Hard Ticket to Hawaii - Frisbee Scene

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Cujo26 : How many of us are here from Reddit?

Muna Osman : WAIT if he wanted to kill him why didn't he just use the gun in his bag? :\

Aaron Richardson : And that's why you always use the pancake catch.

DJ Lambda : that guard must have been smokin some heavy doobies

jakeanddar : On sale now at your Local Walmart ... Vigilante Frisbees! lol

xCalver : I like how the blood is splattered all over him the second the frisbee hits him rather than slowly taking its time to pour down him.

Fred Simmons : Happy to know I'm not the only one to carry two frisbee's with me at all times.

footytang : I'm John Wayne at the first Thanksgiving, pilgrims. Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrim

Markusser : It's so bad that it's good.

Bruce : kung lao wins fatality flawless victory 

Narwhal Bacon : I can spot a foul frisbee thanks to my extreme frisbee playing days in college. I also taught my self to throw my katana like a frisbee so I could have countered this pretty easily. TL;DR  Don't try to kill me with a frisbee.

Wagner James Au : Wait, what happened to the Molokai cop?

Insomn : Props to the guy in the prop dept.

ABONESR : but.. he's wearing a thong

Riley AIDS Patient Matkovich : Anyone notice the video is put in the Pets & Animals category?

Z Reviews : RedLetterMedia love this movie. Whole Internet Movie Night?

Tactical : the ultimate dudebro

Nicholas : Uzi guy has a little towel for his Uzi

Andy Hu : enough internet for today.

Brian Hibbs : You want your frizbee go get it

ThirdBirdTurd : i came here from Sorrow TV, who else?

miles2057 : That's Ridge from The Bold And The Beautiful.

Irun Mon : at least it's better than twilight :v

Rawentron : I think this video pretty much sums up the level of 80s movies, well there was definitely some great movies at 80s like Star wars, scarface, shining etc, nevertheless it was the shitiest decade of the whole century

James Evans : "Hey is it ok if I run along with ya?" Cat call harassment. 

TheMattydont : Great, now I have a fear of catching frisbees from strangers, thanks internet.

James Bobby Douglas Reed : The pizza is aggressive

MrAlio84 : the YESSS reaction at the end is priceless.

JplusK : Hope the frisbee is ok :(

Geometry Dash DrDdog : Pause at 1:41 lol. Nice plastic hand bud.

tak5035 : Like this if RayWilliamJohnson sent you here!

bsoul555 : She does have a nice ass

Steeveriffic : Her ass is nothing special.

Nicole Fowler : what did i just watch :-/

kakikori : * fistpump *

Potato Soup : ...Did he died?

Spencer Voigt : #JimmyTatro

kemita : why pick the dead man's gun if you have fresbies in your pocket


TiffYG2133 : Damn Death by Frisbee, what a way to go!

GatorBack : Such acting. much dialog. wow.

Lord Humungus : She does have a great ass to be honest

Gabriel Cruz : And this is why you never play frisbee with Kung Lao

Bernard Serota : This must be re-released in IMAX 3D NOW!!!!

hampannswede : This is so random

Gustaf Smythe-Richards : *Le Reddit Intellectuals have arrived*.

Blu Sock : Both armed, yet they choose to have a frisbee duel.

Adam Hughes : Thrillist sent me here and I am thankful

KH19 : For the Shaolin!

Carlos Danger : great googily moogily