R2D2's secret message

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Dracula : This is perfect. Going to send this link to all my friends.

Dan2199 : Why would you dislike Rick roll m8 are you strange or something??!!!

Galaxy : just got rick rolled in 2016 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Baws Potato : rickrolled in 2015 what is my life

Hi, I'm Danny Elfman From The Band Oingo Boingo : HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!


Rides1283man : God dammit, I got Rick Rolled in 2016...

Eune : Mmmmm the Rick roll is strong with this one

Kawaii Emma : I saw this coming because I looked up Rick Roll :P

Herr Direct0r[y] : Being Rickrolled on the 30th anniversary of this song it's on a WHOLE new level.

ericbazinga : Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I'll never give you up.

The Aspect of Akatosh : This is actually decent music, go annoy Jacob Sassitarius with this.

okane0ginkou : What is the song in this video called?

Darian C : I have been Rick Rolled approximately 6 times throughout the year of 2015.

Tessa Reynolds : I'm very sad right now. ITS 2016 PEOPLE!!!

Rodney Zuroeveste : If you made it here at the end of my jazz history test, please don't actually do the essay question. Have a wonderful spring break!

Cassandra Nom de Plume : 2018?

SuperShadowP1ay : I saw this in a YT reaction video and I had to rickroll some friends with it XD

Fantastic Beck : Godammit... Rick rolled in frickin 2017... *im pranking my friends next*

Dylin Dog : Who came here because of Matthias?

Okalani5000 : Well that was cool and random

WholesomeStrawberry : I'm sending this to my friend 😂

Maddeh : I rickrolled my friend

Koality Komala : Today is Star Wars day, so my teacher put this up and trolled us.

Obie Joe : I got Rick rolled in 2018 Help

Poison Spider : I don't remember this strange Jedi master

You're a nerd : This is so wierd


Llammacorn iz here : I sent this to my group chat they are probably gonna kick me out

Casper Svensson : Hahahahahshahahaha där fick jag er!!! //casper

Belle Bernales : This is what being rick rolled in 2017 feels like....

Makayla Farley : hahahahaha I looked up Rick roll disguised

Golden Games : Well when I go looking for tricks to rick roll my friends with.... I should expect to get Rick Rolled ya know? BUT NO I STILL GOT TRIGGERED XD

Whiterun_Guard : I know want to die

Zero Danna : Jokes on you I love this song.

Captain Clarky : Rickrolled in 2018, omg

cheesecakevp : This is incredible.

Hat Man : You shoulda left the incestuous "she's beautiful" in there. XD

TheUnboundSoul : lol can't compete with this I can't stop laughing

nervous egg : RICK ROLLED IN 2017!!!

TheLegoWithNoStuds 123 : Best description 10/10 IGN

Madcircle Throughell : 0:53 look at obi-wan's smug look

S O M E B O D Y O N C E T O L D M E : Ayy

Jesus man Guy : GOD DAMNT

yeet : I love this

Paul Thompson : I freaking got rick rolled in 2017 damn....

Aivan Bolambao : Well.. hello 2017

Idontknowhbtfm : I should have expected this

Idontknowhbtfm : God dammit

HoboJoe007 : I remember making this years ago, I guess it got removed from my channel or something after it suddenly blew up in popularity. I'm glad someone re-uploaded it because my friends and I wanted to see it again and I couldn't find it in my uploads