Man this guy could be getting paid so much to promote clubs 😂

Endriwhisky : Quem também veio pelo Patriota?