The original Technoviking video.

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Protoka : When technoviking moves the crowd moves with him. When technoviking stops, the crowd waits for him to continue.

Meme Lord : Yet another great video ruined by fortnite children

Imaginary Idiot : Not all heroes wear capes. Or shirts.

Raiden TM : He was sent by Odin to show mortals what real dance moves are.

Alex Paardekooper : Legend says the man who bumped into the girl is still walking in that direction.

JS Junior : Legend says that mdma is made right from his testosterone.

martin perrotta : Almost 2019, still internet classic

Mark Parris : There is no music in this video. This is just Technoviking's heartbeat.

TheToxicDestroyer 222 : TECHNO VIKING even though we shall never know where you went or where you are but I hope you're happy and are still raving on the streets

Big Chungus : A few thousand of him and Germany will be alright

FaZe Dirty : aaaand now its known as the fortnite dance

C Johnson : In a world filled with danger and uncertainty, we await Technoviking's return to lead us.

New Era : 2:20 "halt den Ball flach Alter!"

DMT 〉👽 : That waterboy dude is awesome (1:17) People tend to forget that when you're on MDMA you can easily die of dehydration.

Leben Noiz : "Father, the village is being raided!" "Men! Assemble the war party!"

RoughToBeBuffTV : YouTube's finest 4 minutes. Raw. Uncut. Non scripted gold.

GlenR I : That's a real German. If we had more of him, our country wouldn't get raped by the elites.

nick281972 : From 1:31-1:55 the most epic 24 sec in YouTube history.

Scranvan : Hahahaha getting high in the 90s was a public duty

kxr : legends has it that techno viking will return to us one day,but only when the world is in deep peril.for now techno viking is saving his strength.

ENZOtaki : The way he looks confused while dancing makes me believe he really was a dark age Viking that some how traveled through time and ended up there! Lol

Buddy Bill : When the aliens arrive and says, take me to your leader


Eazie Way : Who is watching this from 2028

Kristóf Kállai : 2019 who watching?

Shelby Silverstein : My little bro showed me this dance on Fortnite the other day and I was like “Dude, that’s not a new dance!”, then he called me a jerk and said Fortnite invented this “new” dance, so I’m like “bro, they really didn’t and I can prove it!” he’s like “show me then noodle head!”, then I pulled up this beautiful bean footage on my iPad and the look on that kid’s face was priceless. Funny little tard! 🤣

DoubleK1990 : not a cell phone in sight, just people living the moment

Arūnas Survila : If your party is not like this, dont invite me

Joe N : this dude is a legend. we need an update on him. i like how he defended that girl

Stormer94 : I make an effort to watch this 3-4 times a year. Respect the classics, MAN! :D

Albino : Didn't expect them to add this one lmao

Frost final form : 19 years later

Mohammad Hassani : Retards would say “this guy copied Fortnite”

lane : I bet he eats raw meat

MatrixWarrior98 : Hi, I'm Techno Viking and I'm your freestyle dance teacher

Smitty : Fortnite intensity???

schuessler - : if he was born in 1925 Germany would have won the world war II

Tovvvija : The Legend says that, the Gods sent one of the warriors from Valhalla to Earth to make a report on what's going on. However, the Viking took some white pouder from a pearson that he met down the streets of Berlin and things "went South". This is the actual footage of the further events that came along.

inadequate subject : I come back here to pay tribute.

Max Jogwich : 01:05 this pose ^^

Lupa Pelo Mundo : I wonder if I will ever meet Technoviking in the streets of Berlin

Gwladys Ebah : What sadden me is the kid in fortnite will never know this video and will only refer to it as the fortnite dance.

Lennart Hoekveen : The guy who grabbed the TechnoViking by his beard at the end was probably his loyal second in command or something, because the TechnoViking took it surprisingly well. He even came along. Imagine that fat dude who bumped into the blue haired woman doing that. Odin only knows what would have happened next

Your Death : I watch this on a daily basis lol

Easy Bake Ovens! : This video is great. Everyone knows he's alpha (I hate that term). Whenever he stops moving, they stop too

Install a Friend : 1:16 my goal in life is to have people hand me things like this

Self Made : Chuck Norris < Techno Viking

The FBI : Legends says that Technoviking will come back and dance so hard he will stop all wars and reverts global warming leading us to times of peace on a nordic reborn world.

[SW13] STAR WULF XIII : When I grow up I wanna be like Techno Viking!! 😃

XxRafaeloxX : somebody escaped from skyrim